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Oct 03, 2011


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YOU are so inspiring! thank you!

Audrey L.

This book is exactly what I've been looking for - and those pumpkin caramels look divine!


These look incredible. I want to try them tomorrow!


Love, love, love caramel, chocolate, pumpkin and buttercream. Have been looking for a special cake or cupcake to make for my birthday this weekend, and I think I've just found the perfect combination. Yum!


I love fall baking, especially when its with pumpkin!!!


Caramel gets me every time. Maybe one of these days when I get a normal candy thermometer I will get it right...you know, since I happened to get defective ones the last four times I bought one, LOL! Great flavors and gorgeous pics!


How excittng!!




Those look delicious!

Erin Phelps

I'm hungry now:) Would love to win!

erinchris07 at gmail.com


I love caramel! Would like to try this recipe.


Oh, good heavens. I TOO like baking...and cupcake liners...AND dancing in my kitchen!!


Love Love Love!!!! I have to make!!


Yum! Caramel and pumpkin always remind me of my Grandmother house.

Lindsey Johnson

These look divine! I can't wait to make them!


The cupcakes look yummy. I will have to try them. I love this time of year and all the wonderful recipes with pumpkin.

Laura Pierson

Those cupcakes with carmels look devine! Why is it that we only really use pumpkin in the fall? I guess it keeps it special.


These cupcakes are gorgeous and look delicious!




This looks amazing! I love to bake and I love cupcake wrappers too. Thanks for sharing!


I am currently on the hunt for my favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe! I will for sure have to try these! And I sure would LOVE to have the caramel recipe too!

Shelly Fuller

Tis the season. These look fabulous and my girls and I love your site. Blessings to you! Thank you :)

Brittni Lasater

Pumpkin? Ooh, please pick me!!


They looks amazingly wonderful. I must try this recipe!!


These sound devine! I can't wait to try out the recipe.


Yum. I love the twist of using pumpkin with caramel instead of apple.

Jillian Z

Pumpkin Season is my favorite season!


These look amazing! I would love to try to make those caramels as well!


These look delicious and perfect for fall. I was wondering what to do with my pumpkin for sunday coffee. Now I know! Thank you so much for the inspiration. You are amazing! Not only today but, with every post you do, you inspire me to be better in the kitchen and therefore everywhere else.
Love from Germany

Megan Spalding

Those look wonderful.


there goes my diet!

Sarah C.

Me please, please, please!


My sister is obsessed with pumpkin-flavored things. We came home from the grocery store today with pumpkin cream cheese, ice cream, coffee creamer, bread, and just a can of pumpkin. If I don't win this, I'll have to go buy it!

Tay D

Some of my favorite things: cupcakes, caramels, and pumpkin! i CANNOT wait to make these!

Shanna Stanaford

They look soooo yummy. I love anything pumpkin!

Christina Khem

That looks absolutely scrumptious! I have got to try that!!! Not to mention, your caramel looks divine!


Your cupcakes look to-die-for! I'd love to learn how to make my own candy at home!


Oh those look so yummy! Pumpkin and chocolate is not a combination that I have tried before.


Not sure when the contest closes, but I wanted to enter just in case :)Hope I'm not too late! I'd love to try out a new cookbook.


Beautiful cupcakes! I want to try the cinnamon buttercream. Yum!

Kate Perkins

Yeah for fall baking! Your cupcakes look great!

Thank you for the awesome recipe! I am going to make a test batch this weekend so I can be ready for Halloween. Thank you so much. They look great!

Leanne F.

Long time reader, first time poster. BUT THERE'S A CONTEST GOING ON, SO...

Those look delicious!
As does everything in this blog.
I've always wanted to try homemade caramels. They look so divine.
It'd be even more awesome if I could make my own. :)

If I don't win, can you send me some caramels anyway? Haha~ joking. I think.

Laura Mae

That sounds so wonderful I can't believe it, I love salted caramels so these must be amazing!
{laura mae}


that looks awesome, cause sugar runs in my blood (a lot). i wonder if you can use those little tiny pumpkins for pumpkin puree in a recipe? i guess i'll try it and find out!

Celina Vigil

Those caramels look delicious. :)


I never made caramels before either, but those look so good I'm gonna have to give them a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kristin Kunoff

I love pumpkin and chocolate....what's better than having both together?!?!?!?


I love pumpkin. I have been baking all kinds of pumpkin things.. I may just give these a try as well!

Tiffany S.

Cinnamon and buttercream! Two great loves in one!

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