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Sep 30, 2011


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Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

Congrats!!! That's exciting and you're definitely deserving of it! :)

ryan@abigail*ryan homewares

Massive congratulations for the book deal (i'm a not usually a commenter, but this is certainly worthy of breaking my silence!!) :))

Coincidentally, i've just been refining a banana bread recipe myself over the past few days...i'd be honoured if you had a wee look. I'm writing it up later today to blog so i'll comment again when it's up. It's vegan (I can't have dairy, and know people who can't have eggs) but moist and delcious- if I do say so myself! :)


Amanda!!! This is just fantastic news!! I know how hard it must be to try to manage everything right now. You have some fabulous talent and have inspired me in so many ways. I too, LOVE.LOVE. LOVE. your rose cake and have made it several times and look like a Rock Star everytime I do...little does anyone know that it is easier for me do do that cake than nearly any other:) Thank you for sharing your time and talent so that we, busy mothers and wives, can pull off a Rock Star moment every now and again:) Looking forward to seeing you in print!


How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you - and you need to know that I'm a basically "new" fan... just a few months, but I never miss a new post and I've made several of your cakes!!! LOVE the rose cake, love the roses!!!! YOU GO GURL!!!!! You deserve it all!!!!

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

I am jumping up and down!! Congratulations!!!

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Yay! Yay! Yay! And woohoo too!

So excited for you and your new adventure. Can't wait to see that book on the bookshelf and walk to the counter and say "This is a book my friend wrote. Look at it! See how gorgeous it is?"

It will be a reality soon enough.


"Author! Author!" Yep, people around the world will be calling for you to stand up and take the bow you so richly deserve. You've given all us cake kooks and frosting fanatics reason to come out of the closet (so hot in there, what with the oven and all) and have one heck of a time!! Seriously, as everyone has said, couldn't happen to a better person!

Karen @ Trilogy Edibles

Congrats!!! You so deserve it Amanda and I couldn't be happier for you!!!


Firstly, congrats. The blog-to-book revolution is amazing to watch.
Secondly, it's so funny that you post this. 5 days ago I made some banana bread with the recipe I was raised on. I love it to bits. As I savored the masterpiece I thought to myself how I have a ton of cookbooks but don't have a desire to try any new banana bread recipes (as well as a few other recipes I'm overwhelmingly satisfied with). Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right? But curiosity is getting the best of me and I want to try this one! It's so funny when we get to a point of saying, "This one. ~This~ is my recipe. It's ~perfect~." and someone comes along and flips our world on end. I'm excited to give this one a try- my recipe is 1/2 whole wheat. I feel a side-by-side comparison coming on!

ok. i'll shut up now.

Suzy McQ

HUGE congrats, Amanda! Happy to hear that a publisher figured out what we already knew! Best of luck to you and to your family, as this is a big deal for all of you.

I'm sure I join many others in saying that we understand that you are and will be busy, but we will remain patient and stick around, as loyal friends do.

Appreciate every crumb of info you provide and eat them all up!


Congratulations Amanda! Cant wait to be able to buy your book!


I am sooooooooooooooo excited for you - and us!! An Amanda book!!! How fabulous!

the urban baker

Have I been telling you since the day I met you that you had a book in you. I am a smart lady and I know this stuff and I know, for a fact, that you are going to be successful. Not just because you are so darn creative, witty, funny, and charming, but because you are "good people". You are a "salt of the earth" kind of gal and I knew that the first time I laid eyes on you. Out of all of the people that impressed me last year at BHF10, you ( and penny de los santos), were the ones that I was going to remember. So, my dear friend, you deserve this and I know you will embrace this and you will soar and do what you are truly passionate about. I could not be happier for you! xxxooo p.s I am willing to test recipes for you - just send them my way!

Christy D

Congratulations!!! Once again, you are AMAZEBALLS!!!!


Oh, that's wonderful!


Yay! Congrats! You deserve it!


Amanda!!!!!I am so NOT surprised at this wonderful news!! You are destined to bigger things, I know it!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

And by the way...does your hubby's co-worker know who YOU are??????


Huge congratulations, Amanda - what great news!
(and how brave your husband is to say he prefers another woman's banana bread lol!)


Congratulations! What great news....phew I thought maybe you were...well, I better not say ; )


Amanda! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so excited! no one could deserve this more- what a wonderful gift to share with everyone :) Can't wait to see how the process goes.

In the mean time, I am ready to make this delicious looking banana bread!!

Cristin (Pinkie)

VERY exciting adventure Amanda and I'm excited to hear about it! CONGRATULATIONS!


Amanda! Congrats! This is sooo well-deserved!
I can't to see your creations!



That's great! I haven't been following you for very long (obviously my mistake), but SERIOUSLY you have 4 kids AND do all this? Wow. Maybe your new book can include a nice chapter on time management...


Congratulations Amanda. That's the best news ever. Your creations certainly deserve to be in print :-)


HOLY COW!!! 15 years ago I would have said, "you mean Amanda, the Amanda we know from the Turf is doing what? I didn't even know she could read?!" Just kidding about the reading part ;) You will do fabulous hon! You have gone so far in you life!

Kathryn P.

CONGRATULATIONS! I just came across your blog a couple of weeks ago and put it into my favorites right away. Your creations are so WOW!
I look forward to your book.


What exciting news about your book. I can't wait to buy it!

Jen Fong

So very happy for you Amanda! Very well deserved. I can't wait to buy your book!

I'm also looking forward to trying your banana bread, as we have a "thing" for banana bread in this house!



Congratulations! I know that you have a book in you too. I can't wait for it to come out.


Congrats on the book! Very much looking forward to reading about the process and seeing the final result!


Congratulations, Amanda, that is some FANTASTIC news. And glad you tried a new banana bread and found it to your liking. I can understand the gasping and sobbing, though!


kudos to you! so excited!
all the best in prepping for this cb which i know will be so creative!!

Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

Woo Hoo!!!! SSSOOOOO very exciting, Amanda!!! Congratulations!!!! I'll be watching for pictures of your cake plates. ;-)


I am so STOKED for you! The book will be amazing!


congrats! So thrilled for you and your family!


CONGRATS! That's fantastic!


Seriously confused by the amount of sugar in this. I've always found banana bread to taste better with an approximately 1:4 ratio of sugar:flour, especially given the natural sweetness of the bananas.

I'll give it a go nonetheless, and take your word on this. I'll let you know how it goes :)


So deserved! I had an inkling that a book was in the works. I noticed a certain publisher started following you on twitter recently. ;) The bread looks great, but the book deal is the headliner of this post. Congrats Amanda!

Miriam @ Overtime Cook

Congratulations! That's amazing!

This banana bread looks delicious. My family isn't big on banana in baked goods, but maybe something delicious like this will convince them.


YUM! And absolutely amazing!
If anyone can do it, it is you Amanda!
I can not wait for your book!!

Possible Baker

Congratulations on the book deal, Amanda!! I am going to hace to purchase multiple copies to give one to everyone I know that loves to bake! Your creative spirit totally deserve this and I am so happy for you!! I read a quote that said, 'Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.' I think you have fulfilled that to it's fullest as a baker!

Zoe (Bite This)

Yay!! Congrats!! AND I will totally support your guest posts!! ;)


Congratulations! Can't wait to be holding your book in my hands! :) Seems like a long wait, but I'm sure it's worth all the wait. You always have so many wonderful ideas and beautiful creations and I'm not surprised you're finally publishing your own book. :) Really happy for you.

Denise @ TLT - The Little Things

What a great idea and WOW: congrats for being able to write and publish a book!


I am unbelievably excited for you. See how that works? You put a little awesomeness out there in the world, and it comes back three fold! Congrats, sweet lady!

Christen Robinson

You are so inspiring!


I enjoy your recipes so much and so does all my familiy and my friends! I'm not surprised you have been approached to do a cookbook!! I'm so excited for you and of course I'll be the first in line to buy one...well actual several to give for gifts!! You are so talented and have used your wonderful talents to bless many people!!


Congrats! Your/our, book is much anticipated!!!


excellent news, Amanda...and SO well deserved! Congratulations!

Renee (kudos kitchen)

Such wonderful news Amanda! I knew it was just a matter of time. If anybody deserves a book, you do and you can bet my bottom dollar, I'll have it nestled on my bookshelf when your new baby (book) is born. Congratulations and I can't wait. Oh, btw the banana bread looks great. I love the addition of yogurt. I'll have to give this a go. Thanks!

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