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Jun 17, 2011


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bridget {bake at 350}

YOU are so cool. SO COOL. And your dad must be awesome to have a daughter like you.

I love this post...and these cookies!


I'm going to tell my dad all that by giving him a gift certificate for golf and making him milky way cupcakes. And by telling him. :D I love the fancy font cookies, they are beautiful!


Amazing!!!!! I declare you the best daughter ever (I guess I can be runner up this year)!


Those are great. Crazy big ... but great. :) He'll love 'em.

Shannon Marie

Love this! What a unique idea.


I'm floored! No doubt this will be the SWEETEST card he's ever received!


This is AWESOME!! Wow, I've never seen anything like it.


Typography AND cookies...all at the same time?!? I'm in love. These are gorg...your Dad is one special guy, no doubt!


Wow, I am totally impressed. I think the three hours cutting them out really paid off! Love that super sharp cookie dough you're using!!


You crack me up! I do the same types of things..so I feel your pain and your devotion. :)


Wow. Saying I'm impressed is a huge understatement. What a touching and wonderful idea. The fact that it's edible and looks delicious just makes it even more special. You're very talented - and determined!

Renee - Kudos Kitchen

AMAZING! You always inspire me with your unique ideas Amanda!

Sherri D.

::thud:: Oh my lawd!!! This totally made me tear up, even the burnt tips of the letters! This is the most awesome gift I have EVER seen!


I love that quote! I have never heard it before! Its great! And your cookies are very impressive!

Karriann Graf

Such gorgeous cookies and thoughtful present! Happy Baking!


Very nice cookies, and very nice quote! :)


this is really great, Amanda!

Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

Stunning. Simply stunning!

At Anna's kitchen table

I am so impressed by such a wonderful labour of love.
What a lovely, touching thing to do for your Dad!

Cookbook Queen

What an amazing and creative gift!! You blow my mind :)

Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day this weekend!!

Marian (Sweetopia)

Beautiful Amanda!!


You are very brave to have done this. It's really touching and I'm sure your father will absolutely love this.
The typography is awesome, by the way. Good font choices.

Gina L.

What a great tribute to your Dad in cookies. My Dad would have been worth the work too!

Glory/ Glorious Treats

I bow to you for sheer ambition!! I would have stopped about three letters in! I love fancy font you used, it really adds a beautiful touch! Again... hat's off!!!

Bediels & Co. (Jen)

I LOVE this post! you're amazing!!




Amazing, gorgeous!! I LOVE them!!!


Wow, these are incredible and I love the quote and font! I am seriously LOL because having hand cut cookies myself quite a few times, I said "she's crazy!" (in a good way of course) after just seeing the first pic, and then I cracked up when I got to your "don't be like me" commentary. I wouldn't have even wanted to cut those letters out of paper. I am probably about that crazy too though :-) Fantastic job, AS ALWAYS!

Kathy - Panini Happy

I would absolutely love to be like you! What an incredibly touching effort, and it came out so well.


Your dad will be so thrilled to have such a "sweet" gift from you!! It will mean even more because you put so much effort into them! : )

Lissa (Bellenza)

What a wonderful post! You must have one special dad for you to feel this way about him...and for you to tell him so, you are one special daughter!


Beautiful cookies and a truly beautiful sentiment.

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

So cool. You're so creative and your father will be so happy to see those edible words.


That's completely beautiful! I'm definitely not showing this to my dad though, or he'll be expecting a lot more than he's actually getting tomorrow hehe! Also- there's nothing unclassy about The Simpsons! It's pretty much the best TV show ever, let's just accept it and be happy :)


Amanda, your energy & love for life is astounding & catching :) Beautiful quote, cookies & toddler. Here's to dads everywhere! Have a very happy Father's Day - even though you are a mom. xxoo


Unbelievable. Beautiful and over the top as usual.


What a perfect Father's Day present. Wish mine was that thoughtful. You amaze.

Makeup Morsels

HAHAHAHA you are all kinds of awesome! I wrote Happy Father's Day! on the wrapping of my gift, and I'm going to dot the ! with glitter nail polish. Suddenly I feel like an underachiever... xD

The Cilantropist

This is incredible!!!! What a labor of love for dad, this is so thoughtful and heartfelt... and yes, a little crazy. :)


Nope! You're not the only crazy one :)
I just finished off a typography assignment for graphic design masterclass.

Amanda Rettke

Monique- those are wonderful!! You work is justperfection!


WOW these are awesome!


These are amazing! I would never have the patience to do that. I probably would have gotten father done and said ok, that's it!
Great job!!


This is stunning - not just as cookies and as a tribute to your dad but, as a designer, I love this.

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

Your love and dedication to the man who (obviously) dedicated his to you is just beautiful! And the cookies are totally cool, too.


once again, amazing job! i am happy one of us was able to tell dad so beautifully how much they love him. He got a gift card from me : ) i think the cookies are a way better gift!!!


what an amazing gift - I always say that bakers bake from the heart!

Kristin H

so, where do you get all your cool cookie cutters?? i know that you didn't cut these with cookie cutters, but where would you suggest getting cool ones?


Whoa! Amanda, you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!These are some of The. Coolest. Cookies. EVER!!!!!!!!


you have such patience, my dear! how do you do it? I am still trying to figure it all out. Hope you had a great, great day today! x

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