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Nov 05, 2011


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YOUR buttercream is sooooo smooth! WOuld you ever consider posting a video? :) Love love your blog!

St├ęphanie Cyrenne

Can't wait to see the inside!

Karen @ Trilogy Edibles

you're evil!


What a tease! :P

the urban baker

can't wait to hear what is up your sleeve!


Ohhhh! Can't wait for the news!!!!!!

And when I come to your blog, it always makes me want to eat dessert!!!!!!! YUMMO! Another beautiful creation!

Annie @ Annie's Cooking Lab

Oh my gosh, that's adorable, I love it! I'm excited to hear what the big news is!


Such a tease!! (LOVE the colors on the cake, too!)


Can't wait to find out! Also, I wish I'd seen this cake a year ago!! My daughter's first birthday party was a polka-dot theme and this cake would have been perfect. Now, if only I could master my icing technique like you have.

Ann P.

That is one beautiful cake! I know a lot of decorators use shortening in their frosting, and I was just wondering--do you use shortening or butter?
Also, I can't wait to see what this is all about... you've got my curiosity stoked!


Oh, I'm so curious! I'll see you on Monday:)

Debbie DeGeer

LOVE the colors.. perfect for a baby shower...hmmmmm????


Oooh! I love surprises. I hope it's something wonderful for you. Thanks for sharing your amazing cake.

Snoopy :D


You tease you!!!!!!!!!!


But.. but.. Monday is so far away! :)


OH.COME.ON!!!! "Patient I am not..." in my best Yoda voice. And thanks for the cake idea, great for my daughter's next birthday!


Hmmm pink or blue? So fun!




congrats :)

Mighty Morgan

You've got me...I will be back tomorrow to see whats up!!!

Anna Grace

Amanda! seriously, keeping us all in suspense??? i have to come back tomorrow! i love your blog... everything about it! you've totally got my curiosity roused! thanks for all the inspiration!


I'm anxious! Thankfully tomorrow is Monday! :)


So excited!! Aunt Ida has her own TV show??


this is adorable!


Curiosity about the meaning of that cake aside... I love your blog and I often admire your icing! How do you make your buttercream so smooth anyway? Mine always seems almost grainy or something. I always follow the wilton recipe but maybe I'm missing something...


what oh what could it be?????? Beautiful cake.

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