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May 31, 2011


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Your mother-in-law was sweet to think of you when she saw this cake plate and even sweeter to pick it up for you. It is so summery. So it this cake you made!


Love the cake plate, I'm with you I too have an addiction. As for the cake, so cute! can't wait to see the tutorial!


Gorgeous cake! The cake plate is definitely a great find as well!!


So pretty and sugar cookie cake? Sign me up!

Lucy Lean

Hip Hip Hooray for you MIL this is so PRETTY!


You're as sweet as sugar cookies, and it sounds like your MIL is, too!


That is one beautiful cake AND cake plate! Great find!

Blog is the New Black

Wow, this is gorgeous! And the cake stand is AMAZING!


I thought the flower was made with fondant at first!! Wow - great job on the icing!


OMGosh!! I so want that cake plate!! GORGEOUS!! Never seen one like that. You have one awesome mom in law there girl!! Awesome job on the cake too. Going to have to try that one, sounds good and my kids, well they LOVE cake lol...

Makeup Morsels

I've been reading your blog for a good few months now, and I usually don't comment only b/c I'm too busy trying to wipe the drool off my face. But I really had to say something today...this looks AMAZING. Plus I love the plate, and a sugar cookie-tasting white cake sounds so yummy. urghh I need to go find some dessert now!


Love that garage sale find...and kudos for the rave mother-in-law review! {brownie points!}. A cake that tastes like your cookies? Wow wow wow!!!


simple sweet and beautiful. I agree...that thrift find is amazing!


my husband loves sugar cookies! Particularly your sugar cookies! I know he will love this cake!!


I don't own a single cake stand....but if I could find one like that one I'm sure it would be the start of a glorious obsession.. I mean collection :o)

Sheila aka GreenKangaru

My name is Sheila & I too, lay in bed & think about cake. Thank you for allowing me to join your group.


Such a sweet and happy daisy cake Amanda. If I lived closer I would invite myself for tea & cake :) xo


What a great cake! I love that you were inspired by the cake stand. Your cake compliments it perfectly. I look foward to your tutorial post.



I love that you always show the inside of your cakes. Not everyone does that. But seeing the inside is just as important as seeing the outside decorations.


The cake looks great and I bet it tastes amazing! Such a pretty cake stand too, your MIL is has great taste.

Emily Rau

I find myself lying awake thinking about cooking and baking all the time! Although I'm usually in some sort of nervous sweat about what I'm going to make and if I'll be able to pull it off in a normal amount of time.

Barefeet In The Kitchen

What a cool cake plate and the cake matches it beautifully! I love it.

Molly Chester

How CUTE is that... love it!

Diane {Created by Diane}

So pretty I LOVE it :)
Beautiful cake plate, it screams summer!


It couldn't be more perfect!!!!!!!!!! And I love the cake stand!

Jenn {Cookies Cupcakes Cardio}

Beautiful cake to match a beautiful cake stand! I also love sugar cookies, so I can't wait to try this...it's bound to be delicious in cake form too. Looking forward to your post about creating the flower...I have my suspicions about which petal tip you used, but I'd like to know for sure!


I also thing about cakes at night while I'm in bed :) And some times I think about yours and how, me being so little talented in the kitchen, could make something similarly beautiful! I have some many of the recipes bookmarked I don't know which one to start with :P
Today's cake is trully gorgeous!!!!


That sounds like my kind of cake!


I have this same cake stand (got it for our wedding almost 10 years ago)!!! Now I just need the cake :)


It's so good to know that I'm not the only one "crackers" for lovely dishes and serveware. If only I had kitchen storage the size of an airplane hanger. I'll share one of my secrets with all the Baking Beauties here. I shop the yard/tag/garage sales, consignment & charity type stores for serving pieces. I store them until holidays, birthday or shower parties. I'll bake a goodie & put it on a piece which becomes part of the gift, wrapped in colorful plastic and tied with a bow and I include the recipe. It's a one of a kind gift.

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

That's like one gigantic sugar cookie! How sweet of your mother in law to have gotten that cake stand for you.


What a sweet MIL you have! I love cake stands too! Just wish I could bake like you do girl! Gorgeous!

Kristin Smith

You never cease to amaze me!! Sounds yummy! But as much as I love your baking....I think we need a new baby fix again...post some pics of those beautiful kiddos of yours soon ok?! :)
Hugs, Kristin


Amanda this cake sounds like MY PERFECT CAKE!! I can't wait to make sugar cookie cake!

and I can't wait to see how to make it!!

Strawberry CAKE

Beautiful as always! Love the rain picture.


my mother in law would LOVE this - just so happy and spring-like!! beautiful!!

Lori @ RecipeGirl

Very, very pretty. So perfect for summer!


wow...when are you writing your book. i want all of your inspiriation in one place!

In Katrina's Kitchen

Oh my! My oh my! A cake that tastes like SUGAR COOKIE!? Be still my heart! This is on my must-make!


its totally not weird to thing about cake while trying to fall asleep...and if it is weird...then i guess im weird too!

megan @ whatmegansmaking

Beautiful!! And I can't wait to see how to make it. This would be perfect for my SIL's bridal shower :)

megan @ whatmegansmaking

p.s. I made vanilla ice cream the other night that tasted just like sugar cookies! But then I realized it was because I used the same very distinct vanilla that I always use in sugar cookies. *love* :)


the sweetest cake!

joanne nixon

beautiful cake.....and kudos to your mil for finding the sweetest cake stand.....


this looks yummy and so cute too...I keep hearing how good your sugar cookies are, I SO want to try one!


What size tip did you use to make your petals? I gotta try this one out! I absolutely love this!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

So cute! I'm totally craving a slice of cake now :)

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

A Beautiful cake stand and beautiful cake. I think I want cake for dinner. :)

Evan @swEEts

What a beautiful cake! I happen to love sugar cookies so I can't wait to try this recipe. It sounds heavenly.

Mary C.

What a find at the garage sale! yay for MIL :) Your cake is a beauty too!

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