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April 21, 2009


Amanda Jo

It seems like you had a REALLY great week! I really hope that great-great grandma Inga is ok!!!

And that convenience store story cracked me up! You've gotta love funny/sarcastic cashiers!


Fun pictures. I love the first on especially. Those pictures of the boys are incredible. Daddy time is so much fun.

A note on editing, have you looked into I know it's not as good as photoshop, but it is free. Have fun figuring out your camera!

Angela Nazworth

I love those pictures!! Very cool. And fun post too

he & me + 3

What a funny cashier. LOL
Loved the pictures. I think you know how to use your camera great. Love the flying they were up high


Oh that's a great response from the cashier!

Thanks for the pictures. The flying pictures make me want to say eeeeek!! I bet they loved that! I think it is so special your kids got to visit with so many grandparents. hope you're having a lovely week.

stacy Ness

Loved the pictures. That first one of Grandma and Audrey are great. I would also love to see the pictures that you took of the 2 Kenny's and the 2 Audreys. I still have to load my to the computer but I will send you what I have when I do. :) Also FYI, talked to Grandma and she said taht Grandma Hanson is looking really good and is in no pain. Plus she is not on any pain meds, so that is wonderful. Hopefully we will see you soon.

Hannah (Tracy) Lewis

ha ha! Good story! Great pics! I may have to bring Julia over for Chad to throw up in the air- He gets some serious hight on those tosses! She would love that:)

JanMary, N Ireland

Great pics - I can top you on April pics - I am already over 2000 this month - eeek!

Hilarious about the petrol station comment!


I adore that first pic, Amanda.....beautiful shot!!

Gardner Momma

Thank you for my first laugh of the morning.... I laughed out loud when I read the gas station comment then of course my kids wanted on my lap to see what was so funny.
Your pics are super cute, and don't worry, they still look 100% better than mine!

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

Great GREAT Grandma??? How cool is that??!!
And when you started talking about getting gas I, uh, thought you were talking about intestinal problems. So I got a laugh out of it before you even got me to the cashier's comment. LOL


That cashier literally made me laugh out loud. LOL! :)


Sometimes when I get gas ...

I was thinking you were gonna tell me a little TMI there!
That's hilarious about the cashier! i laughed out loud too!


Hey, love the photos! Chad gets some serious air time... gotta love a funny clerk, or funny anyone. Let's get the kids together sometime?


came back here from your post on your Father's birthday. As I read it, I couldn't help the English teacher in me wanting to point out a mistake.
"...his feet are horizontal to the ground". I think the word you were looking for is "perpendicular"

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