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May 19, 2011


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Heath is my favorite and Oreo too? YUM!


Oh my heavens Amanda! You make me smile! Not only for this beautiful and oh so yummy cake, but because you make me laugh. Thanks for both! Now I'm going to go back and drool over your pictures a little more.


Gail at The Tough Cookie has a great Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing that just might take this wonderful cake to the next level. Looking forward to seeing your next version of this.


This looks.so good! I may attempt it...smb scares me a bit!


AMANDA you are KILLING me!!! this sounds and looks AMAZING!!


oh.my.goodness!! I will definitely have to try this cake. I especially liked the idea of a chocolate cake with oreos. Yes, this cake must be made. As for workouts? Hmmm...Might need Bob and Jillian to work this cake off! ;)

Mary Juckett

will you share recipe later? Would love to make this into cupcakes?



As I was reading this I was thinking I do not like heath so i would make it with more oreos and use oreos in the frosting


Good Lord...this cake must be a sin!!

Mary Levee

If you make it chocolate, then I think a "smidge" of chocolate ganache should be between the layers, along with the filling...it is the layer of flavor that will bind the Heath Bar together...I make something similar in another dessert and the chocolate ganache (with dark chocolate)is that "VOILA" moment!


I LOVE Heath bars. This looks like something that I could really get into a LOT of trouble with...just give me a fork.


That looks divine! Yummy!

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

I love hearing about other peoples totally sinful and crazy cravings - makes me feel normal :) Love this and thanks for not keeping it from us.

South LA Girl

I was thinking the same thing, Mary Levee! I like the fudge swirl in the Blizzard, so the bit of ganache would be essential!
I just tried Sweetopolta's SMBC yesterday. It has a slightly lower butter content than most. I really liked it! I've also had much success with Whimsical Bakehouse's IMBC as well as, brace yourself, From Scratch's swiss meringue cream cheese buttercream. Oh yes, I said it. http://cakecentral.com/recipes/17580/cream-cheese-swiss-meringue-buttercream Her straight SMBC variant is also there.

Meghan @ Cupcakes with Sprinkles

This looks amazing! I am going to have to stop by dairy queen today I think...


Lol, at first I read 'Oreo heaLth cake". Wouldn't that be heaven :).

In Katrina's Kitchen

This is what is right with the world. This is what a momma needs in her life. This is love.


This looks incredible, Amanda! God bless your creativity :)


This looks so yummy!
As for the workouts, I really enjoy Leslie Sansone. Her 'Walk Away the Pounds' series is great, low impact and is done in your home. (meaning you dont have to wait for a nice day to do it). If you have cable, sometimes you can find her On Demand in the exercise section for free to try it out. ;)


I use this SMBC recipe and it's perfect every time: http://www.howtoeatacupcake.net/2008/02/face-your-smbc-fears.html

There's even a handy video! My trick here in the hot-and-humid-south is to keep a few ice packs or bags of frozen veggies around the bowl while the mixer is going...works every time! My family loves this and it's become our go-to special occasion cake frosting!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

I loooooove Heath bars. I loooooove Oreos. Therefore, I must LOVE this cake. It's just beautiful, Amanda. I definitely think chocolate cake would be divine too. Maybe chocolate mayonnaise cake? It would totally play off the buttery flavor in the Heath.


Hi, do you use the Oreo cookies with the filling, or just the cookies? For the frosting, what kind do you use? I love all your cakes!!!

bridget {bake at 350}

Um, yeah, so...I want to write that you are amazing, this looks amazing...but I *always* right that! ;) So, I'm gonna say...WOW. And I think I NEED this. Right after I run over to DQ and order one of those Blizzards. (You = not a good influence)

And RHoNY!!! I *just* started DVRing this a few weeks ago. I'm a little lost, but at least I can tell them all apart now.

SMBC...Gail has a great recipe/post on her blog...and I just used the one from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. Really good.

Janet Rudolph @ DyingforChocolate

What an amazing cake! Oreo and Heath bars.. can't wait to make this.


I'd try it with a layer of Bluebell cookies n' cream icecream in the middle.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh my... This looks AMAZING. I'm really hungry now (even though I just ate lunch)!

Pretty. Good. Food.

You've made plain into WOW!!!! Looks so yummy :)


Wow! Yummy! I use jenyus swiss meringue recipe, its just 2 parts sugar to 1 part eggs to 2 parts butter by weight, a dash of salt and then whatever flavor you'd like. So much easier than faffing around with cups and fractions!


it looks like heaven!


The Professor's family would absolutely go head-first into this cake; they LOVE blizzards AND love ice cream cakes . . . should i or should i not make this for them??? hmmmm . . . . decisions, decisions . . .


Amanda, Amanda. I can feel my waistband straining just looking at this post. But boy would it be worth it to eat some of this right now. Thank you for taking insane desserts to the next level all the time- I completely appreciate the creativity. Will miss you this weekend :)

Kelly @ JAX does design

Wowsers, that is one awesome looking cake! I want to go home and make it right now! And then it eat, of course :-)


Looks delicious! Once I convinced myself that I shouldn't eat oreos because they always left back specks in my teeth...it's okay, I'm coming back down to earth now!
DQ might want you to do a little promo for them...


Man I wish I lived next door to you! I am sure that you must need "help" with all these "ideas' you come up with:)

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Holy moly...I want to crawl inside of that cake an live there! Gorgeous, Amanda!

Gayatri Kumar

I ANXIOUSLY WAIT every day to see a new post from you and when you do.. O.M.G. ..


PLease, please, pretty please can you make this for my birthday??


I was drooling reading the post & looking at the pics. Can't wait to make it & try it myself:-)!! Yum!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

I need a good workout too, lol. You're evil tempting me with this cake while I'm trying to be good. At least there aren't any calories if I just imagine myself eating a piece. :-)


This cake looks divine! Beautiful!


I've never had a Heath bar, but this looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!


I always get the strawberry cheesecake blizzard and I've never tried another kind. This sounds super rich and delicious! I love the way you write how you might make it different next time. Your creations are always impressive and inspiring!

Caroline @ chocolate and carrots

Yum! Those are two of my favorite candies! :-) Looks beautiful and delicious!


This cake is wonderful. We have a celebratin this weekend and an oreo cake would be perfect.

Sara @BakingandWine

Whoa. This pregnant lady right here wants a slice of that NOW! It looks absolutely sinful!


What a gorgeous cake. I dare not tell you my favorite Blizzard...keep in mind there's an old-school walk-up DQ two blocks from my front door. ;)


Looks FABULOUS! I love that it's already not a light, spring cake, and you're planning to make it more deliciously decadent for round 2--sounds a lot like how I think through my experiments. :)

Also makes me wonder how to make a DQ Frozen Hot Chocolate in some form....


I love the idea of big Oreo chunks in a cake! I can't wait to make one similar.


wow! Amanda - I hope you are teaching your kids to bake like this! this is one totally gorgeous cake!


A paradise in disguise?

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