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December 01, 2008


Karen@Surviving Motherhood

Lettuce and chocolate covered cherries? Not together, I hope!!!
Ewww, I'm having a hard time getting past that thought. *grin*

Anyway, it looks like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. What fun memories for your kiddos.

As for the cankles - *sigh* I remember the first time my ankles got puffy. I thought I was going to cry. Thank goodness it passes.


Yay for potty training. If you can stand all the unwanted advice, it really is easier to wait until a child is ready and then they do it almost effortlessly! As for nighttimes, we've found that goes well, too. We night train along with the day training and it seems to work...if the child is ready.

I loved your pics. Looks like such happy family times.

Ashley Griffin

love all the pics. glad that you had a good time!!


Glad you had a good trip. Congrats on the potty training success! That is something to be excited about!

I love the pictures of Grandpa playing Play Doh and Parker kissing Grandma, so sweet!

Have a good week!


It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Praying for you in the last days Amanda. Email me if you have any specific prayer requests hon.


I always enjoy coming acrossed and reading your entries and looking at your pictures - There always so precious. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Way to go Colton, wearing his big boy underware all that way! Hoping this finds you happy, healthy and enjoying your Everyday! Take care and may God continue blessing you and yours,

Meg Duerksen

i think MY parents need to get a hot tub! man that would be awesome!
and when you are pregnant you want to be a hot tub so much more than when you aren't. it's torturous!
20 days to go?! that's going to FLY by. that baby will be here before you know it. my babies were ALL overdue. so i wish for you an early baby. like this week? how exciting would that be?!

take care....go put your feet up.

JanMary, N Ireland

Love all the pics - especially the baking ones.

Thanks for sharing.

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