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Jun 05, 2011


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Nelly Rodriguez

you're awesome. seriously, off the charts awesome. woobly pictures?! you're kidding right?! loved them! :) thanks for sharing!


I've been thinking about some kind of mint chocolate cake and I am sure this would absolutely do the trick! Pretty too.


Yum. I wanna try it, and I wanna try recreating it from scratch. The banana gets me. I'm intrigued.


Thanks for the recipe and tutorial. This looks fabulous and so so pretty.


What about the mint icing?

Diane {Created by Diane}

looks so pretty and I love think mint and all minty items for that matter.
When I was in N. Carolina recently I went into a hardware store that boasts if they don't have it no one will, and I think they were right. I only made it to the first 5-6 aisles of baking items and found piping tips I'd never seen before, can't wait to try them. Funny thing, my brother told me later that there was 2 floors to the store and I only went a few aisles in and had my hands full :)Will have to go to that store again next trip!


I was so excited when you said it started with a boxed cake mix! That's my kind of recipe!! :) The banana concerns me though. Can you taste it at all? I really don't like banana.


After moving from the states to Sweden I have learned that there are no box mixes as I know of them here. Shame. The cake sounds tasty too!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

A banana?! Now there's a secret ingredient I would never have guessed would be in a mint and chocolate flavored cake!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Absolutely gorgeous! And I would just love the flavor. One of my faves!

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

I wish I would've waited until after breakfast to check this out. Now I'm pining for thin mint chocolate cake with a daisy on top. Seriously, there's a house 2 doors down for sale if you're looking to move. I could be your kitchen helper.

Amanda Rettke

No Ann, you cannot taste any bananaflavorat all. Only pure minty chocolate deliciousness! :)


Hmm, chocolate is the only cake I WON'T buy boxed, because my scratch recipe is amazing. But I may have to suck it up and try this. I am very intrigued by the banana and cinnamon in a mint cake.

Renee @kudoskitchen

I love the flavor of mint. What a pretty little cake!

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

Looks beautiful!


That looks yummy! Can ya send me a slice? :)

Regan Martin

I can't wait to make this! LOVE thin mints!


I am totally ok with box cake mixes:-) This cake looks so delicious!!!! Thank you for all the great recipes you post. I love reading your blog.

Cookbook Queen

SO pretty!! And chocolate and mint are one of my all time favorites. I will definitely be trying this recipe!!


cannot wait to try

Rose Atwater

Okay - First, that cake is adorable! I love the look! Also, Thin Mints are near the top of my all time favorite cookies, so I was super excited to see this recipe.

You had me totally sold until I saw the word "banana". Then I was devastated. I despise banana-flavored anything and I just cannot reconcile a banana and chocolate and mint in my mind. Can it really be good with a banana in it? ;)

Amanda Rettke

I PROMISE you that you cannot taste any banana flavor. If you would feel more comfortable, go ahead and decrease the amount used to 1/2 a banana. I just know you will love it!

Megan {a dash of megnut}

daisies are my favorite thing so i just love the flower. and I LOVEEE thin mints. and i dont have any right now because its not girl scout cookie season. so i love that i can make a thin mint cake without them. and banana and cinnamon in the cake!?!? i've got to try this!

Lucy Lean

Anything Minty and I'm in - it's the name of my little girl!


Your cakes always amaze me and I haven't even tasted one:)

Paula {JustABiteDesserts.com}

Is the banana for texture??? Very pretty cake! Love Thin Mint anything!

Jenny Steffens

This is a great idea - love thin mints! My favorite girl scout cookie is the peanut butter patties... I'd love your spin on that : )



As if this cake was not all ready amazing enough....the idea of thin mint puts it over the top. LOVE :)


I have a daughter that LOVES thin mints, so I'll have to make this for her:) I'm sure I would also enjoy it:) I LOVE the giant daisy!

Bev Powell

Thank you for sharing. My husband has been in the hospital and I can not wait for him to come home so I can make this, it sounds so good. Thanks for the great tutorial and recipe!

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Mmmm!!! Thank you!

: )

Julie M.


I've probably missed this in some of your other posts, but what does the banana do to the cake? Just provide moisture?
This sounds like an amazing cake and always, is simply gorgeous!


Great tutorial! Now what I really need to do, is spend a day or two, or three, or four hanging out with you! You should start a cake decorating camp! I would be the first to sign up! x


can we be best friends?

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

You just KNOW I will be making this STAT.


It seems to be delicious!! Congratulations for your blog. Every cake you make it,s amazing and so beautiful!! Congratulations. I visit this place every day to see new cakes and recipes. Thank you to share.
Kisses from Spain (I hope you to understand my english!! ;))

Miri Leigh

Looks beautiful and delicious, as always!


That is such a beautiful cake!
And the mint idea is great.
I will certainly make it.
Thanks for sharing.

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

Oh come to mama you big beautiful cake of minty deliciousness.


I just love looking at your tutorials!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make it look so easy!!


banana?? I'm floored? I trust you when you say you cannot taste it- I'm floored by what made you use a banana in it to begin with?? I will be trying this, my kids LOVE thin mints!


who would have thunk.........banana in a mint cake!

You know I HAVE to try this Amanda! my mom's birthday is friday......I bet she would flip if I made this for her


Wow this looks awesome! I think I may try and making it this weekend.

However I'm not sure the purpose of the banana. I am allergic to them so I have to leave it out. Do you have a suggestion on something to replace whatever it is the banana is doing?

Thanks and this is awesome!

april narretto

looks too good to be true...Im so tryin' it. can I blame you for the extra lbs? I am still wanting to make the peppermint patties....since I'm a mint chocolate freak! Have the ingredients and dont know what Im waiting for:)

lisa skiles

I am in love with doctoring cake mixes. I recently posted one with pudding mix and instant coffee added to the water (it was chocolate)- then added a splash of Kahlua to the buttercream. I will be trying your recipe because it sounds divine - its such a guilty pleasure to use a box - Mu ha ha!


That cake just makes me *happy*...


What a beautiful cake. I don't usually use mies, but I might make an exception for this one.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Thin mints are my favorite... LOVE this cake! Yum :)


Thank you for this! My daughter's daisy troop has an event this weekend and I was asked to bring a cake. I knew your blog would give me some sort of an idea as to what to make. This cake is perfect. Thank you!


Is there some sub. for the banana completely? I am allergic and even though this looks and sounds AMAZING I'm not sure its good enough to risk anaphylactic shock for.

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