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Apr 14, 2011


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Yay for gluten free!!! And yes, please "do this more"!!


Oooh - I'm just starting to venture into a few gluten free recipes and this looks DIVINE!

Where can we find the recipe, I want to devour the whole thing! :)


I just have to say that I am insane over the green grapes on the top. It is so unexpected and gorgeous. I can't quite imagine the flavor combo so I guess I will just have to try it :)

Amanda Rettke

The recipe is in Michelles book... which is available on Amazon.com. Here is a link!


Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Well those photos just make this diet coke not stack up, lady. I need chocolate, and I need it now.

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

I am SO touched by your kind and loving words, Amanda. And I can't believe you had time to do this with a brand new baby in the house. I suppose that's the best endorsement there ever was for a dessert!

stephanie miller

i am just now starting to bake gf, after several requests. i am looking and tasting as i go, i will have to try this book


That looks delicious...and I'm trying hard not to have a knee-jerk reaction to the gluten-free thing. I have several family members, and friends who suffer from Celiac Disease and I am absolutely going to try it, and pass the recipe along. But, as the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, I have been subjected to the gluten-free proselytizers more than the average person. So, I'm stamping down my nervous tic, and breaking out my ingredients!! *grin*


Your cake looks so pretty with just the powdered sugar and the grapes. Less definitely is more sometimes.

shelly (cookies and cups)

gorgeous! I love the staging for the photo..really pretty :)
i haven't ever tried flourless cake, but I'm thinkin' it's a MUST!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Beautiful!! I am a huge fan of flourless chocolate cake - can't wait to try Michelle's version!


cake looks superdelicious,

Danee Kaplan

make a quick raspberry sauce and some good whipped cream and you have heaven on a plate.


I love to see gluten free ideas! Pictures look great! The cookbook would be a great Teacher Appreication gift idea!


I love flourless chocolate cake. We usually pile it high with fresh strawberries and mounds of whipped cream. Yum!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Yay for flourless chocolate cake! When you really need a serious chocolate fix this stuff will do the trick, it's seriously rich.


This is gorgeous and I will take your word on it that it is delicious! Lovely photos, Amanda - are you finally seeing signs of spring in your neck of the woods?

Maris (In Good Taste)

My very favorite cake!


thanks for this recipeā€¦it truly looks great. i have been wanting to bake a flourless chocolate cake for sometime now!!

Janine Liang

Lovely idea of comparing grapes with the cake! I always have mine with cold vanilla ice cream on the side ;p

Libby~Libberlicious Live Delicious

I love eating gluten freeI've got a gluten free sugar cookie recipe that is great for decorating or for fruit pizza and recipes for macarons that are divine! I'll be doing making the macarons soon and featuring them on my blog. They make great additions for people with allergies/sensetivies on dessert tables. That way everyone present can have a sweet treat. Everyone deserves a sweet treat!


I keep hearing about her cookbook. Need to go get it!

Daniela Weiner

This made me cry, in a good way. I never thought one of my recipes would make me cry.

Laura Salvatore

We are Daniela Weiner's US family. She is an Austrian Pastry Chef (the flourless cake recipe is her creation). Amazingly, she has celiac disease. How does a person with celiac disease create such incredible treats!! (And she does - both GF and not... I am learning to cook Gluten Free so she can eat with us.) This cake, which she has made for us a couple of times, is beautiful to look at, sensuous, heavenly, and when you serve it to someone they just know that you love them.


Yay!!!! Thank you for the gluten free recipes. You made my heart melt with this one!

Angie Murphy

I am gluten free and am loving to find different recipes. Can you tell me if her book is mainly gluten free recipes??? I have been reading about it but I can't find any information on it.

Jodee Rose

I may well make a half portion of this cake for Passover. Thanks!


Such a great book, isn't it? That chocolate cake sounds fantastic!

Shannon Marie

This looks amazing!


I love flourless chocolate cake - I can't wait to try Michelle's!!

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

I am SO grateful to Daniela Weiner for contributing this amazing recipe to my new book. She has SO much talent and passion - for her work in the kitchen (and for her dogs!).
(author of The Whole Family Cookbook) and friend of Dani's


I am vegan and a fair amount of people in the vegan community are also GF, this looks great and cannot wait to try it. I would love to see you work with some vegan recipes as well.


are you teaching Eddie to cook already! I sure hope so. Your cake is beautiful and includes chocolate - need i say more?


Love the cake! What a treat!


This cake sounds and looks like such a delicious treat Amanda!!

Thanks so much for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up! http://tidymom.net/2011/spring-ideas/

Have a GREAT weekend!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Look at you going all gluten free like that. I really dig GF lately. Not only do I like the flavor better-but I think I feel better eating it. I think. Michelle has a great book, so proud of her :)

Lucy @ The Sweet Touch

Oh my heavens! This looks perfectly fudgy! Is it kind of like a dense brownie - that's what I like!

And I love powdered sugar on chocolate desserts too, simple but satisfying:)

Miri Leigh

Looks simply scrumptious! And so beautiful, too!


Hmm.. This looks so delicious!
I would love for you to link up at my first linky party! :)
{nifty thrifty sunday}


Flourless chocolate cakes are dense and divine! Now here's something I can make! :)

bridget {bake at 350}

So pretty, Amanda! I bet is was delicious!


tart grapes atop a cake--now THAT'S a first. good thinking!

Jennifer Nixon

Hi Amanda, first, this looks AMAZING!!! Second, I stopped in to pass on a Blogger Award! Your blog inspires and warms my heart every day! Please head on over to mine for details, you don't have to stay long, just grab your award! :)


This looks and sounds delicious. I've yet to enter the GF foray. YOu obviously have this mastered!


I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's imrpessnig me! :)

I am impressed, gluten free is there anything you can't do

Eric Myers

This was actually very good. From the pictures I was not sure I would love it, but I decided to give it a try anyways. I was surprised at how moist and tasty this was! This one will definitely be added to the books for later!


Whenever I see your cakes they make me smile. :) Thank you for creating such beauty from flour and sugar.

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