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Jul 06, 2011


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Sasha @ Global Table Adventure

This looks like little pink marshmallows! I'm into it :) Also, I love the vertical stripes one, too.


I love how puffy and billow-y the piping looks!

Diane (Created by Diane)

Super-cute. I just love pink frosting, it's so pretty. Love that tip! Great cake Amanda.


I love just love to curl up in the middle of those gorgeous, pink puffs of yumminess...


I love the color of the frosting, this is such a cute, girly cake!


I meant to say *would* just love curl up...


Totally fabulous!! Each one is so uniform! lol


Very nice and easy, my kind of decorating. :)

Cookbook Queen

I always love your creative ideas for frosting cakes...so simple but so unique and elegant!!

Kristin Smith

Once again something creative and fun! Love it and wish I could taste it. :) How that sweet boy of yours doing??

the urban baker

you rock my world! I am always in awe as to how talented you are. And that color pink, I don't even like the color pink and I am totally drawn to it! another amazing creation from the wonderful you! x

Janie La Pierre

That's beautiful!!!!!

Amehlia Digital

Uau! Que lindo! =)
Deus abençoe...

kristin clark

This would be a great technique for a pangolin cake. It looks like its scales!


Thank you so much for your tutorials. I know life is hectic for you.

Georgia Pellegrini

You had me at the opening line. Six minutes? Really? Can we have a class one day? ;)


Gorgeous. How do you have that much patience! Oh wait, I forgot, you have children...

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

Adorable as always! I don't have the patience for cakes but you make it seem to easy sometimes - just sometimes ;)


Sooo...my birthday is in 2 weeks. How do you feel about sending me a cake? ;)


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!! oh Amanda, i was at the end of the line when the good Lord above handed out talent . . . and you were at the front of the line . . . i was probably talking . . .

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

It looks like little pink marshmallows surrounding the cake all puffed and pretty, very sweet.

Melissa (MelissaLikesToEat)

I just came across your blog and I'm so glad I did! Beautiful cake!


That's a WOW cake all right! 6 minutes? I don't think so but this is one I sure could try!
BTW, that's a great link!


Oh my gosh I love how this came out so puffy and adorable!

Barbara | Creative Culinary

I always decorate my cakes. And always exactly the same way! I'm inspired; it's time to break out of the one tip rut...and I owe it to you!

Lucy Lean

So pretty - as always - you are an inspiration - still dreaming about your 4th July cake which was GENIUS!

Kelly Mcclure

I thought to myself this morning i hadnt had an email from Amanda.. and walla! I just got it.

Puuuuuuurrrreeeection again. Loving it! Keep them coming!

Kelly Mcclure

Please insert an F into the purrrrrfection!

Jen stanicki

So I just recently made your buttercream recipe that was from another baker. (Magnolia) for my daughters 6th birthday cake. I was very excited bc I wasnt using store bought or my everyday cream cheese. Turns out, the frosting melted all down the cake during the middle of the frosting. So her pretty violet ruffle cake looked more like the purple people eater melted in a fire... Ehh sorry! But any way can you please give some great directions in this frosting or any other frosting besides cream chesse or store bought. I think my baby deserves a make up cake! Thank you

Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

6 minutes??!! I would LOVE to see you in action!!
I can do a lot in 6 minutes, but frost a cake? Um, I'll have to work on that and get back to you. ;-)

bridget {bake at 350}

Six minutes? Please come to Texas and teach me how to make a pretty cake? I don't even care if it takes an HOUR!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So pretty! I just love the way this cake looks. I'm hungry for some cake for breakfast now, too. :)

Christy D

Looks great; thanks for sharing the how to!! The top view of the cake looks like the cake is covered in pink marshmallows ;)


Imagine this technique alternating between several colors... sure it would take more than six minutes, but who cares!


Amazing the difference the size of the piping tip can make! Both cakes are beautiful and I bet both are equally delicious!

A tablespoon of Liz

This looks so pretty! I love how you frosted this and I love the color. I'll definatly have to try this out on my next cake. So often I get stressed out trying to make a cake perfectly smooth, but that won't happen decorating it like this. Thanks for the tutorial!


What a cute design! I've just been getting into some basic cake decorating, so it's always great to learn about an easy, impressive technique like this. I definitely want to try this one out!


Hi Amanda,
I know it's been a long time since I've commented. I'm interested in try your frosting. Do you have the recipe on-line? By the way, the cake looks beautiful!



LOVE it! And I love the idea above of doing alternating colors. Rainbow!? Sounds awesome!

Sherri D.

Gorgeous...love the effect and the instructions, but thinking it might still take me 6 hours! LOL!


OMG! I literally JUST did a cake like this last night. Same shade of pink and everything! I used a slightly different technique that took a little longer (blob then spread with offset spatula). Check it out: http://kwhite118.wordpress.com/

(Excuse my blog-in-the-making. I'm still learning my way around wordpress before deciding on a name, promoting, writing regularly, etc. Haha!)

Also, any tips for how to finish the final column? I couldn't get the last one to look like it was under the first column, if that makes sense.

Ken⏐hungry rabbit

You make everything look so effortless and I'm definitely going to give this a try.Thanks for the 'tip'


One of these days I´ll try to do something similar... by the way I only dream about it.
Congratulations "master".


I am in aww of everything you do. I've been looking at your blog for a year now and I love every single post. You've got skillzzz



What, pray tell, do you do with all the cakes you bake?


Hi Amanda! First I love your blogs! Second, I have a request. I do not aspire to be a great baker and therefore do not wish to invest a whole lot of cash in supplies. I'm just a girl who likes to make toothsome cakes for my husband's birthdays that hopefully won't crack down the middle. Could you give a girl like me some helpful tips (bearing in mind I don't do this often and lack many supplies)? Something along the lines of "I always make sure to have a wet rag handy" or "if you don't have a rotating cake stand try..." or, "if you're going to get one tool get ..." or maybe even "if you can afford to invest $10 get ...., $20 get..." okay, so that's actually a lot but I would appreciate it!


wow, so pretty...can it really be as easy as all that?! thanks for sharing & look forward to jumping to your tutorial!


So clever! I too thought they were all marshmallows!


Small Indulgences

this is fabulous! i'm going to try it on a birthday cake for this weekend!


You never cease to amaze me!!! : )

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