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Aug 24, 2011


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jess white @athriftyfoodie

you are really such an amazing woman with a great talent! i love your blog so much!


LOVE these! Could you be any more creative?! I never would have come up with these! Love love love!

Tricia Bunker

Have you ever made a coca-cola cake?


i am so thrilled to decorate a cake using one of these methods! i love recently there have been a lot more freedom with icing a cake. it doesn't have to be the traditional cake comb or flat iced type. between these cakes, the ruffled cakes, and swirl cakes that I have seen, i am truly excited for the future of cake decorating!


Oh. My. Stinking. Gosh! That sunset cake is simply gorgeous! LOVE!!!

I bought that tip for the ladybug cake...but it's my favorite. It's so fun to play with. I saw someone comment on it making great fur. The first thing I ever saw it used for was clown hair. So that's out in my house...my husband can't stand clowns. Which rather makes me laugh. But that's another story. ;)

Miss you, girly! I'm glad this blog is going well for you though!


All three cakes are beautiful but that rainbow cake is just stunning!!!

Ann P.

i love the sunset cake! you have quite a talent; all your cakes are gorgeous! I am learning a lot from your blog, and hope to improve my meager decorating/presentation skills, haha!


I like the sun one especially. I recently bought a tip #233 to make nests, as I saw on some blog somewhere.



So creative! Although I love the second one, the rainbow colored is my favorite. And I can't stop thinking about an earlier comment that suggested it in fall colors. I know I am going to try that soon!


You're a Cake Van Gogh! Simply amazing! We don't get wilton products here in India and I've searched long and hard for a grass tip among the brands we get here. No luck :(

These cakes are absolutely fantastic! I love how you challenged yourself with the grass tip, which turned out to be incredibly versatile! Thanks for the inspiration to push the boundaries. I especially love the "calico" cake (it reminds me of one of my grandma's crochet creations) and the sun scene. Beautiful!


I love the dotted one. It looks like a Dr Seuess cake! They are all amazing.

Darla | Bakingdom

I adore that sunset cake!! So simple and easy to do, but completely beautiful, like a lovely impressionist painting. I love all of the cakes (the multi-colored cake reminds of an old patchwork quilt, and the grass tip rosettes on the third cake are so unique and fun), but the sunset cake is definitely my favorite. Love your creativity!

Miri Leigh

Wow, these are all fantastic! So beautiful and they look delicious too!


This is so unfair!! You stole everyone's talents!! Awesome!!!

A Facebook User

LOVE the rainbow cake!


Beautiful. I guess I should use the tip more often. I wonder how many other tips can change the look just by adjusting the pressure..

Aubrey Chaves

Thank you so much for the idea! I made the polka dot cake for my 3 year old's birthday party today. My husband said the cake was the celebrity of the day. And it totally was! So fun- thanks again!


Do you have any recipes for making all natural food coloring? I've been looking but not able to find much that has actually been tested


I love the "Starry Night" feel of your sunshine cake. I would love you to try to do something with either tip 67 (because I have never found out what it is for exactly) or 352 (because I think it has the potential to be so much more but I just can't figure out what.


I love this cake. It looks like you glued hundreds of tiny pom-poms on it. I have to show this to my daughter...she's going to flip over it!!!

Ruthie Ellis

These cakes made me smile so much! I love the slightly impressionistic look of the sunset cake - visually stunning, and the multicoloured dotty one reminds me a lot of a millefiori glass paperweight - beautiful. I'm in awe of your creativity!

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