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Apr 09, 2011


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You are crazy...but that's why we love you! :)

Hope things are going well! The cookies look yummy!

God Bless


Congratulations !!!!

And my best wishes for you and your little baby.


Rebecca Lira

Congrats on ur new baby boy!!!!U take care of urself...I am going to have to make those cookies...They look yummy!!!

Cookbook Queen

I am here to back up your claim that you are, in fact, a crazy obsessed baker.

And just crazy in general.

But these cookies look WONDERFUL, so....it works.

Monster cookies are one of my favorites...thanks for sharing such an easy way to make them!! You know I'm all about shortcuts.



Congratulations on your new baby! It is hard to believe that you had the stamina, time, or inclination to make cookies to share but they sure do look delicious.

Ana Powell

Congratulations and best wishes.
Take care of yourself.
Lovely treat ♥

Maris (In Good Taste)

Congratulations!! You must post some pictures!


Aww...so cute. Congrats on your new baby boy!


OMGosh!!! Congrats on the sweet baby!!! LOVE the cookies, too. Definitely going to have to try them.

A Sweet Intent

Congrats on your precious boy!


Congrats on the birth and I am so glad things seemed to have gone well!!
Cookies look YUMMMM


You are obsessed, but in a good way! Congrats on your new little darling!

Katie | GoodLife Eats

You are so thoughtful, Amanda! These sure sound yummy!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Only you would be baking the day after getting home from the hospital, lol. You are unstoppable! I'm sure the staff at the hospital really appreciated it.

Lucy Nash

Congratulations! The cookies look amazing, what a lovely gift for the hospital staff!
Take care, we are sending our lve to you and the new little man in your life :)

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

I love shortcut recipes! I am sure everyone loved them, they are cute and sound delicious!

Jennifer Nixon

I love these, easy and delicious! Can't believe you were baking the day after you got home! I waited a week! Ha! :) Congratulations again.


You are such a sweet peach! I'm sure the staff loved your treats...now be sure to treat yourself!


Girl you put all of us other mommys to shame! :P Seriously! I wish I would have done something like this for the doctors and nurses at my hospital. :[ My baby's first birthday is this month maybe I can do it on his birthday and they wont think that's weird! :]] These cookies are beautiful and I'm sure they are good because I use the betty crocker mixes all the time when I send cookies to my husband who is deployed and they RAVE about them! :]] Congratulations on your precious baby!


You make me look bad! ;-) I always sit on my butt for days after I have a baby. Well, actually I try to get up and do bursts of laundry and dishes and stuff and then regret it because I feel so bad afterward.



Robyn | Add a Pinch

You are so sweet, Amanda. Don't you know those nurses and doctors loved you even more when they tasted your cookies!?!?

I can't wait to see more pictures of baby Eddie. I know he's such a love.


Crazy lady! You make me laugh with all your cooking. I understand though, it is good therapy. :) I love the feeling of accomplishing something that can't be undone in 2.5 seconds. Hope you all are doing great!


Congratulations! You crack me up with baking so soon, I would be doing the same thing. I would have a breakdown if I couldn't bake...which is why I am chubby!

Congratulations :)


They look amazing! This might be a really stupid question, but both bags are combined and require the stated butter or egg requirement, correct?



Lucy @ The Sweet Touch

Leave it to you to be back in the kitchen already:D The new baby is adorable, I hope you are enjoying every moment with the lil' guy!


i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOo hungry! I forgive you for baking fresh out of the hospital! You have to have SOMETHING around to keep your strength up =)

"Mich" Michele

You have been sooooo on my mind! Congrats on that precious bundle of baby!!!! I cannot imagine getting up to bake for others right now...it should be all about you and your new little one! Bless your heart! Glad to hear you are keeping us posted....ha!


No doubt the Dr's and Nurses were delighted to receive these. Love the packaging in the bread pans. Hope little Eddie is doing well and that his Mom is too!

Jessiker @ Jessiker Bakes

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! March babies are the best ;).


congrats,,,cookies look too good,,


Congratulations, you'll have a very eager taste tester in the future. By the way, you are a genius! I will be making these for Easter with Easter colours.
I made your rainbow cake recipe and though it's not as dazzling as yours, I am very happy with the results! The party guests were pretty happy too. :-)

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

The fact that you baked the hospital staff cookies while recovering from a c-section tells me how much alike you and I are. I did the exact same thing after having back surgery. They're adorable, Amanda.


Mazel Tov on the birth of your son!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as much as I ALMOST always bake from scratch, there are times when picking up a mix in a situation, works just fine.
I learned a long time ago, not to beat myself up for not doing everything from scratch.
Not one person has EVER asked..........or even said " Oh my god I will not eat this unless it is from scratch!!!!!!!!!"
Love you because you are up front about something that a lot of others try to hide.
Enjoy the new baby. He will grow up on the table next to you, watching everthing you bake, as my kids did.


congratulations!! Quick and easy recipes are ALWAYS welcomed!

Miri Leigh

These cookies look wonderful- and thanks for the easy-to-follow recipe!


You ARE obsessed! Take it easy and don't overdo. You've got enough to do. I swear, if I had been blogging when I had mine, well, I wouldn't have been blogging!!

(There weren't any computers anyway.)


Congratulations! These cookies are cute and I bet really tasty, too!

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

I love how easy these are...I also love that you are as obsessed with baking as I am! I know I would've done the exact same thing! Congrats again, Amanda!


I love your honesty. These look just wonderful, like YOU. Thanks!!


Congratulations !! These cookies look beautiful :) Blessings to you and your family at this precious time :) xx

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

I'd like to know where you get your energy! With a brand new baby, wow! These are so fun - I love the blue M&M's!!!

Cool. Thanks for the permission slip to go pre-mix! Us bakers need a reminder every once in a while! And congratulations on the arrival of your new little guy!


Seriously, Amanda, I don't know how you are finding the time to turn out all these fab treats with a newborn, but I'm selfishly not complaining!

This make want like a dozen or more!


You amaze me... seriously. Already making cookies?


I'm so glad you're back to baking, my dear.


you had a baby, is that like a secret you have been keeping. i am so excited for you and I love there cookies


ignore my last comment, I did know you were pregnant, just not putting 2 and 2 together today


What a lovely idea to bring these for the hospital staff! You are too sweet!

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