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October 03, 2008



What a beautiful song! Please post what you think of the movie after you see it. Thanks for sharing this song..


I love that song! I have not heard it even with all the posts I've seen about Fireproof. Thanks for posting it! I am excited to see the movie but not for sure yet when that will be.

Have a great weekend!

Amanda Jo

Oh you're going to LOVE this movie! I got to see it at a special filming at the place I work. Bring tissues...lots and lots of tissues. For your husband too, mine cried. :)

It's an AMAZING movie! I am so thankful to the Lord for the Kendrick brothers!!!

janis soule

How wonderful! A date night! I am hoping to get one of those soon with my hubby! :) Please let me know how it is! I want to see it but am afraid at the awful spectacle I will make of myself by bawling like a baby! :) lol

have a great time!


Karen@Surviving Motherhood

Oh, a date???
Have a wonderful time! And, uh, have some Milk Duds for me!


Have a great time!!!


I wanted to go to this but it didn't come to Bemidji so I guess I will have to wait until it comes out on video.


Beautiful song Amanda. TY for sharing. Hope you and hubby have a wonderful time. I have not seen it. Prayers and hugs, Janie

Rachel Meyer

I just spent some time on your blog. I'm glad that you won Karen's book. I LOVED her first one.


So how was the movie/date? I'm really hoping they play the movie over here. I told my friend B that if it does I'm keeping their kids and they're going to go see it and they can even have dinner too! LOL

I hope you and Chad had a wonderful date, you deserve it!!

God Bless

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