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Oct 20, 2011


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Darling! You've made me swoon once again!!!


I LOVE these Amanda! I've made cinnamon butter cream, but I think pumpkin butter cream must be heaven!!

Love the chocolate toppers too!

Karen @ Trilogy Edibles

these look awesome, love the toppers. there is never enough chocolate! I too made chocolate pumpkin cupcakes this week too! Great minds :)

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

*Sigh* I only wish I could draw and pipe chocolate as well as you. Those toppers are perfection.


Love them! Id also love to eat one right about now :o)


These look so cute!! And tasty : )


I love how the cake toppers turned out! SO adorable. I love, love, love them!


How delicious! I'm up for anything pumpkin (duh). Your embellishments are quite adorable!


Anything with pumpkin has my name all over it! I can't get enough of it. Love the chocolate toppers, Amy you always amaze me!

Allison [Girl's Guide to Social Media]

So clever!


I love pumpkin anything and I know the both of you are great bakers, so I'm going with anything from you two is pretty much the gold standard.

Lucy Lean

I just love these chocolate toppers - so easy and yet so GREAT! I will be doing this for every cupcake with the different theme according to the season - THANK YOU!


I love this toppers, its a great idea and they look so elegant.


Love those little chocolate shapes! It is amazing what can be done with 2 tablespoons of butter isn't it?!

fran n va

Please share your Halloween toppers with us so that we can download. I can't draw with a lick! Please don't forget to tell us how to get the ghost inside the cake. I am anxious to make it next week for Halloween. Thanks


Yum, yum, and yum!


Those look and sound so great. I am so going to try the salt, we got some pink salt and I had no idea what to do with it until now.

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

The cat and web are my favorites! I can do without spiders on my food - they give me the heebie jeebies lol

Possible Baker

Great job with the toppers! Halloween-y, but not too spooky:) because I am a wuss when it comes to spooky! I love love that frosting can be created in a million different flavors....including pumpkin!


Too creative and cute!! Whenever I see posts like this I truly miss having little boys... hmmm... may have to go and adopt some of the neighbors just so I can make these cupcakes!!

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

*Really* sweet is fine by me. But I will try with sea salt too ;)

Elizabeth @ Coppertop Kitchen

WHAT?! You are a genius. Can't wait to make these!!!

Georgia Pellegrini

I wish I could write with chocolate like that! I can hardly write my name, but Halloween decorations? WOW.

Christy D

Cute idea! How do you get your chocolate to be smooth when decorating/writing with it? I've tried and had a hard time/a sore thumb and wrist.


you are so talented!!

Cupcakes Plain and Fancy

What a great idea! I've used a similar technique to make spider webs, but never thought about other possible designs. Thanks for sharing! It's brilliant!


YUM! I see some cinnamon rolls with pumpkin buttercream in my future!


Very cute cupcake adornments and the cupcakes themselves look and sound delicious.


I just made these. Instead of the toppers I put chocolate chips in them. I used Tracy's buttercream with very little cinnamon in it. It was so good that my girlfriend, who is dieting, ate three! Thanks for sharing!


Amanda, these are such classy, elegant Halloween cupcakes! How did you pipe the frosting?

Lexy Lawrence

I wish you would do a tutorial on how to melt chocolate IN A PASTRY BAG. What size tip do you use? Cute idea. Thanks.


Wow, what a simple solution for DIY/ custom toppers!


Absolutely adorable! You are so clever! I'd screw those up totally.

Tickled Red

These are adorable! Love the black cat :)


thank you for this nice post. This is something that I can involve my daughter (age 7) to do with me - she could easily make the chocolate toppers. Great fun + memories!!


Those piped chocolate decorations are SO clever - I never would have thought of that, even though it would be so expensive to buy that kind of thing. Would you use regular milk chocolate?


These designs are great, you found a very smart way of making chocolate toppers, thanks for sharing!!!


Delicious. Love the toppers too.


Looks so delicious, I will try them sometime.


You had me at pumpkin spice buttercream!!! Love love love pumpkin treats this year!!!!


i would never expect you to run out of butter--disaster of all disasters! :)

bridget {bake at 350}

Adorable, adorable, adorable! I especially love the spiderwebs!!!


Okay, I made them last evening. I am not an especially good baker, as my husband will attest. When he tasted these, he was in disbelief. These are possibly the best cupcake I have ever tasted let alone made. The frosting with the cinnamon and pumpkin made it especially interesting! Great recipe! Thank you so much for making me appear to be a baker!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These look divine... And, the toppers are so adorable! :)

Glenys @ Cupcake City

I love your handmade toppers, and they really seem easy to do. With Shelly's comment above / rave :) I'll have to give the recipe a try too!

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