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December 02, 2008



I've done this for a few years now - Happy to see it being shown by others who care. Take care of you my friend,

stacy Ness

Glad I could help. I have already sent out 4 cards and will probably send more. Your doing a great thing here.


What a great idea! Thanks for posting about it. I look forward to seeing your card creations!! :)


This is a great idea!! Good for you!

Janis Soule

You have such a big heart! Rebekah would love to type her own comment but I'm really not quite sure what she would "say"! lol

God Bless

Ashley Griffin

what a great thing to do for our troops!


What a good cause. :-)


I had never heard of this...what a cool thing! Love the idea. :)


Great idea Amanda. In my prayers, Janie


Great idea! Thanks for making the extra effort to support our troops!


What a great idea!


Lovin' ya girl! :) I am going to have Chad give me the names of His soldiers and I'm going to send them each a Christmas card. There's always those soldiers who don't get anything while deployed (must admit my poor husband's not been very spoiled this deployment. I need to get better about that!)

Totally selfish plug here, but if you want to send a card to a soldier you "kind of, sort of know" I'm happy to share Chad's address! LOL He LOVES Christmas cards so it'd totally make his day! ROFL


What a fantastic idea. I love it that your always thinking of creative ways to help others. Your such a thoughtful person Amanda. I'm sure that God is smiling down on your caring heart.


How thoughtful of you! We have military family and I know they greatly appreciate those of us at home remembering the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. Also, keep them and thier families in our prayers. Blessings!

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