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Apr 21, 2011


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It is AMAZING what you can hide inside a cake! How long did the egg take you? Again I say, Amazing!! And the frosting tip is neat too :)


I love it!! the Easter egg is so cool!! :)


I love your surprises inside your cakes. I don't have the patience to do that!
Some places have things that have designs to do cake sides. I used to have a large triangle one that had a different cut on each side.


Beautiful and amazing as usual, Amanda! The egg in the cake is perfect!

Cookbook Queen

Amanda!! This is insane. In a good way. You amaze me!!

Mrs. Puma

That's so awesome, I never thought of doing this! It's kind of dumb and random, but I've never really thought of icing an actual cake with whipped cream. I love the Easter egg, it's really pretty!


Great tutorial! I can't wait to try it. I don't think you were over zealous with the egg design at all!


You must be able to read my mind! I was just at the grocery store searching for this recipe to make for Easter! I'm pretty sure mine won't be as beautiful but it will be yummy! Thanks and happy Easter to you and your family!

Shannon Marie

Amazing! I may try something like this for Mother's Day!

Teresa zomparelli

that is great! What frosting are you using for these teqniques? Looks alost whippedin one photo.

Amanda Rettke

I think the best part of it Mrs. Puma is that it tastes so darn good! :)

Jennifer Nixon

Holy Crud!!! This looks phenomenal, you continue to amaze me!! :)


Oh my gosh. There is no way you overdid it. The egg looks awesome! You have to share how you did that!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

That's it! I'm headed to your house for Easter!


It looks JUST like an easter egg. And so delicious.

In Katrina's Kitchen

Ack! What a surprise! I love it!! Love love love!!


Absolutely wonderful!! The easter egg is just perfect ~ and I have no idea how you thought of it. Thanks so much for sharing.
How's the little one doing?



This is so cool! I am offically addicted to your blog. Everything you make is absolutely beautiful and I love all of your ideas!

I am in the process of planning my best friend's bachelorette party for this summer, and I plan on attempting a couple of your cakes. Possibly the GORGEOUS hydrangea cake and maybe a vertical layer cake with a chocolate monogram standing up on top.

Thank you for being so amazing. :)

Simple Girl

So THAT's how you do that cool frosting! Thanks for the tutorial! Love the Easter Egg, too, which I think I will leave to you this year! :-)


My mind is spinning on the egg in the middle....you are amazing!


Oh my gosh, that easter egg is amazing! I really need to try one of your surprise-inside cakes soon. :-) So cool!

Meghan @ Cupcakes with Sprinkles

These are such great ideas. And I love the Easter egg!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

Great tips, LOVE the Easter Egg. Hope you are doing well and baby too :)

Possible Baker

Unbelievable easter egg!! You are amazing and get me baking! Thank you I am baker!!


I LOVE the egg inside your cake! My next baking goal is to recreate one of your designs! LOVE IT!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

Now I'm going to be waiting for the tutorial on that egg. You know that, right?! Do you just hold your breath every time you cut open one of your surprise cakes? It has to be just like unwrapping a present!

Bridee Schrier





Gorgeous cake! I love the Easter egg inside. :D

Snoopy :D



Absolutely AMAZING! YOu are so creative and your love of your craft shines thorough in EVERYthing you do!

Janine Liang

And here I was thinking it's just a frosting tutorial - and you surprise us with a hidden easter egg! I wonder what's hidden in that mind of yours - you keep churning out so many creative ideas!!

lauren @ sassy molassy

I love it! The egg is awesome.


I never tire of seeing your *surprise inside* cakes. This one is another wonderful delight. Happy Easter to you and your family Amanda.

Melanie Beth

SO SO SO pretty!


Please post a tutorial for the Easter egg inside the cake!! I would love to be able to do it!!

Amy K

Once again, you never cease to amaze me! Beautiful!


I tried to make a holiday ornament inside a cake at Christmas (feeling isnpired by you) and I managed to make a complete mess out of it. There are no words for how impressed I am by this. Wow. Lisa theenchantedoven.blogspot.com


you´re so amazing!!! kisses from Lisboa.


That is absolutely awesome. I wish I had your talent.


I can only imagine how exciting it must be to sit at your dessert table when you cut into a cake. Everyone must be on the edge of their seats wondering what amazing surprise you came up with this time! Fantastic!


You always blow my mind with your stunning cakes Amanda!! JUST gorgeous!!

Happy Easter!

cara @ the boys made me do it

I love the surprise! Happy Easter!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

Good Lord, Lady! You amaze me.


I LOVE the egg inside!!! HAPPY EASTER!!

jennie w.

I clicked over for the cool icing tutorial but I almost fainted when I saw that egg pattern in the cake. I am speechless.

marla {family fresh cooking}

How fun are YOU and this special Easter cake. Excellent decorating tips that I will certainly use. I had not a clue I could cut the board and do all that stuff.


WOW! That Easter Egg is amazing! I love the tips for using whipped topping! Where do you find all this energy with a new baby? I'm going to befriend the cake ladies at Costco this week...
Happy Easter!!!


Everything you touch turns to Yum!


oooohhhhh!!!! wooooowwww! mom can we make that cake today????? that is all that just came out of my little girls mouth! very cool Amanda- thanks for the frosting tips :) Have a Happy Easter!


Amanda...lol, you MUST post your Peep cake from last year!

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