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Aug 17, 2011


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bridget {bake at 350}

OK...that cake is beautiful!!! What a lucky bride to have to design the cake!

Love the toolbar...my husband likes to tease me because I have 3 toolbars installed on my laptop...that has a small screen anyway. Pretty soon my screen will be ALL toolbar. ;)

Kristin Smith

Love the cake....which BC recipe did you use for this one?? :)
I miss not seeing a pic of it cut open and then I remembered it was probably not yours to cut huh?
Enjoy today friend!!


So cool aren't they!!!!


The cake is gorgeous, and I love the thought of a redvelvet wedding cake! Why didn't I think of that? I did white cake, but a chocolate redvelvet would have been so cool. Oh yeah, I didn't because my hub doesn't like chocolate. (Imagine...)


That's so cool!
And the cake is gorgeous of course :)

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

Just way too fun! :)

Amanda Joy

Gorgeous gorgeous cake. The detail is beautiful!


Love that cake and great tip on the toolbar!

Renee - Kudos Kitchen

Another great looking cake Amanda!!!
Love the tool bar idea and had to laugh out loud about installing it on my moms computer. GREAT idea! Maybe she'd even vitis my blog on occasion then :-D


Pretty cake :) Wow, I didn't know people could make their own toolbars, learn something new every day!


What a gift to have been asked to make your friends wedding cake and what an absolutely beautiful gift you gave her in return.


Amanda the cake is GORGEOUS!!! Love the toolbar idea too :) Having the hubs look into that now.

Georgia Pellegrini

Your cake is gorgeous, and I'm totally checking out that toolbar, what a cool idea. I like alexa.

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

That cake is beautiful! Great invitation replica!!!

Jesi P

I love that now you are just one click away. I am horrible at remembering URL's, so this is so so helpful! Thank you for the toolbar!


really, REALLY beautiful Amanda - i mean this from the bottom of my heart - you. are. so. incredibly. talented!!! never, ever sell yourself short . . . this is your craft, your gift . . . just beautiful . . .

Gayatri Kumar

Yum. Red velvet. And the flowers atop the cake is just amazing! Great craftsmanship :)

Will make the toolbar specifically for my mum ; )

Look who's Wearing (LwW)

Cookbook Queen

Gorgeous cake...love the color and the details! That flower is amazing!!

Regan Martin

Gorgeous cake....and thanks for the toolbar info! Fun!

Evon Burk

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful thing to do for the bride and groom. It is beautiful and sounds like it would taste like heaven! Yummy Yummy!!! What a great idea to do the flower like the invitation. I'm sitting here though drooling about the red velvet cake.


Even more beautiful in person - thank you for making my sister's wedding day so perfect! You rock, Amanda!


The flower is incredible; it would also make a gorgeous decorated cookie!


Amanda- that cake is stunning. What a very lucky friend you have!

I will have to go check that tool bar out asap.

Christy D

Do the sides have embossed fondant on it? If so, where did you find them??

Amanda Rettke

No, no fondant. This cake is completely buttercream! :)

Nelly Rodriguez

Wow, that is one gorgeous cake! You did an amazing job with it!


The cake looks amazing! Such a great friend


That cake is stunning!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

That cake is lovely!!

Brooke @ Food Woolf

Beautiful cake. The tool bar thing is, I'm sorry to admit, a little over my head.


Lovely cakes, as usual.

Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

Absolutely beautiful job on the cake!
Your own toolbar, that's crazy!!! But crazy good!


Wow, I bet the bride was thrilled with her beautiful cake! You nailed it, Amanda! The color just POPS too:)
I'll have to check into the toolbar(Cheryl's too)~Thanks for the info.!


Wow this cake is amazing. I did not think the flowers were buttercream until I read it.
That's just too awesome. Now of course everyone (well, at least I) wants to know how you did that in buttercream. Especially those big poppy petals.


That cake is simply GORGEOUS! You are truly an inspiration!Thanks for the tip on the toolbar.


Love your cake! Is that a buttercream transfer?


Love that cake! My mother-in-law made the traditional fruit cake for our wedding (I left it up to her since she was making it). We had sooo much left over - I wonder why? I wish I had a friend like you to reproduce the invitation. You are amazing! Love the toolbar too.


thats very pretty! I really like it. man you must have a steady hand!!! Im mucho impressed!


look at you, getting all technological. :)
and wow, that sounds like a behemoth of a cake--better you decorating it than me!


Wow, gorgeous cake! You should do a tutorial on it! I love reading about and drooling over your cakes...


Geez - You are not only a baker extraordinaire but you are also computer savvy ... I am truly humbled....


I NEED THE TUTORIAL FOR THIS! Seriously, I saw this and was WOWED! Good Job.

the urban baker

omg, i need to study this! thanks, Amanda for sharing! x

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