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Jul 16, 2011


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Glory/ Glorious Treats

Wow, you don't ever do anything the easy way do you? =) These look and sound awesome!! So many different flavors! I'm sure the family felt very blessed and loved with such a special treat!


Leaves me inspired.....as usual...thanks!


I am not at all surprised that you would be this thoughtful and sweet! I love the idea of transforming one cake batter into all of these delicious treats- you are quite resourceful!
And I sure do love a cake in a jar - I am inspired :)

the urban baker

you are such a special lady! I wish I was having a baby so you could bring me food, and more importantly dessert. i am so doing these for eli's bar mitzvah. do you think I can do these the day before? put the top on and put in the fridge??? these would be so impressive and photo worthy! xx

shelly (cookies and cups)

These are so great! I kinda want to have a baby so you will make these for me...well, maybe not, but if I go buy a doll and pretend can you make them?

Renee (kudos kitchen)

So charming and quaint. I love mason jars and these sound scrumptious!


You are amazing! Love all of them!


Such wonderful treats!

Jennifer @ The Hudson Cakery

You are the best - and this idea is the best. That is all.... : )


This is SOOOOOOOO fun! What a cool idea, you could do anything with this...I'm liking it with your homemade funfetti!

Vertigo B

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a LONG time! Also, it solves the problem of everyone having completely different taste in cake!

Rowaida Flayhan

Great idea Amanda! Always a pleasure reading and checking your amazing blog. Blessings

Georgia Pellegrini

Wow, this is such a magical and inspiring idea. I really, truly want to try my hand at this one day.

Julie @SavvyEats

You are brilliant. I definitely need to play around with these fun little cakes in a jar!

Heidi @ Food Doodles

Oh my goodness, I love these! All those flavors look great and the idea is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

Shannon Marie

I LOVE this idea!


What a FUN FUN idea!!!! I would LOVE to make these as a "just because" gift for a few people I know!!! Hope all is well with you and your little ones!!!


Amanda this is such a sweet gesture - before I realized they were all from one cake recipe I wondered....HOW on Earth with your busy life could you do this? You are a rockstar. I am sure this family LOVES you!! xxoo


What a great idea! I used your idea to make no-bake cheesecakes-in-jars for the 4th of July. They were great! Thank you for the inspirations!!


Lisa McBrayer

very clever--I shall make and bring these to my knitting group!

Laura Janelli

I love cake in a jar. Great gift idea!

Chef Laura at Home

Erin @ what the fork

Wow these are great! When my sister-in-law has her baby I think I may just have to whip some of these babies up!


such a great idea. thanks for sharing!

Steph @ Cookin' Cowgirl

Beautiful! I'm sure they really appreciated it! "It's the thought that counts," well....sometimes it's the CAKE that counts. But in this case, you pulled off both!

~Cookin' Cowgirl

Jenny Wren

What a wonderful idea!My Mom always does those extra special little things for neighbors and friends in needs. I am sure this mother was delighted beyond words to have a treat like this show up at her door. What a lovely idea and a nice way to spoil someone!


SUCH a beautiful idea! and they look perfect! thank you for sharing x


Such a great idea! My neighbors are expecting twins and I have some old (vintage!) jars that I think would love to hold pretty, little cakes. Thanks for sharing.


That is a CUTE idea. I just saw this same idea for quick breads. I would so be tasting all of them. If it makes you feel better, Bree was nursing at 3 in the morning last week. *sigh*


what a great idea--the possibilities are literally endless! you're a thoughtful gal, amanda. :)


What a fabulous idea. And so easy-thank you for sharing!!!

Dawn @ Kitchen Lore

What a wonderful idea! They look fantastic, especially all together.


My best friend just broke up with her long term boyfriend and I want to make these for her SOOO badly, luckily I still have one more mason jar, I just recycled like five of them!!! I should have saved them! These are fabulous!


This is so amazing! I think I'll try making these with my daughter as gifts to her camp counselors as a thank you for a great summer! (Can't believe camp is ending already, btw.) But the jars freak me out - is there anything else I need to know about the jars to make sure they don't crack in the oven? Or do you think standard jelly jars will do?
Thanks for another great idea!!


That has got to be the sweetest thing I have seen or read in a long time. :) Blessings to you. I bet that new mommy just cried when she saw how much she was loved. You are amazing!

Lucy Bird

nice. just goes to show how creative one can get with the smallest changes or additions!


These are so adorable! What a thoughtful and unique treat!

Rose Sterling

How delightful is this! Cake in a jar!I have to ask where did you find these cute jars?


What would be the longest that you would keep the cakes in jars? How long do you think they'll last?

Tabby Big

This is so cute. Love the idea of putting it on a container. I think I can make that as a debut treat for my sister's debut next month. Thanks for that awesome idea.


Ich entschuldige mich, aber meiner Meinung nach irren Sie sich. Schreiben Sie mir in PM.

Spinet Grand

What a brilliant idea! This looks gorgeous and perfect for all occasions. I will surely suggest this for my sister's wedding reception.

Sarah M.

Thank you so much for posting this amazing idea! I recreated your cakes at my Mom's surprise 50th birthday and they were a huge hit!! It's all people could talk about. Your recipe made the party. Thanks again!!

Your newest follower,

Sarah M.


Love the idea of the cakes, have to see if I can find tose jars near where I live. Thanks for sharing


Love this idea! looks so yummy! I am new to this baking technique, how did you cook the batter in the jar in the oven? did you put the jars straight in the oven??



This is so awesome! I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing : )



I am curious about storing these. Like can you make some ahead without the toppings, and have the lids seal in the oven while they bake? That way you can have some on hand when needed? Have you ever tried this?
Wonderful article! I just love it! Keep posting your awesome ideas!


I do this every summer. I make brownies in a jar, with just a simple brownie box recipe, but I add chocolate chips to make it richer. And then I make a pineapple upside down cakes with the brown sugar and pineapple at the bottoms. My hubby prefers the pineapple, I prefer the brownies. I always make in the summer because my friends come to visit then, and I actually put the tops on when they come out of the oven, and once they are cooled, I decorate the tops with ribbon. I put a tray in the guest room they will be staying in with a few and a couple of spoons so they can have a late night snack. They love it!


This is such a lovely idea!

איפור ערב

I like this, Amanda!! It's really fabulous idea have seen in a long time! Thank you so much for sharing this very creative idea about desserts.


Such a nice gesture.... and a lovely blog you have...

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