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August 26, 2008



Yum! I have been craving Mexican this whole pregnancy and that sounds great!


That is something I truly need to do. I have my recipes organized in boxes but when I use one, I am too lazy to file it back where it should be.

Christi from Polka Spot Farm

I need to do that with all of my recipes. I keep going back and forth about making my own cookbook...We'll see! Great Job!

I think I got the link to work for a download of my homeschool daily docket.
Let me know if you have any more problems. There is a black/grey box at the bottom of my right sidebar that has My shared... You should be able to download there also.


Becoming Me

I did this a few years ago and I love it!!


Great job! :D I need to do this with my cookbook recipes so I don't have to pull out the cookbooks but can look in one place.


That was quite an accomplishment. I have a lot of new recipes that I need to get organized. My problem is I always make a job like that a lot harder than it is, instead of just keeping it simple.


Great minds think alike! I did the same a few months ago. Its so much better now! One thing I really like about having a binder, is you can put the recipe in the back of its section which will help you to rotate your recipes! Good thinking!


I really need to do this!! I have them written in notebooks scattered all over my house. I am going to laminate them and put them in a binder. I also want to do that so I can pass recipes down to my kids one day. My mom never did that, and I wish she would have.


Good idea for your organization!


I'm almost done with my recipe binder. It will be so nice to just flip through instead of shuffle through all my printed recipes to find the one I want!

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