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Aug 10, 2011


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I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!! Sersiously Amanda, this one is one of my favorite cakes you've made. Simple, yet gorgeous and you know i LOVE the colors!

Bummer on the recipe, I'll keep my eyes out for a cherry cake recipe.

Becki D

hehe "I Am Impatient Baker" - we'd have to share that title! :-)


Love this!!! I must try it!!! :) thinking about a good chocolate cake, like an inside out chocolate covered cherry cake. ;) hahah

Blog is the New Black

Simply gorgeous!


I have a wonderful chocolate cherry recipe if you would like it... definitely can taste the cherries... let me know :)

shelly (cookies and cups)

Love red and turquoise! This is going to be my internet birthday cake :)


The colors are just beautiful!
And I love anything cherry! Looks delish!


I took a regular cake recipe and made it strawberry by adding a box of strawberry jello pudding (not jello) and some chopped strawberries. I thought it was too subtle, but nice. The hubs thought it was perfect. I plan on adding just a bit of strawberry extract next time. Maybe you could try that but with cherries? Just a thought.


I would love the chocolate cherry recipe Sarah mentioned :)

Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

Oh how yummy and so beautifully decorated!! Amanda, you rock!

Marian (Sweetopia)

So pretty Amanda!! Loving the colour combination and would LOVE to try a slice!


Because you have shared so much with me...my secret to cherry taste (for some reason I get lots of request for cherry flavored confections!) is to replace a portion of the liquid in your recipe with the "juice" from the maraschino cherries. Experiment to taste. And i always chop them and add to the filling, just like you did. Its more than subtle, but less intense than the cherry pudding. Perfect for even non cherry lovers.


love the cake!

Michelle Parodi

You might want to try a little variation on the buttercream recipe...I use that one all the time too...but I use half butter and half shortening. It doesnt have a greasy feeling on your tongue...my family loves it. Let me know if you try the change :)


love, love, love Amanda - the colors are so bright and cheery!!


Oh my goodness. Wait until Bridget see's this cake ;) Sorry the flavour wasn't all you had hoped but your certainly dressed it up beautifully.


Here's a little recipe I made in April for my daughter's bridal shower. They were yummy!! Give it a try and let me know what ya think. http://curlywillowdiy.blogspot.com/2011/04/vickis-test-kitchen.html


It is tooo cute!! It makes me want to go on a picnic!! And that is a GOOD thing :)

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Love this!! You and Bridget need to get together with your cherry sweets! And, if you make this again, be sure to borrow my apron that matches this cake PERFECTLY!!


I absolutely love this. It's so funny. I am making an anniversary cake for my husband and I'm using those exact colors, minus the green (black instead). The cherries will be daisies instead. This an awesome cake. I have to keep this design in mind when I do a black forest cake or cherry ice cream cake. Love your work Amanda. I'm always stalking you on Facebook.not in a creepy way though! :)

Rhett Hoff

Beautiful cake, as always, but Buttercream Frosting without butter? Why?


I love the way you decorated this cake. It's so pretty.

bridget {bake at 350}

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the blue and the red! And I'm going to try your frosting...here's a confession. I don't love SMBC.


LOVE it! I said in this blog post of mine: http://houseofestrogen.typepad.com/house_of_estrogen/2011/06/simple-womans-daybook-june-6-2011.html that I wanted a dress to match my daughter's swimsuit. I didn't know until now that I needed a cake to match it too! Beautiful! Your colors are spot-on!

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

Love the frosting colors - too darn cute! Sorry to hear the originally recipe didn't work out but isn't that just the way sometimes - such a shame.


I love your story telling! This cake reminds me of a piece of vintage fabric I used to use in my design business. I must go through the storage and find that remnant! I adore the look of this cake - the color of the frosting is intoxicating and your art work is spot on! You need a book deal...

Jessica Hinz

when you do your cakes, do you cut the outside "crust" off of the cakes? I have the darndest time trying to keep the shape of the cake and cut the crust off... AND trying to keep the sides perfectly vertical - FORGET ABOUT IT....

Any tips you can pass my way? or a link you can send me?


You can add powdered cherry drink mix to your recipe as long as you don't mind the color change.


I LOVE the way you decorated the cake. Red and Turquoise together are my fave! I've never tried this recipe from cooks country, but it's one I've always wanted to:


Mary Ellen

Very pretty! I think the cherry concentrate from King Arthur Flour would greatly help the cherry flavor... Ooh, I'll have to add that to a cake next time and decorate it like yours. Beautiful!


I haven't made a cherry cake before but at least you got a beautifully decorated cake from it all!! Just tell everyone it was supposed to be vanilla...with a hint of cherry. ;-)

Jenny Wren's

That looks very cheery! What a pretty cake, and it sounds like it would taste delicious! This is going on the "Must Try" list!


Your interesting fact made me laugh the hardest... I too dislike anything cherry "flavored" (except for actual cherries... at the farmstand, in say...June)


I love cherries in chocolate cakes. And I think your decorating is beyond cute!


That is a beautiful cake!! Love it! If you are the impatient baker then I am the seriously messy baker :)


Seriously - so beautiful! I love cherries and I love the colors on that cake.

Kulsum at JourneyKitchen

Gosh that looks neat and simple to do. I would like to believe i can do it too.


I love the colors, very cute cake! I LOVE maraschino cherries, YUM, I could eat a whole jar, and I'm talking those big giant jars, like bulk size :)

Carsedra - Sweet Tooth Desserts

I'm not a cherry fan, but this looks yummy!! The cake is so cute and fun, what a great idea!!


Maybe for the "cherry taste", could you use a cherry-flavour extract? I bought an apple-flavoured extract for the royal icing on sugar, apple-shaped cookies that I made for teachers @ school-year end. Check out this website from my supplier, Faerie's Finest: "http://www.faeriesfinest.com/extracts.html"


This cherry cake looks so cute!! Even if the cake itself didn't turn out as spectacular as you had hoped, it sure looks yummy. All of those bright colors look just gorgeous.


How cute! You're such an inspiration!!! I just wish I could decorate like you!! And I love your crusting buttercream frosting - thanks for sharing!
I also use the Cherry Concentrate from King Arthur Flour (as another commented), and made these cupcakes with it: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/cherry-cupcakes-recipe, substituting melted butter for the oil. I also love using the cherry concentrate to tint my frosting a lovely dark pink. It cuts down on the sweetness factor, and the cherry taste isn't overwhelming!


Such a gorgeous cake. I am utterly jealous of your baking skills.


oooh boy this is a sweet cake...so cute! Reminds me of the days playing HI HO Cherry-O with my daughther those were good times....

Christy D

That is AMAZEBALLS!!! so talented!


This is so cute! I wouldn't want to cut it. Great job!


Such a fun cake! Cherries make me happy!


Hi Amanda, maybe a little organic cherry flavoring would add a little more cherry flavor?

(I love, love, love your blog, your humor and sharing everything with us...I just HATE the Feedjit thing. I've asked the thing to ignore my browser but the change never sticks so have to do it every time. Just sayin'...) Thanks for listening!

Cookbook Queen

Most beautiful cake ever!! So cute and colorful and kitschy.

Also, I'm not EXACTLY sure what kitschy means, but I am pretty sure it means cute and retroish.

You can make this for my birthday anytime!!

Becca H.

I'm sorry the flavor wasn't what you had hoped for Amanda, but I love love LOVE the cutsie cherries! I would also love to know how you get such a smooth finish on your cake without spending hours futzing with it. (You did mention that you're impatient... ) It looks PERFECT and as you know from seeing my cake pics on Facebook, it's the one thing I really want to learn how to do better.
It's completely artificial, but I wonder what adding a teaspoon or two of maraschino cherry juice would add to the party?

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