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Oct 06, 2011


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Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute? MN? Are you here in MN? That is sooo cool! Another reason to love MN!

Carolina HeartStrings

Very impressive - am sharing on our fb page!

Kulsum at JourneyKitchen

I think this looks marvelous. So much chocolate goodness. Wow!

Pat Rutledge

I think it looks fabulous! I really like the chocolate poured over the cake and the donut holes...all good.


Country Mouse @ country mouse cooks

Are you crazy? It looks great. Wish I was as picky as you about design. And I love cake pops, but where I live they don't sell candy melts, and doing only with chocolate is pretty boring. Although they don't sell donut holes either... guess it's time for a stock-up trip to the states!

Brittni Lasater

I like that it could be just a fall cake too, since we don't do Halloween. Super cute!


Love it!! http://dontthinkjustfeel-yuka.blogspot.com/

Lydia Grace

Eep! Exciting that you'll be seeing Bakerella soon, I wish I could meet you both! I imagine you two as BFFs! Haha!
Maybe you should both come to NZ!?! Dooooo it!

the urban baker

you are just as smart - and pretty, too! such a cute idea. love the way your mind works. xx


I don't know, Amanda, it looks visually appealing to me! I like the chocolate oozing over the cake and the donut holes used~it looks a bit "rustic" for lack of a better word, and I REALLY like it!


Love this look! Reminds me visually of the Boston Cream Pie (Bread and Chocolate Bakery, Boston) featured on Flay's Throwdown. Not a bad idea to pile on more cake (balls/cubes) and cover all in chocolate! The recipe from their show did not get great reveiws though. I prefer a modified version of this GREAT recipe: http://thedaringkitchen.com/recipe/fresh-fraisiers. Nix the berries and add melted chocolate!

Debbie D

Looks delicious!

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

I have nothing to say besides: I. Love. This. Cake.


Wow - this is stunning, Amanda!


If that's what you call fake it til, you make it, I can't wait to see the real version of this. Wish I could get just a eensy weensy bite.


Well, I am no expert but I think the cake looks perfect just as it is... your creativity and talent never cease to amaze me... I always look forward to see what you have come up with!!


I actually lime the 'bumpy' effect. It is Halloween after all. ;). And the winter/snowball idea mentioned above, THAT would be beautiful too!


I think it looks fabulous! I wouldn't change a thing....you are amazing.


I think it's a darling Halloween cake love!


Hi Amanda!
This cake is amazing as everything you do. A daily inspiration for me, a humble portuguese food blogger. Recently I've tried to recreate your lilac cupcakes. You can see the result here:
Thanks a lot for your sharing!

Lisa Thomas

Such a simple yet WONDERFUL idea! Why haven't I thought of this for my hubby who adores doughnut holes! Thanks for figuring out what cake I'll be making for his 52nd birthday next month (which just happens to be the same day as my 50th)!!


I think this is absolutely gorgeous and perfect the way it is!!

Russell at Chasing Delicious

Wow. This cake looks stunning! I love everything about it. I personally love the doughnut hole look - but maybe that's because I love doughnuts.


Well I still love the idea of the cake. The donut holes are a good shortcut. But I can't wait to see what cake pops you do. And pouring straight chocolate on top of a cake is so hard to get smooth.

Mighty Morgan.com

I think it works well....the pictures of it look beautiful enough...I would love to see the other version of it, if you do decide to make it at some point!! The Donut holes were a great idea though, I love the way they are piled up so high, they just give it a look that demands respect :)


oh you silly girl........I love this! and those doughnut holes look incredible! I like that they aren't perfect, but what I really like is all the textures and colors!

Georgia Pellegrini

I love it just the way it is girl! The pops on top are so fun and whimsical.


how unique is THIS! cool!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

This is so cute!! I know I'd have an issue with the donuts disappearing from the top of the cake in this household, though. :)


This cake looks absolutely sinful... and delicious. I love it!!

lisa skiles

A belated congratulations on the book - you deserve it! Hugs and blessings to you.

Cookin' Canuck

This is such a cute cake. I actually like the chocolate poured over the top - makes it look very "Halloween-y".


Hello I am not new to the blog, but new to leave a comment, I love this cake! I found it lovely, love the color combination.


i feel a little hungry...
looks really delicious !!!


Cake pops ON a cake!! Love it!! I'm just started outin my baking blogging adventures. Thanks for the inspiration.


this cake is perfect in every aspect!

Lori Nusbaum

12 days later, and 10 dollars shorter, I was thinking, TRUFFLES! Ok, well, cake. But I wouldn't change a thing. Perfect is all in the eye of the beholder, and as a fellow artist, while we can rip, shred, cut and dice apart our work, we are the only ones that do not see the beauty in lumpy, bumpy and not perfect. I LOVE THIS LOOK. Of course next time I wrap or knit a wire, I may have to pop back over and read my own words, because I am certain I will come up with plenty of things to do differently next time! :) Love the cake!


The colours and texture - just fantastic! I'm not sure about the donut balls though, I would prefer something more decadent like truffles! :)

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