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April 24, 2009



For some reason my comment wouldn't go through before. At least I don't think it did. Either way I had to laugh at this because it's sadly true isn't it? I am the same way.
Big Friday Hugs to you.

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

At first I read this and was totally confused.
Then I thought, maybe the conversation took place when you were kids. But then the "too busy" comment wouldn't make sense.
But it's a Facebook thing. Now I get it! *grin*


That made me laugh when I read it was a Facebook thing. So funny! I like your idea for awesomest blogs. I'll have to come back when I have some time to copy/paste some of my favorites.

he & me +3

That is hysterical. I am on facebook, but am a terrible friend there. LOL


Oh my!!!!! This is so funny...

Thanks for the laugh♥


LOL< TOO funny


Hi Amanda, yes that is my cat and a squirrel baby I was feeding. I have other baby photos lower on my blog of him. I have feed and release a number of squirrel in the past. They are allot of fun.


This is funny!


LOL! Oh my goodness, that was funny. Isn't it strange to ask to be your friend's friend again.

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