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May 16, 2011


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Amy | She Wears Many Hats

Oh Amanda! You're a true culinary creative talent! Just wow.


So cute and thoughtful!

In Katrina's Kitchen

How thoughtful and what a nice design. I really like this method.

Becki D

Very thoughtful. Love yer heart, lady!


Great post - loved the paper towel technique. I grew up in Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi and my mind has also been with everyone dealing with this devastation. Hugs, Lisa

Cookbook Queen

Gorgeous!! And what a beautiful sentiment. My husband and I saw tons of flooding from the airplane when we were landing at the Memphis airport..it broke my heart.
My Mother In Law used to live in Washington, near a creek that flooded her whole neighborhood a few years ago. It was devastating. It happened so fast that she didn't have time to save much, and lots of stuff was ruined. She had to move because the house was too damaged to repair. My heart goes out to anyone going through this right now.


Those are fantastic Amanda. Being just a hop skip and a jump from Fargo I know how terrible the flooding can be. Thanks for the great writitng tips! Might have to try that sometime. :) Have a beautiful day!

South LA Girl

I was checking FB for the flood updates via the LA emergency preparedness page and saw these. I want to saw they're "cute" but I don't think that's quite the word. We sit and wait for the waters that are coming. We are in SOUTH Louisiana, and are praying for the levees to hold. So many people's homes and farmland in my area, are being sacrificed to save Baton Rouge and NOLA. I understand it's "necessary," but that doesn't quite take the sting off. Worst case scenario is that the river permanetly re-directs and these communities are lost forever. Very sad.


love these! we live just north of the border and have had tons of flooding here as well... our small city is ok but they've had to open dikes and purposely flood areas to relieve pressure from other areas. Praying for everyone (in the States as well) that's in the water's path!


This is fabulous! Beautifully done!


Amy @ A Little Nosh

Those are great! Really impressive.


Amanda, thanks for sharing these beautiful, original, creative and charitable cookies with us. Collectively we need to pray for these folks . xo

Laura Scott

Cute and totally fits the season of flooding. Hopefully, these will bring up the energy level of those actually filling sandbags.


I just love watching you put your God given talent to such wonderful things! You are a treasure Amanda.

Miri Leigh

These cookies are fantastic, as always. Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Farrell

Wow. These are wonderful. Well done!


wow - could you be anymore creative? i want to live inside your head for just one day. x


That is so sweet, Amanda. And your cookies are perfect. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a foodwriter! I am so out of it!

bridget {bake at 350}

You are such a sweetheart! And I love that stamping technique! How cool is that?!?

Allison Cook

These are wonderful! As a Memphian, I appreciate the support.


Mother Nature holds great beauty and great destruction. Your cookies are a reminder that many have to deal with her forces and a sweet tribute to all those who overcome them.


i'm getting a bit spoiled. LOVING it when you do cookies cookies cookies! The look is AMAZING...and love the sand!


Interesting technique! Well done.


Great post. Love the cookie design with the stamp!


Yes, the flooding has been horrible!! I live in Memphis and so many areas have been devastated! The river is finally starting to resend and now we're expecting rain all weekend.. not fun!

meaghan (the decorated cookie)

Wonderful. Love your design and technique! I posted a link on ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com :)

Trish Shamp

This is just great. What a nice way to raise awareness for this struggle. ~ Trish

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These are so cute... and a great way to support those who are going through tough times with flooding right now!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

Precious cookies and they made my heart melt. You are just so kind, Amanda.


Beautiful! I grew up in Moorhead, MN, so can relate to the Red River flooding. Great idea!

Aimee @ Simple Bites

So creative, Amanda! You are always the thoughtful one. xox

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

That's a clever idea the way you did the double stamp. You have such a big heart, always thinking of others.

Alexa May

I'm actually from Fargo, ND as well. I didn't know you were originally from here as well, imagine my surprise reading that one of my favorite bloggers grew up in my hometown!

Sandbagging is definitely a yearly tradition now more so than ever. 2009 was by far worse than this year but flooding is bad no matter the amount.

Very cute cookies and I love your blog!!

Tickled Red

I actually think that these are some of the sweetest cookies that you have ever made :) They made me tear up.

Reme Sanchez Vicente

Que bonitas palabras, estoy totalmente con el corazón con las personas que han sufrido pérdidas, se ven bien ricas estas galletas.


so creative, so talented and a heart of gold Amanda!


Great idea, I am far away from all the flooding in Tennessee but we are having our own problems here in Utah with flooding. My parents live in a mountain town were a river runs through there back yard. The community came together and filled hundreds of sandbags for the homeowners along the river it was so wonderful. I think I might make these to say thank you.
How did you make the sandbag shape? By hand or with a cutter? Thanks

Amy's blah, blah, blogging

Very different and neat design. Floods can definitely be devastating, but it really is amazing to see how people will pull together and care for each other when disaster happens. Thanks for the reminder!


I'm from south Louisiana and I just want to say, "Thank You!" for reminding the world of our predicament.



Being born in Manitoba, Canada I understand the flooding. We moved before I was old enough to be afraid of that but this year with the major flooding and having family out there is a little scary. Those sandbag cookies are for a good cause


I love this idea Amanda! We don't have such scariness here in the UK - except once a couple of years ago, and it was only a slight river overflow compared to those happening in the USA...

Thanks again for sharing, and for the tutorial :)


Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Such a thoughtful idea, Amanda! Your talent and heart continue to inspire me.


Amazing blog and creations!
I gave you my "One lovely blog award"!



So sweet!!! But of course your thoughtfulness doesn't come as a surprise to me....you have the BIGGEST heart:)

Kelly Savelkoul

Hi! I found you via Bake @ 350, and your cookies are beautiful. I am also from Fargo, though now in WI, and I remember all too well filling and placing sandbags in 2009. My heart breaks for all those struggling with the wrath of flood waters.


brilliant and cute and timely! you're such a good egg.


what a terrific idea. I didn't even know these pens existed. can't wait to try them.

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