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Oct 03, 2011


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looks so good!!


I'm adding this to the list of things I will give as gifts this year! SO delicious!!


I love your blog. I'm not necessarily a "baker" or a "cook" but I find your recipes inspiring and your photos are gorgeous. Caramels are a favorite of mine and I've always been afraid to try them, but hear they're not that hard! This book will inspire me to try them!


these look amazing! will definitely have to try...


These look fantastic... pumpkin is my favorite flavor in the world!


Great caramels! Enjoy how pretty they are on top of the cupcakes.


I love all the pumpkin recipes hitting the blogs...if I could just remember to buy some at the store. :P The cookbook would be so much fun!


Beautiful cupcakes! I love the time of year when pumpkin recipes roll around :)


Pumpkin and Chocolate?! I think you should call them "what i imagine heaven tastes like cupcakes"


I love pumpkin. I adore caramel. I need this book!


The caramels sound great, but that buttercream sounds even better!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These look amazing! I've been wanting to make caramels, but never thought to try pumpkin. YUM!


These look absolutely delicious! I'm excited to bake them. :)


Wow. Those look fantastic.


Amanda! You constantly out-do yourself girl. Lovely. I can almost taste them!


Sounds delish - I can't wait to try the cupcake recipe. I have found so many good pumpkin recipes lately that I went and bought an embarrassing number of cans of it this past weekend at my local grocery store - so that I am prepared whenever the mood strikes.

I'd love to win the cookbook - but if I don't, I am definitely picking up a copy of Nina's book! :)


Those look amazing!!

Jennifer Stonecipher

These looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats on the cookbook-I can't wait to buy it!

Esther K

I *also* like baking. And cupcake liners. And dancing in my kitchen. And I'd bet that I'd like eating pumpkin caramels too. Although I'm scared of making them. But perhaps I shall if I win this book ;)


The cupcakes & caramels look so wonderful! I really don't know how you do it with all of your kiddos!! I hope you ate at least one (or more)!!!!

Naina @ chow bella

I have never tried a confection with both chocolate and pumpkin combined in the same component! These just made the menu for my Halloween party!


those look wonderful - I love the combination of pumpkin and chocolate in desserts!


Oh these look amazing!

Joanna M

Pumpkin caramels?! I need those in my life stat!


I absolutely LOVE baking with pumpkin! Yum!!!


these look AMAZING!!!

sarah b.

these look amazing - perfect for fall! thanks :)

Sherry Martin

Mmmmmmm looks yummy!!!!

michelle from sugarswings

very cool, i do most of my stuff with candy melts so would love to try some other confections!


those cupcakes look amazing!!!


My mouth is watering! Yumm-O! What could be better than chocolate, Pumpkin, and carmels? not much! except maybe the book:)

Connie @ Daydream In Color

Oooh! I love caramels & I love pumpkin anything. This is right up my alley. I'm excited to make all sorts of confections for the holidays!


what a yummy giveaway!


These look so good. I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin. I'm also a suck for cookbooks, especially cookbooks that will teach me to make caramels.

Roxanne Epstein

The perfect taste of Fall.

Melanie Lemon


David Miles

The caramels look delish and I love your blog! thanks for the baking inspiration!


YUM! I would love a recipe for homemade caramels (plus a whole book of goods to make and bake!)

stacy t



Caramel, pumpkin, chocolate! Beautiful!


Chocolate with pumpkin has never sounded appealing to me until now! Gotta try these.


you had me at caramels...

shelly (cookies and cups)

Gorgeous and yummy! I am so scared of the candy thermometer that I have nightmares about it! But the cupcakes sound totally do-able!


Mmm those look so yummy!!!


Yum, those look tasty! I love pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips, and pumpkin pie with chocolate ganache, so pumpkin chocolate cupcakes sounds good to me!


yummy! i'd like to own that!
Those caramels look simply devine!
thank you for hosting!


Those look delicious and would be perfect for my daughter's schools Pumpkin Festival in two weeks. Fingers crossed, thnk for the opportunity!!


Yum! I'd love to try lots of goodies from that book! And your caramels/cupcakes look scrumptious!


Looks amazing! I'd love to try.


Oh this looks amazing! I will make these this weekend. I've only ever had pumpkin cookies with chocolate chip, but they were divine, so I will need to try these. And, I hope I hope I win the book--I've been dying for a candy cookbook, but my husband said I need to work my way through my other cookbooks before I buy more.... :)

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