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Jun 24, 2011


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Caroline @ chocolate and carrots

I love it! I can't wait for the tutorial! :-) You're the yoda of cakes.

Khushboo @ Two Megapixel Food

So pretty! You inspire me to bake better and with patience :) Can't wait for the tutorial.

The Café Sucré Farine

This cake is so........ fun and it looks quite "manly" from the inside! Can't wait for your tutorial! Thanks, Chris


Mmmmhmmmm Amanda what a great blogpost, the pictures are beautiful and I am sure that cake is tremendously TASTY!!

What a great start into the weekend :-))

Thanks so much for your great post.

yumyum... :)


This really is beautiful. My most recent fave.


Oh my! This cake is a work of art!

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

Amanda you are just what I needed this morning - you crack me up! First I LOVE your dad's quote - hilarious! Sounds JUST like my dad! And I have the curse of posting too many photos too - but yours are ah-mazing and I can stare at them for hours. Okay well minutes but I always bookmark them to come back and stare at them again. And finally - I have had a certain dessert recipe idea in my head for weeks but I needed a cinnamon cake/base. Gah! YAY!!! I'll keep you updated to see if the idea gets out of my head and into my belly! :) *mwah* - Katrina


I'm in Love... I can't wait to see the tutorial!!! :-)


Beautiful cake! I bet it tastes awesome!


The cake sounds delicious and looks gorgeous. And that advice from your father is priceless!


Amanda, I love that you add all the wonderful pictures, your photos and blog inspire me!


pac man!!!!!! Waiting for your tutorial. I am going to make this cake!!


Amanda, your cakes are works of art!! And I really prefer blogs with lots of pictures rather than one perfect photo of the finished product. You need lots of pictures because the inside of your cakes are as interesting as the outside! Cinnamon cake sounds delicious! I must try it.


Amanda cara le tue torte si fanno mangiare con gli occhi!
Spettacolare, bravissima ^_*


You have one super lucky hubby, girl!

Theresa Sea

YUM, that looks phenomenal! Recipe, too, please! :)


I like your "wordy" post!
I love that cake.
Cinnamon is a weak spot for me. I always show the pictures of your cakes to my girls and we swoon together. Maybe I will actually attempt this one :)


The cake looks amazing. Yumm! Would it be wrong to eat chocolate cake for dinner?


you make me want to make cake all the time!!

I bought a cake turntable the other day!! wooohooo!!! Can't wait for your tutorial!!

This cake is beyond beautiful AND sounds amazing!


Beautiful cake!! I hope the tutorial includes the recipe for that white chocolate cake! I have been searching high and low for a white cake recipe that also happens to be white chocolate flavored... :)


I love that you shared a lot of photos of this Ultimate Cake! Not too many at all. I ALWAYS post too many...geesh. Tough to decide which takes the cake....tee hee. Any way I like your dad's way of thinking. Sounds like the man knows how to party good ;) xxoo


That looks aweseome! And more photos is better, especially when your subject is as photogenic as that!! www.clevermuffin.com


Sooooooo need some of THAT cake Amanda! How's the order and pronto delivery program through our computers coming along? lol Have a great weekend and happy to hear that Eddie is doing well! ;)

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Just lovely. I wanna makes ruffles. I wanna eat chocolate icing ruffles.


I have a friend who does not like frosting - wants the cake. The minute amount of frosting on this cake would be her ideal.

**waiting patiently (cough, cough) for the tutorial and the piping technique tutorial for the chocolate hazelnut cake**

Amanda is the BEST baker!!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh, this cake looks simply divine, Amanda! Your cakes always turn out so perfectly... I just love the photos that show the perfect straight layers. I assure you, the insides of my cakes do not look that good. :)

Susie Q

Im a firm believer in more is always better! So dont filter, put up lots of pictures, they bring a post to life! Lovely cake!!!

Mary Kay

Speechless in Chicago...........


WOW - this definitely looks like the ultimate dessert. It has me speechless too and looks sinfully delicious.

Lissa (Bellenza)

Gorgeous cake! But best of all...you've got one insightful and sweet dad!

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Your dad is awesome. Just sayin.

the urban baker

Wow, that's perfectly perfect! Your perscision and ease at which you do things is in a class by itself. I generally don't eat cake, but this is a cake I would dive into. I love the lightness with the richness of the chocolate. Mmm Mmm Good!


Can you post the recipe for the Cinnamon cake? I love any and all things cinnamon and that sounds delicious!


I've been stalking your baker site for a few days now. It's my way of dealing with the fact that I will have to decorate a cake this week. Ugh. I hate first birthday cakes. There is no perfect answer. And unfortunately I'm a perfectionist. So I stalk your site and dream that I have a pinky full of your talent. Healthy, right? :)

You are doing some awesome stuff over here. One of these days I'll take the plunge and sign up for this feed too. But then I'll be up all night to read them all. I am a perfectionist after all. ;)

Lucy Lean

This looks so lovely - makes me want to go and make cake. But what color is that last pic?!


a cinnamon cake? YUM! Where's the recipe? This pregnant woman wants to make it!


Recipe?? You're killing me. It looks amazing!


You are brilliant. And talented. And clever and sweet. I hope that I am lucky enough to have one of your gorgeous cakes one day.


jen erday

First - this cake looks AMAZING!!! I can not wait to try it!!!! I love all your cakes....and ALL your pictures. I hate those food blogs that post one pretty picture. I like to see it from every angle - inside, outside, upside and down - I love your filterless postings. Please don't change! And please, please, please mail me a slice of this cake! Yum! :0)

Jenny Steffens Hobick

I can't wait to see the tutorial - I love the effect. I thought you might like my latest post - a very simple (but fancy looking) Strawberry Cream Cake : http://jennysteffens.blogspot.com/search/label/4th%20of%20july

I hope you have a chance to look at it!

Also, I'm on the hunt for a strawberry recipe that could win a contest... ideas?!?

Jenny Steffens Hobick


mmm, yes! recipe too! :)

Rowaida Flayhan

This is beautiful so elegant Amanda. Wish you a wonderful weekend. Blessings


This is so pretty! And... chocolate ruffles are manly... Can't wait for your tutorial!

Georgia Pellegrini

You are such an artist. I'm more impressed every day!


Oh my goodness! My mouth is already watering! Recipe please.


I love the pictures!! I am disappointed when there's only one picture, so please don't do that! And this might be a strange question, but what do you use to cut your cakes? That's the cleanest slice I've ever seen!


I bet your husband just loved this beautiful cake! It's not girlie at all, especially done in the chocolate frosting.

Bina (Lovelyxbones from LJ)

Do you have a youtube channel? Because you so should!

Sarah Lee (yes, this is my real name)

I love it when you lose your filter! :) I was born without one, so I enjoy others who lose theirs. I cannot wait to see how this was done. It is GORGEOUS!

PS I made your sugar cookies for Father's Day (stole the mothers day idea), and they were the most tasty sugar cookies I have ever made. I might have eaten more than I gave away... OOPS!


Lovely cake and great idea (again)! And don't be apologetic for the use of ruffles on a father's day cake. There are plenty of men who like ruffles (and pink) out there and plenty of women who don't (like me LOL). Nevertheless, I would still be in awe at this cake. I love how tall it is, and I'm all for adding more frosting. YUM!

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