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Oct 29, 2011


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So fun! You must have the happiest kids in town with creations like that.

Elaine Kandeler

Have you by any chance tried making this with the Kraft Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows? I haven't made this cake,yet,but did make rice crispy bars with them, plus I added 2 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice to the melted butter. Just makes an added "yum" to the flavor.

Amanda Rettke

SO funny you mention that! I actually bought them with that exact purpose in mind, but ended up not using them. Maybe for the next cake! :)


Very cute :)

Lenita Wall

Best rice crispy cake I've seen so far! I love your surprises inside but would have never guessed this surprise even with you calling it pumpkin. I was thinking you somehow flavored the marshmallow part with pumpkin! Maybe I'll have to try that...


Such a fun cake! This should be on the front of the box of Rice Krispies right beside Snap, Crackle & Pop and the recipe on the back. I'll bet sales of the cereal go through the roof.


This is about the only kind of cake I CAN make!!!! RIght up my alley, LOL!

Annie @ Annie's Cooking Lab

That is so cute! I love how you have surprises inside your cakes, I need to try doing that sometime!

Diane {Created by Diane}

That is one great PUMPKIN!!! Love how creative you are, always inspiring :)


How cute, I bet your kids loved it.

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Well those ladies are much smarter than I am, I would have never guessed a rice crispy cake. And of course you always have the best surprises inside.


Awesome! How do you create all the surprises in the middle of your cakes?


a typical recipe for sweet Catalonia Spain. I love your blog.


Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

Hooray! I would love to cut into that!!

bridget {bake at 350}

Well, that is SO smart!!! And, of course, the surprise inside is adorable!


what a fun cake. Could never have guessed that :)


Oh, I think I would have cried if someone brought me that beautiful cake and I cut into marshmallow treats. No offense, and it is very cute, but cake should be cake. It's a sacred thing for me. ;-) happy hallow's eve.


you never cease to amaze me girl!! Love it!


Cheryl took the words right out of my mouth. Stunning and amazing!


this is great! it looks really good and I never thougt it was a rice krispies cake, very creative


WOW! Never would have thought of making a Rice Krispie Cake! I always have a hard time cutting the bars, how did you cut the cake? Looks beautiful and I bet it would surprise EVERYONE!

becky @ the Mixing Bowl Diary

HAHAH! amazing. I have never seen anything like that!!


Ahhh, another surprise element! As if the pumpkin wasn't surprise enough! You're amazing, Amanda!


So stinkin' cute!

Ann P.

Very adorable!! I love the "surprise" image in the middle of the cake, that's like your signature touch! I can imagine this cake being an extra special treat for kids gathering at a friend's house to trick-or-treat together. I'd say it'd be way better than a pillowcase full of candy :)


Seriously the cutest thing I have seen!!


That's such a cool looking cake!!


I cant find the directions are they listed somewhere else?


wow I never thought of seing this wonderful krispycake...looks so prett...very creative. I like it.


I've been making my son (27!) rice crispy cakes, usually with a Star Trek theme, for years but never with the surprise center! That's really thinking outside the box. Or do I mean inside the cake?

Carsedra - Sweet Tooth Desserts

Wow Manda!! This is such a cool idea!! Leave it to you to come up with such a brilliant use for rice krispies!! :-)

Carsedra of:


Robyn | Add a Pinch

This is adorable, Amanda!!!


This is the best cake I have seen in a very long time. This wouldnt last very long in our house haha


Simply Awesome! You are truly amazing!

Beki Cook

That's a great idea for a Halloween "trick."

At Anna's kitchen table

How pretty!!!

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

Haha you're so creative! I bet it was super tasty :)

Lisa (With Style and Grace)

I've never seen anything like this, I'm SO impressed!!

Kulsum at JourneyKitchen

Your surprises really blows me away! Such a fun cake, u got lucky kids :-)


Oh, you silly trickster. You're so awesome. Just posted on Edible Crafts :) !


good ol' rice krispies treats--so moldable, so tasty. :)


OK, how on earth did you manage this wonderful surprise? New to Baking!!!!


What a beautiful and clever cake idea!
How creative!
I would love to know how you did this cake! There are so many different seasons I could try it for (omitting the pumpkin, of course. Perhaps frosty instead???)


Cute! What a fun fall surprise! My husband would love this cake. He's a rice krispie treat fiend!


Mouth Wide Open!! What a special surprise!! My kids need to know you. Like now!! xxoo

Nettie Moore

Okay that wins the cutest cake award!!


That is really fun and awesome!

Darla | Bakingdom

I have been on a major, major krispy treat kick lately. I'm thinking a krispy cake is well called for. Love this twist on your fun surprise cakes. :)

Possible Baker

What a yummy surprise! You can never go wrong with rice krispies...especially covered in chocolate!

the urban baker

my kids are drooling over this right at this very moment. you rock my world! i love, adore, and embrace all of your creativity. you are my soul-sista!!! rock on!

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