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Oct 26, 2011


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More, more of Aunt Inga! Love any tips that keep me from having to go to the store.

But.... I am baker ... makes the best cakes!


I'm sure it isn't german :)

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

I am in a pool on the floor. I died laughing actually. "I think my people made the whisk." I died.


She was so funny!! She said something about krumkake and "it's what our people make", so that would make her Norwegian :).

Manheim Drapery

There's a great humor!

Veronica M.

Too funny! Love Aunt Inga! Hope to hear from her again!


Aunt Inga is very wise. I'm suprised Ole didn't find her banana clip sooner. Such a hoot.


FANTASTIC! It was so good for the soul! I have to send this to my daughters and my daughter-in-law. They will love it!


Oh my gosh you crack me up Aunt Inga!!! Come back and see us soon!! :)


HILARIOUS! Love Aunt Inga!!! She is so cute!


What a wise woman!! Thanks for the tip.


Aunt Inga is the best!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh my goodness!! Absolutely hilarious. This totally made my day!!

Candace Powell

loved this!! Aunt Inga, the video, the recipe..it was all great!! Thanks for the laughs!! :) God Bless!

tia @ buttercreambarbie

i used to do this but completely forgot about it. thanks for reminding me!


Didn't think I could love you MORE but I now do. Please keep Aunt Inga coming back...shared this on my FB! :)


So cute, Amanda. So cute ;O)

Lottie Bibza

It's obvious Aunt Inga (wink wink) is going to teach I Am Baker a thing or two!!!


You're on to "something" kiddo. Sssssshhhh, Don't tell Aunt Inga!!!!! She'll be givin more tips before you can shake a whisk at it ..... or her people.


well shes sounding so minnesotan eh! makes me miss the old motherland. don't know if youve seen sweet land or not (if not, you should!), but you nailed the personality of that movie either way!


Hilarious!! :]]

Jen M O

She was funny. I would listen to more of her tips.


Aunt Inga is awesome - would love her krumbkakke recipe anyday ;) Also many many thanks for this helpful tip - it saved my day today!


this was hilarious! Aunt Inga is definitely Irish. :) Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

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