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May 23, 2011


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Thank you! I really want to give these a try.

Becca H.

Amanda, I have never laid my eyes on cookies and cakes more lovely than yours!
Thanks for letting us know what tip size you use. I'm wondering if you've ever considered making a quick tutorial video, though. Your directions say "start in the middle and make a swoop once around". I did that and it looks like someone pooped onto my cookies...LOL! I think there must be a trick to the timing/speed of the swoop. I'm just not getting it :(


That is a beautiful, simple cookie. Thanks!

Cookbook Queen

So beautiful!!

I need to give this technique a try,you have the best ideas!!

megan @ whatmegansmaking

Beautiful!! I can't wait to try these :) I love your tutorials - I need all the help I can get! :)


Those cookies are too beautiful to eat!

Lynae Johnson

Thank you, thank you! I want to make these for the dessert table for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary party in 3 weeks. Do you think you could freeze them for a couple weeks? I will be making my trial batch this weekend to get the rose technique down.

Lori Lange



Gorgeous! :) Bekah wants to make these but I'm sure they won't be as pretty! :)

Quick question about the recipe - in ingredient list you state 3 whole eggs and in the directions you say 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks. Which do you use for these?

bridget {bake at 350}

These are just gorgeous! I seriously think about them ALL the TIME! :) (don't be scared.)

In Katrina's Kitchen

Pretty pretty as always.

Yum Yum Tables

Sooo CUTE!


I love everything about theses cookies!


Love these beautiful little nibblers!


Question: Would the frosting work if I used butter? There's just something about shortening that creeps me out. Or maybe you could make a case for shortening?

Lucy Lean

so pretty -


So pretty Amanda. Missed you bunches this weekend...
It is funny how some cookies taste better & better with a few days tacked on.


What a perfect little treat for spring! And as my father used to say: how about a little cookie with your frosting?
You are a woman after my own heart, Amanda!


So,so Pretty! You do awesome work!


Oooh, I recognize these cookies. ;)


Flawless execution, as always! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with all of us.


This will be a good way for me to practice the roses so I can try to tackle the beautiful rose cake for my daughters birthday!


Such beautiful cookies. Love the assortment of colors, your baking, your blog, your photography, need I say more? Simply gorgeous. Thank you ever so much for your generosity.

reme sanchez

Muchas gracias por este tutorial.Saludos


Golly gee Amanda, so so gooood! Right now I'm licking one of my mixer legs with homemade cream cheese frosting and would love to top it with one of these rich roses. Thanks for sharing!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Amanda, these are so beautiful. I'm excited to make them for my niece's birthday. :)


I am making soft cookies without trying - its called nonstop rain and humidity. UGGGG. Lisa
the enchanted oven


I really think these are some of the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen! And the colors...I just dont have the soft touch. I LOVE these so very mch!


Lovely as always and your photography rocks:)

Barefeet In The Kitchen

OK, really? Cookies last 4 days in your house?? I can't even imagine. Your self control amazes me. LOL

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

I like how perfectly the sugar cookies hold their shape at the edges. One of these days I'm going to have to try to make the rose icing. Piping always makes me nervous, but I think I might be able to handle a cookie!


i can't wait to try these! loved making the rose cake...i bet these will be just as fun! thanks for sharing!

Fiona Trapani

mmm they look lovely. Have you tried a drop or two of rosewater in the icing? So very pretty.


Gorgeous as always! Am a little confused about the glaze though, you just use your frosting recipe as a glaze over the whole top?


thank you ..thank you ..thank you ...a million times !!!!

Rowaida Flayhan

So pretty love ur cookies recipe

tulin topcu

Hi amanda.
I'm a very new blogger =) and I adore your creations =) and also try them.
I made your white cake recipe and favorite buttercream recipe. Tastes are turned to delicious. But they were really sweet especially buttercream. and you can feel sugar particules in your mouth although i've used powdered sugar. i thought the amount of the sugar too much.
if you have a suggestion about it that would be really nice.
Thank alot.


the urban baker

perfectly beautiful as always, Amanda....you are one talented cookie!


Mady these last night and they were beautiful!!


Gorgeous gorgeous! I posted a link on Edible Crafts :) (and if you get this comment 10 times, apologies, my computer is acting wonky)


I love your blog despite the fact that you are killing my weight loss efforts! ha ha. These cookies are a great eddition to the rose cake! A friend of mine is making my wedding cake using the rose technique you thought us. I have been scrambling to try and find a favor to hand out…a hah these cookies! Perfect. Thank you so much for all your creativity, inspiration and simply for sharing. I hope that little baby is doing well.


Amanda sei fantastica, passare da te è come essere nel Paese delle Meraviglie!
Un abbraccio

Kristin hansen

I finally have a 1M tip - these and the rose cake are going to turn out SO much better now! :D


This reminded me of a sugar drop cookie that we used to eat when we were a kid here in Asia. Yours are absolutely gorgeous!

Miri Leigh

These look delicious and beautiful! Thanks for posting :)

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Beautiful. I love the sweet simplicity of these, Amanda!


I"m def gonna try this .... only occasion coming up is Father's day though ... will somehow hve to masculinze it =P

Laurie aka Whimsy Cookie Co

These are precious!! Cannot wait to make them..thanks for sharing!!
Laurie ~ Whimsy Cookie Co.


Hi Amanda -- awesome cookies. When you say you need 3 days to let the icing dry right... do the cookies stay out or in a covered container?


Absolutely adorable! :) simple, classic definitely fun to make!

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