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Oct 13, 2011


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Nicole (Life's a Batch)

Best of luck to you in your travels tomorrow, my friend! This cake looks gorgeous as always, and I'm so curious about the shiny aspect of the white frosting - it almost looks as if it's melting? Oh, and the ghost inside is TOO cute!



This cake is gorgeous! I can't wait to try it!



Cute, cute cake... love your something inside cakes - I have 4 children, too and nursed all of them. Mine are a little older and all play sports (traveling teams) & my husband manages the boys baseball team - (I feel kind of bad that I can't seem to find the time read Helene's book, that I purchased a month ago)

Good Luck to you!! - If anyone can do it, you can :)

p.s. I hope all goes smoothly while your away & during your whirlwind adventure.


I hope you enjoy your trip! :) Relax, you're already an amazing photographer :)

Annie @ Annie's Cooking Lab

Wow, that's impressive! I love cakes that have a design inside, I need to try that someday!

kiki comin

You are so amazing. Can't wait to buy that book!:)


:D I like it!

snooky doodle

wow this cake is awesome!


LOve the cake :) Even without the mouth. Have a great time at the workshop.


So cute! Have a safe trip!

fran n va

Please tell us how you got the ghost in the middle of the cake. It is amazing and I would love to make it for my grandson's daycare for a special Halloween treat. Keep up the great blog. It is one of my top 10 faves.......


This is the cutest Halloween cake ever! Ahh! So adorable!


OMGOSH!! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE!!!!!! It is the most amazing cake I've EVER seen, you talent is OMGOSH!! I've got like no words right now!! But like....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

1 - I LOVE the cake... both versions of it. You are an artist when it comes to cakes!

2 - You will have such an amazing time at the photography workshop... Hope you love it!

3 - You absolutely should not be freaking out about the book. I am 100% positive that it will be absolutely amazing. I, for one, cannot wait to see it. I know it will be a new favorite of mine!!

4 - I have no idea why I'm writing in numbered points today. :)

Katie H

You do the most amazing cakes! I absolutley love this cake. You are so talented, I enjoy your site so much.


I love the ghost inside! The "inside" surprises are signature Amanda creations! Now, don't fret~we'll be here waiting for you! <3


You are so much fun and you drive me crazy with your creativity! That's why I like visiting! =)


If the recipe calls for shortening, can I use butter instead?? I always thought that shortening could be replaced with butter, but I'm not sure?


Renee (kudos kitchen)

Mouth or no mouth, that ghost inside the cake is priceless. Nicely done Amanda!


This is NEAT! No mouth needed. Quiet ghosts are nicer, right? I think...and I hope I am not about to sound stupid...I just bought a book by Helene...Pixel to Plate. I should check BEFORE commenting...but I'll know for sure right after I finish typing, LOL! Nice WONDERFUL cake!


I said it backward, but I got the author right, LOL!


I LOVE this cake. I hope you will eventually find the time to show us how to get the ghost inside. Amazing!


It was great meeting you yesterday! This cake is oh-so-adorable!

Molly Chester

Cute before cutting into it, and simply over the top afterward! Thanks for sharing your inspiring work!


Amanda--it was wonderful meeting you yesterday at Helene's workshop! Just wanted to wish you the very best with your book. I'm sure it will be beautiful!


I love it! I first fell in love with your blog last year over your first ghost cake, so this just adorable to me :) Love the ghost inside, and so so my girls!


Hope you will be telling us how the ghost got inside! This is so stinkin' cute that I am dying to make it for our Halloween dinner!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

I always love your surprise inside cakes, I still can't wrap my head around how you do them. So clever.

Rowaida Flayhan

Amanda you always amaze me. You are so creative and full of ideas. Blessings


yummiest looking ghost .. :D


Love the surprise BOO inside:)

Angela in Atlanta

Wow, what an amazing cake!! Love the inside ~ you have most definitely found your gift in life!! Love, your site always amazed by your post !! Thanks for sharing.


If possible, could you please give a tutorial for making this cake - it is absolutely amazing!


this is spooky, in a cute and delicious way...which is obviously the best kind of spooky. :)


Awww... what an adorable cake!!! I think your photography is beautiful and I am sure that the workshop will be really helpful to you (more as a shot of confidence though!!) Helene is a wonderful teacher so I know you'll not only learn a lot but have a blast as well!!


As always you do such an amazing job Amanda!


Absolutely amazing! I would just LOOOOOVE to know how on earth you managed to get that lovely surprise inside a cake...?! Please give us some details on how to do that. Once more, thanks for your baking :)

Lydia Grace

Hello again Amanda! Just wanted to quickly say that I think it's awesome that you're still trying to learn more. I can imagine writing a book would be pretty darn scary but we all trust you and LOVE your recipes/tutorials/decorating.
Have fun at the course!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Great cake! And so proud of you for chasing down your photography goals - I'd love to hear about your class with Helene!

Georgia Pellegrini

No you di-innnnt! You keep topping yourself. I cannot BELIEVE you have a ghost as the cross section of the cake! AMAZING.

Sherri M

Would love for you to tell us how to get that ghost inside the cake! My grandkids would love it!

Lori Nusbaum

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS COOKBOOK! I have told you before, and will tell you again, you have way too much talent to not share it! I know I never comment, but today felt I needed to give you a little nudge - I would buy the book with stick figure drawings!

We need to have a get together again soon.

So very proud of you for this big step!!!

Have safe travels! lo

Laura P

How you do those amazing things to the inside of the cake...well...it's amazing! Have a fun trip...and don't forget to bring the breast pump!!!


Amazing! U are soooo talented!

Deliciously Organic

Helene is such a great teacher. I'm so glad you were able to attend one of her classes! And wow, the ghost inside the cake is amazing. You are one talented lady. :)


That is ADORABLE! And of course there would be a cute ghost inside too! AMAZING!

Mighty Morgan

I LOVE this.. Awesome just about sums it up!


Amazing, Amanda. You did it again! Don't you just love Helene? I hope you had fun with her. She is so sweet and kind to give of her talents.


I'm new to all this and am blown-away by your ghost inside the cake. Can you tell a newbie the secret for doing that ?!?

Jeanna Brown

Cutest cake ever!! Love the ghost inside. Hope you have time to put the "how-tos" on soon. Thanks.

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