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Jun 20, 2011


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Just added my rose swirl cake to your group. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Love your cakes and ideas. :)


I LOVE your flickr group Amanda!!......

Lots of yummy goodies here.....but I'm really loving that cupcake collage from Erin!♥


Ohhh how nice!!

I just uploaded some pictures to your Flickr Group. Such a great idea. I hope MANY people will be a part of it :-)
Love the sweet treats you picked for your post.

greetings from wechooseorganic.com

Nayma Mazloum

Wow, I didn't know you had such group Amanda!... I'll definitelly be adding some of my works too. btw, i absolutelly love your blog!


Shannon Marie

Fun pictures! Almost too pretty to eat!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

I am in love with your Flickr group, Amanda. Everything is just beautiful there. Gorgeous!


So many amazing cakes!


Beautiful pictures!


this is really inspiring. i am going to join!


Amanda, I had no idea you had this flickr group....how fun. These folks are soooo talented. I need to submit some of my stuff - not nearly as picture perfect though ;)

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

Wow! The pop stand is awesome!

A tablespoon of Liz

These are all so beautiful! My favorite photo is defiantly the cake pops, but they all look great. And what a great idea to start a flikr group!


I should check out that flickr group! :) Great things are happening there. Well done bakers.

Carsedra - Sweet Tooth Desserts

It is so awesome of you to share photos of other peoples work on your website!! YOU ROCK!!

Georgia Pellegrini

Amazing. I wish I could make decorative roses like that last cake... so gorgeous.


I'm excited that one of my pictures made it to your blog! :D

You're amazing in all that you do!!

the urban baker

you are amazing. I am moving to MN to be near you at all times of the day. I want you to do stuff For Eli's bar mitzvah in Sept. "let's talk" xx

Lucy Lean

I'm curious to know what you do with all your cakes - ever thought about shipping them off to me?!! You have inspired me to start a flicker site too - THANK YOU!


Those cake pop colors are just adorable! The baby blue and chocolate coordinate so well together.


What a beautifiul roundup!


I don't know how everyone keeps track of all these groups! I don't think my grandma brain can do it:)
Beautiful collection!

Strawberry CAKE

I love it when others share what other bloggers are doing, because so often I just dont have time to seek out alot of new blogs, so thanks for doing it for me. hugs! : )

Sweet As Sugar

Thanks for adding our cake/cake pop combo! I live, love, love your blog and pictures! :D

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Lovely... This is making me want to get in the kitchen and do some baking!! I had no idea you have a flickr group... Once I do have a chance to do some baking, I will have to check it out. And, add some photos of my own :)


So much beautiful deliciousness. I love being part of this supportive community.


LOVE the pop display - so original! Thanks so much for posting my cupcakes!

Diane (Created by Diane)

Thanks so much for including my cupcake. Amanda you are the sweetest! I'm obsessed with roses too :)


Thank you for featuring my chocolate chunk cookies Amanda :) I love all the sweets on your blog <3


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