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Jul 26, 2011


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aida mollenkamp

Beautiful work, Amanda!


Ohhhh, I really like the multicolored one that looks like three flowers in graduating sizes on top of each other. Oh, and I took a Wilton class where we used tip 104...and I can't remember what for. LOL! I know we never used it this way, but I love your creativity. It works!


Thanks so much on this! You are amazing.


Thank you so much Amanda for sharing the simplicity of making these petals. You take something that looks so complicated and show us we can all do it - with practice.

Claire @ Claire K Creations

Yet another beautiful cake design by Amanda! Well done.

Anna Richards

Thanks! This is so great! And I appreciate that you don't claim to know everything! Isn't expirimenting with tools the fun of learning? :)


Just as beautiful as your cake!


Wow, beautiful!


Absolutely beautiful!

Lucy Lean

So pretty - and what is the lovely font you are using to get the handwritten instructions?


101.102,103,104 are all refered to as "petal tips" for ruffle making, flowers, and things of that nature!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

These are gorgeous! I want them for lunch today!


These are so pretty!!

I must know where you got the metal cake platter. I MUST have one!!


I love the chrysanthemum cupcakes! I saw something like that in Martha Stewart's cupcake book, but I was intimidated. Your technique is so simple and yet so lovely!


I just love your tutorials. *sigh* You make it look so easy. You are so talented, ya know that?


Hi! I referred, and included a link, to your blog in my last blog post, at http://somesomeandsome.blogspot.com, and just wanted to check that you are happy with that. If not, please let me know and I'll remove it. Thank you!


I was searching for a cake to make for my MIL's 80th. She is from Rochester, NY and there is a lilac festival every year. This will the perfect summer cake, easy to cut, easy to eat and I won't take so much time away from the family during reunion week. Thanks so much for your tutorial. Everything is so beautiful, your cakes, your writing, your photography, your creativity...gush, gush, gush. :)
One question, my daughter and I were trying to guess if you used four colors on the cake and only three for the tutorial? I love the depth of color.


lol I love these! I did in on several cakes (the larger version you showed here) and I put all the colors in the bag so it was a "tye-dye" kinda look... very trippy, very hippy I loved it and so did the girls :)

Ananda Rajashekar

You are one talented women! those looks amazing and thanks for the tutorial!!

The Food Hunter

Thanks for the tutorial...I may just have to bake some cupcakes this weekend.


These are just gorgeous and you have truly inspired me to give this a go - and since I am not known for my decorating prowess that is saying something!!


Love this tutorial! This gives me hope that I may one day be able to ice a decent cupcake :)

paula hennig

So pretty! I love the colors!!!


i just love that color scheme. lovely cuppies indeed.

shelly (cookies and cups)

So pretty and so do-able! I never think of things like this..so creative!


Gorgeous! I love to cook, but I'm new to baking. I can't wait to try this!


Great tutorial and a beautiful little flower!


Beautiful! I never knew I loved purple so much:) I do!


Ha, ha, saw your cake and asked for a how to and just found it!
Thanks! I love the cupcakes to.

cake decoration supplies

Very cute! Not a baker, maybe, but you are definitely a cake decorator!!! Thanks for the lesson.

Jenn T.

I made the daisy flower design on tie dye cupcakes. They turned out so cute. Thanks for the idea.

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