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May 23, 2011


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Share these with someone you love, not...just kiddin. I share all of my inspiring recipes such as this flowery one. I can smell the roses now...blessings, redraven

Possible baker

Beautiful so beautiful! I honestly don't think I've seen a prettier cookie:) http://allpossiblethings.typepad.com/possible_baker/2011/05/blessing-cake.html
Thanks for sharing!!


They look beautiful AND delicious!! Can't wait to make some myself! : )


These are so simple and pretty looking. Absolutely love them.


everything's better with frosting, even more so with colorful, flower-shaped frosting!

Erica B.

I really like the picture of the mixed colors.

Nicole Drnek

Just made these cookies for a bake sale for our Relay for Life team. They were a HIT!! Best Sellers!! Also delicious and easy.

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Beautiful! Thank you!

: )

Julie M.


Amanda, how did you get such a brilliant blue frosting? I made these tonight for the first time and my blue is quite muted.


such a gorgeous idea! I would love to try this! thank you so much for sharing x


i love love LOVE everything you make! just a question: how do you make your cookies all the same size? mine always tend to spread out so that the cookies wind up looking fat & distorted. :( if you could help me out & give me some tips or tricks, i would really appreciate it. thanks! :)


My sweetness! Your Rose Cookies reminded me of a local mass produced tiny winy biscuits called Iced Gems that I haven't eaten for since I was 6 years old! It's still been sold in biscuit shops.

I preferred yours anytime! Thank you for sharing the recipe ideas and gorgeous colors (way much, much better than the Iced Gems biscuits available in my country!)


Same question as Karen,

Do the cookies stay in or out of the fridge when you are letting the icing dry. Seems they'd soften in the fridge. Please let me know.



I am definitely going to give these a go!! Thank you!!



i've gotten a lot of mileage off of the rose technique. why didn't i think of using it for a cookie. love you, baker gal!


These are beautiful! However, I tried to make the dough twice but both times it was very sticky and I could not roll it out no matter how long I left it in the refrigerator. trying to cut out shapes was impossible - I ended up just rolling them into balls by hand and flatting slightly. I did everything to your specifications - where could I have gone wrong?

Jennie C.

Help! I'm making these for my sister's wedding next week. Totally trusting your expertise, no trial run (I have good baking fu). Anyhow, can you tell me the size of the cookies? I want the proportion of swirl and cookie to look the same. I'll be using the same tip.

Jennie C.

OMGosh - I also need to know how many it makes. Pretty please ... with a frosting rose on top. :)

Miss Cuisine

A pretty good recipe. I am impressed with the beautiful results, congratulations. I put forward on my French blog with a link to this article.


Oooh, did you see this? http://stuff.icanhascheezburger.com/2011/09/30/cute-kawaii-stuff-epicute-rainbow-roses/

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