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May 28, 2011


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Diane {Created by Diane}

I just love these, they are so cute!
It really is so cute how kids want to give, but really hope there is some for them too :)
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Darla @ Bakingdom

What a really fun, simple idea. I love that they get the sweet treat for a gift, but also a totally adorable flower pot...fantastic idea!

At Anna's kitchen table

Ah, they are beautiful! What an awesome gift!


its a very cute idea, I could have used this idea this week for my sons teachers (we went with real flowers and cookies) i was wondering though about the pots being food safe? I know unglazed terra cotta pots can be baked in but I was always told to stay away from the glazed.

Amanda Rettke

Great question Bri! Generally the fear is that lead from glaze will leach onto food... but in my research I found thatnew pottery sold today in the United States is generally assumed to be safe from lead. Its not recommended to eat from old pottery or eat from pottery while traveling in other countries. Thanks for taking the time toinquireand have a wonderful day! :)

Cookbook Queen

Adorable!!! Such a cute and easy idea.

P.S. Pretty sure that marshmallows with green glaze icing count as broccoli.


with the pots you used, did you paint them b4 or after? they are very cute and i would love to do these for my sons preschool teachers at the end of the year. great idea...thanks 4 sharing :)

Robbi C

So adorable! Your creativity inspires me!


These are adorable!! So cute and creative! I can't wait to make one for my neighbor. Thanks for the post

Deborah H. Bateman

These are so cute! You could use smaller pots and do this for a birthday party. I love the idea.


Such an original way to say thank you. Can imagine how your son was busting with pride giving these to his teachers.


once again, Amanda, you out did yourself! such a fabulous treat...i would love to be one of your kids teachers!


Super cute!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

What a cute presentation, so clever. I love the little pots.


So fun! Love these!


Amanda, Thanks so much for your post. These are absolutely adorable. You have the BEST ideas. I will be making these next week.

Blessings to you,
Valerie @ www.thebloggingpastorswife.com



My girls would love to make those!


These are so fun! At first I thought they were cookies, the marshmallows are a neat idea. Cool the way you stuck them together. A gift that would make anyone smile :)


These are yum and totally achievable!


Hey wow....I saw something similar to this on Bakerella...and I thought that was awesome....Yours look awesome too!! Good JOb


These are too cute to eat! TFS!

Georgia Pellegrini

Wow, these look so beautiful and advanced and I love that they're not really... such a cute idea.


these are just adorable Amanda


so stinkin' cute~~~ my children's sunday school teachers would love these too! thanks for sharing the idea :)

Sarah O.

I actually giggled when I read, "I certainly did not have time to bake and decorate them each a cake." Because it seemed obvious to me that's EXACTLY what you did! Just smaller ones, is all. With elaborate marshmallow treatments. (And at first, I thought you'd painted the pots yourself too.)

Fun ones either way! :-)

Nancy @SensitivePantry

So adorable!!

Glory/ Glorious Treats

Very cute!! I'm sure the teachers felt super special! Oh, and of course my children only eat carrots and brococli too! =)


What a perfect summer treat, Amanda! I bet the teachers loved them!

Sugar Momma

So Clever! I have a Ladies Tea coming up they would be so perfect do on a smaller scale & put at each place setting as a favor! I can't wait to do them! Thank You for all of the clever idea's that you come up with & sharing them with us!

Trish Shamp

Super. super. cute...I live by the motto..Fast and Fancy. This sure fits.

bridget {bake at 350}

Well, these are just darling! I bet the Sunday School teachers fight to have YOUR kids in their class....not that Sunday School teachers fight, but well, I bet there is some serious finger crossing going on. ;)

Miri Leigh

These are adorable! Can't wait to try this out!


I love this idea! So cute and easy.


Love those pops of bright colors! A guaranteed cheery day. Thanks for sharing Amanda.


great idea! i, for one, wouldn't need the cake base--the white chocolate and marshmallows would satisfy me just fine! :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Such a fun idea... Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! :)

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Seriously! How adorably fun are these! Love those pots!

Harry Bronson

This is such a perfect gift idea for your kids and your loved ones. It looks like a figurine at first, but when you take a closer look at it, you'll see how it looks so delicious and mouth-watering! Yum!


How do I know my pots are safe to cook in? I bought 3 totally cute ones from Walmart. They also have a small hole in the bottom. Any suggestion on how to take care of that issue?


Okay, I totally bought those exact same flower pots at Michael's. How did you know they were safe to bake in?

And what a cute idea!

Deb (Domum Vindemia)

I recently found your blog and I am IN LOVE! Thank you so much for sharing your great tips and ideas; I really want to make some of these flowers for my daughter's birthday paarty now. :)

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