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May 10, 2011


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I like it!

Amy | She Wears Many Hats

You're way too hard on yourself - it's beautiful and I'm sure tasted fabulous!


Heaven and Hell...BAHAHAHAHAHA! That's awesome! C'mon Amanda! I want to see the inside!!!

Chef Danielle @ Cooking Clarified

I love the way you've decorated it. Looks like a delicious hat box!


It looks like a giant ribbon rose, very pretty, simple, elegant. Heaven & Hell cake, that sounds interesting!

diane stanley

it wasn't a total loss. The cake is beautiful and the photos are stunning.


Well it sure does look pretty!!!


The texture may not have been very pleasing to you but I do love the swirled frosted top.

Robbi C

Reminds me of a huge rose. I want to see the inside :)

shelly (cookies and cups)

I want to see the inside!!!! You're killing me bc it sounds amazing!


STUNNING!!! like always!!! Amanda it's beautiful!!!


how come you didn't like it? it looks beautiful and very yummy! :)


Your fail is my version of success. It's gorgeous and simple. I'm calling it modernist cake.


I think that it's just breathtaking Amanda! It looks very *shabby chic* and *antique*...the antique shabby chic Rose Cake, yep. I'm in love. *swoon*

Jennifer Nixon

I agree, I'm dying to see the inside!! The cake is gorgeous, the top reminds me of a delicate tissue paper flower, simple and pretty!

Katie Cameron

When I saw this I thought of the cover of Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You'll Go" (maybe one too many graduation parties this weekend...)
I think if you added a little color to the top and writing or a simple design on the side it could look better. Of course it does look yummy as is!


I think it gorgeous. Now you have me curious to see the inside. :) Blessings,

Valerie @ www.thebloggingpastorswife.com


It looks so pretty! I make a heaven and hell cake alternating a cheese cake mousse filling and a this layer of seedless raspberry jam in betwwn the layers. I cover it with a chocolate ganache. so yummy


Beautiful cake :-) like always my dear!!
I tryed to make the rose cake for the mother's day... it was
so difficult to make the roses and it look so different from your cake that is perfect and beautiful..I have to practice more! :-)
big kiss
... if you like to see the cake... http://maison-etta.blogspot.com/2011/05/sunny.html


Call it beautiful. Elegant. Sophisticated. Chic.
And of course, we want to see the inside, regardless!


I agree with Wenderly....it has an antique appearance to it. I have a couple of girlfriends who LOVE that concept. I think the appearance will change depending on the cake stand you place it on also. I remember when you lightly sprayed some of the roses with color. That would be pretty on this also. I think it would add even more dimension to the petal appearance. All in all I give it a "Ten" !! I was studying the photo trying to figure out how to make a continues ribbon threading of frosting without running out and making a break in the petal?? Beautiful result my friend. I LIKE!!


I wish my "mistakes" looked like this! :) It looks like a big antique flower from the top:)

Amy W

What tip did you use? It is beautiful!


A roll of toilet paper that fell into the potty? :) No, really. I really think it's beautiful. I'd be proud to show up with this to a party!!!! You are so talented!

Jaime Boudreaux

It looks like a big rose that is completely bloomed! It's gorgeous!


You are so clever. Flop not at all. But we want to see the inside??

Love how you take the simplest of decor on a cake and turn it into something special.

Clever Lady x

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Hmm, a perfectionist are we? Geez, I wouldn't call that a lose in a million years! (By the way that toilet paper into the potty comment cracked me up!)


OK the fact that I keep having to go back and look at that picture again to try to figure it out makes it a WIN ;) Whatever it is... at least it's artistic and intriguing!


from Italy: it remembers me a "rose bag" made by Valentino fashion stylist. find it on google if you don't know it: it's the same , leather version.

bridget {bake at 350}

I *still* think it looks spectacular! Like a giant white rose!


Everything on this blog looks beautiful and tasteful! I'll get married in september, do you wanna spend some time in Brazil and make my cake? :)


Simply elegant!

I love it ~

Erin lyn

It's lovely! I am my own worst critic as well, but there is nothing you have ever posted on this blog that is short of remarkable!!

Danee Kaplan

It looks like those burned edge chiffon flowers that are all the rage. I think it is beautiful.

kristin clark

Love it! You are so creative, you continue to inspire me.


We laughed out loud at the name of your cake!! I am not sure I believe you about the rest of it though ;)


Looks kinda fluffy like a fluffed ribbon...its pretty! And really can any cake be wrong?


I'm in love with your cake pedestal, modern, square and tall! Is it possible you tell me where you got it? Your cake is amazingly beautiful.


I love the frosting on the top! It looks like a pretty flower! and its not heaps of frosting..which is yummy but over runs a cake sometimes! I thinks its adorable!

the urban baker

this looks yummy. i wish you lived next door to me and if you did, I would come over every day at 3pm and have tea and cake!

emily @ thehappyhome

absolutely beautiful! is it really just vanilla frosting? it looks like it has to be much more complicated than that :-)


Whatever it is, the frosting detail is gorgeous! It would make a fantastic and romantic top layer of a fondant-less wedding cake :)

You're amazing,

Angel L

Love the cake so much. Modern, minimal yet romantic at the same time. Just perfect. Which tip did you use?

Also seconding the request to know where you got your cake pedestal. It is stunning!


Es estupendo la sencilles lo deja como unos de los mejores pasteles ,quiero ver el interior besoso desde Argentina.

Nelly Rodriguez

I hate saying this but.... OMG. ;) love this simple, but amazingly decorated cake!


I would love to see a tutorial on how you did the top like that. It looks so simple and elegant.


you're crazy...this is awesome.


As everyone else has said here, the cake looks fantastic! It made me click through from Food Gawker!

Amy @ A Little Nosh

It's really beautiful, though!

Kristin Kunoff

Um....I love it! It's kinda a rose on top. Know you have a "rose cake" already, but this could be the rose 2 cake;)

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