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Aug 24, 2011


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These are all so great! Awesome job. I hate using the grass tip. Also, I can't believe you didn't own one.


I LOVE the sunset cake! I'm wondering how you made the waves so realistic? The think I hate about this is now it's gonna bug me until I try it! Love your work!


You are so talented and creative! The sunset one looks like a piece of art, and I love how fun the rainbow cake is. I never would have imagined using that tip for anything other than grass. You've inspired us to think outside the box!

bridget {bake at 350}

YOU are just too cool! Three different cakes with the GRASS tip?!?! Brilliant!

shelly (cookies and cups)


Are you for real?

These cakes...with the grass tip...you are incredible.

The sunset one..

I can't even speak, so beautiful.


Wow. When I first suggested the grass tip, I didn't think you could do that much with it. But WOW! The sunset one is ah-mazing! You are SO creative.


Oh my gosh! Those cakes are awesome!!! You have such a great imagination :)


I've been lurking on your blog for a while now, just admiring your beautiful work. When I saw this charm though, I knew I had to share it with you!! The rainbow cakes are my favorite too!



ok.. i really don't know what to say. except, you are definitely an inspiration. i don't have much counter space, or baking and decorating equipment, but you sure have taught me that great things can come out of what little we have. i always thought i was limited with designs becuz i had such a small selection of tips, but now i have confidence! thanks so much! the sunset cake just made me lit up and the rainbow cake almost made me think about changing my daughter's "rubber ducky" birthday cake to something with rainbows. but i already chose a "ducks in a pond" design so i must stay strong! lol. i don't even know what tip to suggest next.


Wow, you did great! I LOVE the rainbow one, but the string-one is cool too!


Ha ha! Awesome!!!! I love my grass tip, but yeah, its usually used for grass. This is great! I especially love the sun cake, I may have to give that a shot! Way to "think outside the box"


Amanda!!! You are so much fun! So smart! So creative!

Love that your major focus is just wonderful buttercream!


The rainbow one is super cute! I've used the grass tip to make an Elmo cake & other Sesame Street character cupcakes in the past. I saw a chef use it on a food network challenge to make Sulley from Monsters, Inc. and it was amazing how much it looked like fur! The pictures don't do it justice!


I looooove the sunset one! I also saw some resemblance to Starry Night. Would love to see that! I have been checking your blog every day waiting to see what you came up with for the tips. I can't wait for the next one! (There will be a next one, right?)

Sweet Cake

That is awesome! Love the sun and rainbow cakes!


LOVE these cakes!!! So beautiful!!

That tip also works really well for hair, my grandma has made me a few bear shaped cakes back in the day fully covered with white hair!

Mary C.

Triple Wow! I love the sunset cake, such a creative way to decorate a cake. But our favorite is the rainbow grass cake - a beauty to behold :)

Lauren P.

I am always in awe of your creativity. I wish I had half as much as you! I loved, loved, loved the second and third ones! I wish I could eat them up and preserve them forever at the same time :)


Wonderful! I really love the sunset! Very creative and beautiful. This is inspiring me to try out some new techniques!





I am yet again amazed by your creativity and talent. You are such an artist I look up to!Thanks for making me smile once more ...all three are such beautiful cakes. God bless you and your family!


I love all of these! I can't wait to try this myself.

Megan O.

FAN.TAS.TIC. Every one of them...LOVE them all !!!! I have used that tip for a LOT of grass in my day, but have never thought of these ideas...you are gifted! I am SO making that rainbow cake...SOON!!!!!!! THANK you for pushing yourself!!!


Id like to see different flower ideas? Or more themed work?

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh my goodness. I have no idea what to even say, Amanda. These cakes are *beautiful* and you have certainly outdone yourself! I am so amazed that you did all of this with the grass tip. That was one that I have previously always avoided (except for a horrible attempt to use it to make fur on Easter bunny cookies a few years ago... it was awful). That sunset cake is just incredible.

Rachel Watters

LOVE the sun and ocean design! Way to think outside of the box!


I wish you would tackle Mud Pie...I've been praying someone would tackle it...


Love them! Finding it hard to choose between the second and third ones. Setting a challenge like this is such a great idea to stretch one's creativity!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

Just wonderful! And that Sunset Cake is flat-out amazing. I am SO impressed. Looks like it would fit right in at a Van Gogh exhibit!


Oh my golly that sunset cake is amazing! Why doesn't the website let me pin it into pintarest? I think I need a grass tip myself now.


the....sun'll come out tomorrow! that one's my favorite, amanda--bravo!


Not only did you rise to the challenge, you surpassed it. That sunrise/sunset cake (it could be both right?) should be framed!


I love this! I really like the bright colors and the stringy landscape of the sun and sea. You've inspired me to go take out my tips!

Jen M O

I thought the rainbow pom pom cake looked great. How about a lattice style cake?


Love, love, love. Your hands must be aching??!!! I just LOVE how you make such masterpieces with a tip and some buttercream. So inspiring.


I love the rainbow one too! (although all are great)
I'm just love how vibrant your icing colours turn out! Really makes the patterns pop!


My favorite is definitely the sun & water cake. What a fun way to use that tip. Beautiful!

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Of course they are all beautiful, BUT that rainbow dot cake is spectacular!


They are all gorgeous, my favourite one is the rainbow one too, you are really great, thanks for sharing this :)


The sunset is stunning! It looks like the cake version of a Van Gogh!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

They're all great, but that rainbow cake is waaaaaaaaaay cool! Love it!


YOU ARE A-MA-ZING!!! I bought this tip for making grass only, I thought that was all, and now, look, wahta a different ways to use it!! Really love the sunset cake, what a brilliant idea!!


Wow, these are amazing! Great job! I've recently been teaching myself to use piping tips and this looks like a great way to learn to utilize them to their full potentials!

Giulietta | Alterkitchen

Well, the last one is without any doubt the most colorful and awesome decoration I've ever seen... just beautiful!

Russell at Chasing Delicious

Absolutely stunning! You are a wizard with that piping bag. Yum!


Amazing! I've only used the tip for grass and hair - I am IN LOVE with the rainbow one you did. I've 'pinned' it and I am wracking my brain trying to come up with an occasion to reproduce it. Did I mention amazing?


WOW! My jaw is on the floor. You are an artist, indeed.


These cakes are beautiful. I think the next tip should be No. 366 leaf decorating tip.

Anne-Marie @ This Mama Cooks!

I love the sunset one. It reminds me of a Van Gogh painting.

How long does it take for you to decorate these cakes. I used to do a lot of cake decorating myself but it took so much time!


I LOOOVE how you ALWAYS think outside the box Amanda!! and how you share it all with us!!

Thanks so much for this!

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