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Jul 02, 2011


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Mrs. Puma

Love it, as always! You never fail to amaze me!


absolutely amazing Amanda!! you are so creative!

Betty Bake

you have such cool ideas! and determination!!!!
well done :)
can't wait to see what else you come up with :)



Its beautiful! I was thinking of doing the red & white ruffles on the side of my cake I'm making too.


Oh my, that is BEAUTIFUL! So festive, and your ambition and hard work really paid off!

Oh Sugar!

this is phenomenal! wowie! You would definitely take first place in our neighborhood's annual 4th of July Mixing Bowl bake off!


This should be in a magazine, The Cover!


Amazingly cool! Hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th!


Bravo...THAT is amazing to top all amazing my dear!!!

Happy 4th to you & yours!! Xoxo


and once again I'm in awe of your creativity! that is amazing, i especially loved the surprise when you cut the top off and had a slice!


looks gorgeous! I would be too scared to ever attempt that many layers.. very brave! and very beautiful!!


Wow! When they say "Only in America" they aren't kidding and they probably visited this blog just before they said it! Awesome feat of cake creation and decorating. All the best for a fabulous 4th to you!

Megan @Sweet B's Sweets

That is amazing! Very cool!


You didn't, you did. You really DID make the most fabulous layer cake to celebrate layer cakes and July 4th. Ever. Love this & your baking talents are unstoppable. Have a great 4th with your sweet family :)

Ryan @ Ryan's Baking Blog

this is amazing and I love the blue at the top only taking up a corner when sliced.


Awesome!!! Love your blog. You crack me up everytime. Thank you for being so inspiring and REAL! Big LOVE!


Love the way it looks like Uncle Sam's hat and then when you cut into it - it's beautiful!!

tammie b

what tip makes the icing design?
fab job!

Dottie Lewis

Perfect and beautiful,creative and memorable. Thank you. Wishing you and your family a Happy 4th. Amanda, have you ever created a new twist for a Princess Castle Cake ? I have been searching, the web and my mind ,for the perfect cake. Just thought I would plant a new seed for your creative genius. Ha. Many thanks in advance, if you are able to solve this challenge.

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

My girl you are amazing!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet

WOW, that is absolutely beautiful.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy.

Wow what a cake! Gorgeous!


Bravo, bravo, it's beautiful! (As always.)

Amy Iversen

Absolutely gorgeous! You truly amaze me!!! I want to try those ruffles....not sure I can pull it off, but you sure inspire me to try!


You are awesome... that is all!!!!


Absolutely fabulous! I don't have a clue how you do all of this but so glad you share it with us. How in the world did you bake all the layers....and then stack them successfully?

Enjoy your holiday!



Simply amazing and ever so creative! Thanks for sharing.

Danee Kaplan

Ah-ma-zing! I wish I had the stuff here to make it myself but alas the cottage is not that well stocked. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas.

Jina at Pink Piccadilly Pastries

Love the cake!!! Love your sense of humor!! You are such a creative baker!! Happy Fourth!!

Mighty Morgan.com

That is so awesome and nothing I have ever seen before!!! excellent job, it cam out amazing!!!


Absolutely amazing!


I'm sitting here with my jaw dropped, stunned. Wowza. I can only echo the other commentators' exclaimations of wow, cool, amazing and GOLLY GEE GOSH, that's great!

Janet Johnson

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. CAKE! Beautiful! Crazy beautiful LOL!


Wow! Awesome!

Amy from She Wears Many Hats

Fantastical! Dr. Suessical even!

Laurel G

Oh my! This is amazing!!


Wowza times 25! I posted a link on edible crafts cuz wowza times 25!

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

You are by far one of the most talented people I know. This is incredibly gorgeous!


Amazing!!! I can't believe this... You always do the neatest things!!

Nikki Berry

Saw your original flag cake on another site, this one beats it! I think you take the cake for Independence Day Creations!


You have a gift! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!


Wow. Just wow. It's amazing. :) GREAT JOB! :)


Wow! Just wow!! :)

Strawberry CAKE

your cakes always make me smile ; D really big!


Just wanted you to know that I featured this cake on my crafty blog!
Amazing and breathtaking.




Very creative and festive! I frequent your blog and find you so inspiring/creative. I just had an idea of possibly putting white chocolate chips in the blue for stars? I'm not a baker by any means, but thought I could share even if it wouldn't really work. I always love what you do, thanks for sharing your creativity.

Carliss Chatman



HOLY CRAP. <- Literally what I said out loud when I saw the inside of the cake. Holy crap. Just... holy crap.


Wow...what I wouldn't do for a bite of that:)


So awesome!!! Really impressive and beautiful. You should (next time, ha ha) put sparklers on top.

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