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May 07, 2011


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Those are really cute! I would love to hear more about blogger get togethers in Minnesota! =)


I have so been on a kick to put cupcakes and pies in a jar but low and behold never Cheesecake. This is Perfect idea! That is why you are the talented, smart and creative one and I am the follower and doer! LOL Thanks for the perfect idea. I have some jars just begging for this idea. Have a Perfect day and thanks again for sharing


These look so cute! Where did you find the adorable jars??

Ccs Headley

Oh please do tell us where you got those jars. They are so lovely!


I've never seen already made treats in a jar just the mixes... LOVE IT!! I can't wait to make some, would you please post where you got those lovely little jars!!

Jake Easley

I just purchased these jars from my local Walmart! They are Ball "Half Pint Jars", from the Collection Elite Design Series. The box that I purchased is green in color. It contains 4 (8 oz) jars with wide mouth lids. About $4.

I'm getting ready to fill some up now :)


happy belated mother's day to you, amanda--hope you had a kick-back-and-relax kind of day!
i love this idea, mostly because the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Trish Shamp

I live in Minnesota ~ actually a burb of Minneapolis! These looks so great ~ Thanks for sharing.

Darla @ Bakingdom

Oh my. These are genius...and totally adorable. They look irresistible and those jars are the sweetest! Thank you for another brilliant idea!


Amanda-Your last update opened in a "Stumble upon" window with a very nasty virus attached. Took my husband all evening to eradicate it...thought you'd like to know...

nicole powers

GENIUS! where do I find the jars?;-)

elizabeth holder

i am sorry if i missed it but where did you find your jars?? i so need to try these desserts - they are little bits of heaven!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Oh my goodness... I just LOVE these! They make me want to pack a picnic basket and head outside :)

Allison @ Alli n Son

How cute are these? I love it.

I'd like to invite you to share this recipe on my weekly link-up, Sweet Tooth Friday. http://alli-n-son.com/2011/05/12/peanut-butter-cup-caramel-bars/

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

These were so yummy and fun. Thanks for sharing them at Stephanie's - it was so very nice to see you again. xoxo


These look great, what size are the jars and any suggestions as to where I could get some too?!


These make me wish I were a Minnesotan and a cool blogger! :) They look delicious! I'm going to have to hunt down some of those cutesy jars and a funky wire basket to tote them around in...and find some friends. :)


These are perfect. Where, oh where, would I buy the jars??? Please tell me. I just simply love this idea!!!!!!


One more request for the jars? Where can we find them? They are darling!

Louise Spell

This looks sooo good and a cute idea. MY Life

Louise Spell

This looks soooo good,


Oh my gosh...YUM!!!!!!

Jan Norris

We're going to have a food swap down here (http://www.jannorris.com/?p=6940) - and these are so perfect for it - I'm tickled pink to have these recipes. (I'm going to link to this post and hope you don't mind.)
Now - which to make and take, and what foods will be worth swapping for? I'll be loathe to give them up! Hmm. They might also be perfect for the giant Bake Sale for Hunger Relief coming up, too.

pinky jollen

i have never left a comment on a blog site but I felt I had to in this one...I have been looking everywhere for a non bake cheesecake recipe (i am known to burn everything...even water lol) and i am so glad you have posted this you are one talented individual and your kids are lucky to have a mother like you


Those jars are perfect!!! Source please? [I browsed the comments, hope I didn't miss the answer if you already posted it.]


I heart these. So. Much. Thanks for sharing them!!


Like everyone else wants to know... Where can I find jars like these ones???
Love reading and looking at your blog by the way. :)

The BabbyMama

Yow know how excited I am to try this? The answer is very. We're having neighbors over for dinner tomorrow and I'm thinking this will be an awesome, silly, impressive dessert!

The BabbyMama

I tried them! It's awesome and comes out looking very cute :) I'd post a pic, but the comment field won't let me.


I really love reading your blog but when 20 people ask the same question and you can't be bothered to answer I think it is very rude. I happened to come across these jars at Walmart in the canning area. Now you all can make these adorable cheesecakes as well!

Anna Stepanian

Hi there!

I've been visiting your blog for a while now and you have amazing recipes! Can you please email me all the recipes for all the kinds of mini cheesecakes you made?? Thanks!


Where O Where can I find these cute jars??


I found jars at Wal-Mart (with the canning jars)...they are by Ball and they are part of the Collection Elite series. Found a 4-pack for about $3.50...too cute!!! I'm whipping up the chocolate cheesecake to take on a picnic to a night under the stars with the Fort Worth symphony!

darcy porter

SO cute!! but i too need to know where you found these cute jars!


What perfect idea!! I love it! AND soo cute! Thanks for sharing! :) Would love if you'd stop by my blog sometime :) Have a great weekend!


Wow these look amazing, how long do you thin they will last in the fridge before giving them out at a party?


Yummy! I love cheesecake. What a fun idea.


I LOVE this idea and want to share it on my blog with a link....thanks for being so clever!


These look so yummy. I cant wait to give them a try!!

Jeni Lowrance

FYI: You can find the same jars on Ball's website (http://www.freshpreservingstore.com/detail/TCL+144061162), for a third of the cost.

Amanda Rettke

Oh thanks Jeni! I actually looked around their site for quite a bit today, and could not find these jars. I wish I had asked you first... could have saved myself a couple hours work!

Patty M

Those are so cute. I have seen the jars at Menards of all places.

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