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Mar 07, 2011


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bridget {bake at 350}

These look SO good! And I still think you can call yourself "i am baker"! ;) Do you know I've never even heard of these? But, I'm glad to know about them now!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Yum! Special K bars are totally my favorite!!! At least in Iowa, they aren't the same as Scotcheroos. Scotheroos are made exclusively with rice krispie cereal. In our family we have a genuine divide of loyalists to one or the other--and you must pick sides! Way too intense for sugar, I know!
I would love to switch it up with green, but the sugar mob disagrees. ;). Still, you've created a craving!


I can't wait to try these! This is something my kids can help with. Have an awesome day!

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

I've never made scotcheroos. They do still teach home ec though :) These look super yum!


This may be a totally random question, but when I make something like this, I can never get pretty, neat, cut squares like you have in your pictures. Any tips? And BTW, I am a new follower--the Oreo Cherry Cordial thingy totally sucked me in--and i think one of the best things about blogging, is that your blog belongs to you, you can call it and do with it what you want!


oooh, I can't wait to try these Amanda!!


Love the green addition!

Jennifer Nixon

You ARE baker. I love reading your blog. (Even though I've only recently come out of lurking, I've been here..) These look delicious. I've never heard of "Scotcheroos" but being Canadian might have something to do with that. Either way, they look delicious and I'm on the food color kick for holidays too. There's either been a baby in mah belly or I've been nursing since April of 2008. :)

Cookbook Queen

Only you could make something so simple look so crazy delicious!!

I have never made scotcharoos either. Isn't that weird?



I once tried adding peppermint flavour to melted chocolate, and it seemed to somehow curdle the chocolate :( I was sad, and I havent attempted it again. But maybe someone else has been sucessful!
Those look delicious by the way!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, these bars would be awesome with or without the pinch of mint. Funny how we sometimes forget about the basics ;) xo

leslie rottner

OK, these look amazing!! My problem is I'm on Weight Watchers and my question is how many points are these? LOL


I have never heard of these. But they look yummy! I'm not so sure about the mint though...but to each is to their own. :)

I would not question saying "i am baker". It's not the the level of difficulty of the recipe itself, but it's the creativity and passion you put into the art of baking. I can see that you have a great deal of creativity and passion in your baking.

As far as home ec goes, I had it nearly 20 years ago (shhh) and the only thing I learned how to make were no-bake cookies lol!!


Oh my goodness they look divine! Yummmm how are you my friend? Haven't been really good about reading/posting lately.


your ganache looks so professional...just like a pro! don't sell yourself short. you are my
muse - you make me say "ooooooo" out loud each and everytime I read what you have to say. And I love your perspective - your photography. One day, I am going to say, "I knew here when..."


OMG!!!! that looks delicious!!!
i have to make it this weekend... if i can wait till then!!
thanks for sharing!!!

Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

I've never used brown sugar in my Special K bars...that sounds even more delicious! Those bars are a big favorite at our house. I love your green March version!! (however, I have reservations on the mint and PB thing...maybe you can convince me otherwise?!)


These are my favorite! We call them Peanut Butter Crunch Bars.

My topping is a bit different. It's chocolate chips and butterscotch chips melted together.


I think your I Am Baker is perfect! No baker is perfect is life is a learning process. But aside from that, you kick out some freak'n fab baked goods!

And of course, these look absolutely yum!


These look great! I am currently trying to think of things for St. Patrick's Day for my blog too. I also seem to only think "green." Haha, but there is nothing wrong with a little more green in baking for a day :)


Also, I definitely think of time with relation to holidays too. You're not alone :)


These bars look yummy! Anything with chocolate in it is definitely a winner for me :)
Great job, Amanda!

Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

They look great! I sure hope they still teach home ec, or else at least 1/2 the kids will only know how to order take out when they hit 20 by the amount of people who eat fast food for dinner :)


Is your original scotcheroo recipe on your website somewhere? I'm not a mint fan and I think the original looks fantastic! I googled scotcheroo since I've never heard of them, and yours looked by far the best.

Lucy Lean

happy st paddy's day to you -


I'm with Stacie - how do you cut them so perfectly?

Amanda Rettke

I let these bars sit overnight so the set up very well, then I used a really sharp knife! Blessings all!


Oh my I can't have these around my house. I will keep nibbling at them. This was a staple for me an an old roommate. We would make a batch and snack on them for a week or so. Scotcheroos and Ramen Noodles is pretty much what I lived on for a while. Those were in my skinny days!


Oooo....I'm in the library, drooling all over the keyboard! I want to make these with Nutella so badly, I can hardly stand it! Nutella and mint just doesn't seem like it would work, but if peanut butter, chocolate, and mint work, I think Nutella would be an awesome choice as a substitute! :-) I'm all about trying new things...so thanks for the inspiration!

Rowaida Flayhan

Looks soo delicious,


They look so yummy!

Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum

Look at those - how fun! I love special K bars (aka scotcheroos in my family). This will be the perfect treat for St. P's day! And by the way - holy pictures. Compliments to you and your camera!


You can do no wrong in my eyes. These sound amazing!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

You want to know something, I don't think I've ever made these either! I've made rice crispy bars but that used only marshmallows and butter. I'll have to try these.


Scotcheroos to me are made with rice krispies & have butterscotch in the chocolate topping...hence "scotch" eroo, no? So yours are something totally different, I think. The St. Paddy's day version is so cute!

Amanda Rettke

When I google the recipe that is what came up.. over and over again! I think there must be many variations! :)


I'm a new follower AND a baker and I think your "I Am Baker" is a great idea. I'm not a professional baker - 95% of my skill is self-taught :) You might be able to grow the "I Am Baker" by having other mom/home/bakers as guest bakers. I also post my baking creatings (and sometimes baking FAILS) on my site...stop by and visit sometime :)


These sound lovely! I love the green for St. Patrick's Day, too!


yum. also, when I read your title : iam baker it is then followed with a : hear me roar .. i cant help it :) I say if you bake, your a baker :)

Carolyn L.

My boyfriend gets Butterfinger mixed in to Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream every time we go to Marble Slab. I am with you and think it's disgusting. But he insists that it's a delicious combination.


Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These look beautiful, and I've never made them before, either! Great treat for St. Patrick's Day!


how festive! this may have been your first time making scotcheroos, but there's no way it'll be your last!


Gorgeous bars, and I agree... peppermint and PB just don't sound quite right!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

Yum! How cute are these?!?!

Kari (Culinarication)

I was eating a Thin Mint and thought of you and this post, and put some peanut butter on it.

Conclusion? It works! Go for the mint next time!


You make everything look so irresistible. I've seen these done with Rice Krispies (as others have already mentioned) but never Special K nor with that gorgeous frosting on top. Either way, both are cereals so I guess these can pass as a breakfast food too. LOL


I thought you misled us because the title of your post was "St. Patrick's Day Bars" hee hee.


Those look irresistible my dear!

Simply irresistible.

Kelley Hart

Are your kidding me?! You are totally a baker! And you're fun and entertaining. Keep it coming.


I am new to your blog & am loving it.
Just wanted to let you know that while I was pregnant with my 1st child 12 years ago I discovered that mint & peanut butter go great together, at least they do when you order a mint peanut butter cup blizzard from Dairy Queen - you should seriously try it - I am not pregnant & it is one of my favorite blizzards to order - they look at you strangely the first few times you order it but who cares.
Thanks again for the great blog.

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