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May 13, 2011


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Mirjana M

Roses just make smile, these are so pretty.


I LOVE these Amanda!!! everything you do is gorgeous!

At Anna's kitchen table

How pretty and colourful!


You always blow me away with your talent!


absolutely beautiful!


They look so yummy!

Dae Thompson

How truly lovely these cookies are! You have inspired me to master the piping bag. I'm "heavy handed", so I need to practice and practice until I get it right.
I will share this with ya'll, my given name is Dorothy (third generation), the Patron Saint of Roses.
Blessings to all!


these are amazing! how do you transport them though? you say the rose will crust, but i would still be afraid they would squish. would love to know :-)

Libby~Libberlicious Live Delicious

So neat! I just did that on French macarons a few days ago on my blog!

Laura P

These are BEAUTIFUL! thank you so much for sharing your gift of creativity with us all! I really enjoy your posts.

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Your roses make me swoon. Keep 'em coming!!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

These are absolutely gorgeous! It makes me want to go make cookies with big, beautiful roses on top of them Amanda! Like right this second! You inspire me!


Oh my gosh..just gorgeous!!!

Lilianna Grace

Lovely as always.

Lovely - I hope the sale went well!


Impresionante! Son perfectas.


They are so cute, you are so talented! I wish you could ship internationally...

Sharon Reppert

Beautiful cookies. I too would like to know what tip you used, I don't recognize it. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jennifer S E

These are beautiful. My son's school is having a bake sale next weekend to raise money for the PTO. I think I just found something I can contribute. You are always so creative.

As a mom of four myself (one of which is also a baby) I admire how you are able to juggle it all. Enjoy each of your blessings! And thanks for sharing your treats with us!


Ohhhhh, I missed it! (I'm so close to Minneapolis too. Agh, wish I had read this sooner!)

The cookies look delicate and tasty. Very nice with the rose frosting.
It is almost too pretty to eat.

Hope the sale was a great success!

Susan (BravoBride)

They look almost too pretty to eat! :)


Please do a tutorial for the roses...pretty plz with sugar on top....


These are beautiful... no, stunning!

Kim d.

I have now clicked on your site 3 or 4 times just to look at these beautiful cookies. I can totally imagine biting into one and taste that yummy buttercream. Maybe I have a sugar problem!
The roses are just to gorgeous, I loved them on the cakes but I really love how manageable the cookies seem. I think I'm going to have to try making them....

Cookbook Queen

GORGEOUS!! Love the colors. I wish I could have stopped by and had twenty of them. I mean...a few.


Oreos are good. Yours look so much better. One cookie and lots of icing - sugar rush. And they are in color. Wow. Thanks - more pounds on my hips.


Hi Amanda!

Those cookies look wonderful! How do you eat something that looks so pretty? Wear it as jewelry maybe?
Ha ha... when I read the title 'rose cookies' I got all excited. You see we have this snack in South India rose cookies (or achappam). My grandma used to make them at home and just the very name brings back fond memories. Here's a link to what we call rose cookies in South India. http://hubpages.com/hub/CHRISTMAS-RECIPES-INDIAN-SHORTEATS-Rose-Cookies


Oh just perfect!


I'm in love with your cookies!! :-)


As simple as crazily cute !!!


Beautiful, can't wait for the buttercream recipe. I've been thinking about having a bake sale (for Share our Strength) sometime in the near future and you have just inspired me tremendously. Thanks for sharing, God bless!

Sheila aka GreenKangaru

Gorgeous! I shall wait patienty for the crusting buttercream recipe!

Virginie Colson

j'adore encore une fois, c'est beau et doux!


Absolutely PERFECT. I have been using that issue on my cupcakes but for some silly reason I had not thought of the cookie idea. (That is why you are the smart one) :-)
Thanks for sharing.

Nazia K.

they are awesome! i tried your rose cake for my sister's birthday and it came out pretty nice (not as nice as yours). I can't wait to try these!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These are just stunning... Love all of the colorful photos! :)

Tickled Red

Oooo...those are so pretty! You always amaze me :)


Would you mind posting your buttercream frosting shortly. I am in hopes to make these for my son's graduation on Thursday.


Also looking forward to that recipe....want to try it soon :)

Lynae Johnson

I'm anxious for the frosting recipe as these would be perfect to accent the dessert table at my parents' 40th wedding anniversary party in a few weeks. Do you think these would freeze well?

Jennifer Lewis

Just beautiful! I'm loving all of your latest baking creations!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Amanda, they're so beautiful! I can't wait for the recipe. I'm going to tuck it away for October, and then make these for my niece's birthday.


These would be so perfect for the gay pride event my friend is organising! I'll pass this on.


I simply adore these cookies! Not only do they push my cookie button, but they also appeal to my love of all things rainbow colored. These are just amazing! I would love to know how you did them. I have an idea but am still such a novice. Your site is so inspiring! Thank you for all that you share!


Amanda.....just love all your beautiful & unique creations, I too can't wait for your buttercream recipe????? Thank you for all your recipes!!! <3

Angie -- Bigbearswife

I love these. They are perfect! I wonder if Royal icing would work so they were stackable? maybe


I am in love with these cookies! So pretty! Is the frosting recipe still coming soon?


These look amazing. Is the crusting buttercream recipe available?

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