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Jul 02, 2011


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Cristin (Pinkie)

Wow! That is amazing Amanda and love the witty post too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!


WOW !!! Amazing. I love the size ;-)


WOW. Fourth of July cakes are often lovely, but rarely surprising. This is quite a feat. I'm jealous and inspired.


This might be the coolest cake I have ever seen. It´s amazing how once you cut into it, each piece is a flag!!!

Dawn @ Kitchen Lore

Wow - this cake is absolutely amazing. I posted a link to it on my blog, Kitchen Lore, with attribution - hope you don't mind. I can't believe you managed to stack all those 25 layers!


Great cake!!

Sasha @ The Procrastobaker

How the hell did you cut that in half without splodging icing absolutely everywhere!!!!? I swear you are a magician in the baking world. This is a stupidly awesome cake, what a show stopper :) ive said it before and will no doubt say it again, your blog is just plain wonderful.


Brilliant. I looks so pretty!

Apron Appeal

Speechless. I am completely speechless. The cross section of that cake is beyond words!

Titik Suprapti

Your Cake is amazing very creative, wow i never though you can have clice of flag!!! Very smart color!!!


Amazing! No, you're not crazy at all...

Lucy Lean

Amazing - this really does take the cake...

Robyn | Add a Pinch

You get the grand prize for creativity, genius, brilliance, and cake baker in the supreme! LOVE it!


Wow, that's impressive and so pretty. Well done.


Amazing!!! :OOOO

Christy D

That's awesome! Great job! What tip did you use for the ruffles? The same for the other ruffle cake? It looks a little different.

Amy's blah, blah, blogging

What in the world? I have never heard of such a thing! You are wild and crazy girl. But it is fantastic, just as I would expect from you! Hope your fourth was sweet!

Aimee @ Simple Bites

Happy 4th to you and yours, Amanda!!!


wow great job!! it's beautiful!

Rebecca Lira

I luv it Amanda!!!How do u think of so many cool ideas? I had a hard enough time making 3 different colors for the batter. Red, white and blue...U have so much talent!!!!U go girl!!!


WOW! That is just mind blowing and beautiful!!! I think that cake is the most patriotic 'anything' I've ever seen. Did you invite your whole town for a slice? Leftovers? lol


what a beautiful cake!!! you continue to awe and inspire me ...

Marian (Sweetopia)

Wow, wow and more WOOOOOW!! I wish I had seen this yesterday, but it's still so amazing I needed to share it on my fb page even today!! Amanda - you are uber talented!!


This is absolutely over the top! You amaze me with your patience :)


WOW!!!!!! You are an amazing talent! Love this!


How do you store a 25 layer cake or 13 layer cake??


Thanks, it is awesome!!

Jane M

FAN-DAMN-TASTICK CAKE! SERIOUSLY WOWOWOWOWED ME! LOVE IT! You have the patience of a Saint I tell you!

Elizabeth @ Coppertop Kitchen

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how amazing that slice looks!!! I thought just the outside was a flag, and then surprise! The inside is, too! I, for one, am glad you're a littly crazy, because you try things that end up being so amazing! Nicely done! :-)

Patricia Calef

Amanda: what ruffle tip did you use for the top?


Oh my ... wow! Just incredible looking and I bet it tasted out of this world.

Kelsey {itsybitsyfoodies}

WOW! This is one impressive and beautiful cake. I love love love the ruffles!! Great job!


This is amazing, both inside and out! The ruffles are too cute!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Wow... That's just incredible! I am in constant awe of your cake stacking abilities. If I even considered 25 layers, the cake would fall over before I got to layer 5!

Allison [Girl's Guide to Social Media]

I am blown away! Wowza!


uh-MAY-zing!!! i shall just stand back and admire . . . but would really love to have a piece . . .


Way cute!!!


WOW!! Amazing!!!


WOWZERS! That is one TALL cake! Beautiful.....and I bet it tastes just as good as it looks! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend with your darling family!!


This is just so cute! I'm inspired to find an excuse ;) to make my own ruffle cake. Love reading your blog but wonder at how you find the time ;) Thanks!


Seriously AMAZING!!! WOWZA!!


That is Off. The. Hook. Amazing!

Mary C.

My daughter gasped when she saw this!!! Amazing :) Your cakes are simply amazing Amanda. Your creativity is amazing! Your willingness to try all your ideas is awesome.

Jenn Horgan

You are amazing!


well, gee. thanks for putting my red velvet cake to shame. :)


OMG! what a wonderfull cake! love your flag... amazing!

Carsedra - Sweet Tooth Desserts

Now how in the world did I miss this amazing cake!!! Manda another outstanding dessert!! Just when I think "there is no way she can top her last creation" you prove me wrong!!! I should've known that a gift like yours has no end!!


Deeply impressed with this cake! I wanted to try and do something like it. Today is "le 14 juillet".. Bastille Day in France. I made a ruffles cake with the french flag http://cafecreme-n.blogspot.com/2011/07/gateau-du-14-juillet.html . It is not nearly as pretty as yours, but thank you so much for the inspiration !

Darla @ Bakingdom

This is incredible! Simply amazing! Stupendous job!

LaGonda Veal

Absolutely amazing! I will be returning again and again.

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