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Mar 21, 2011


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dawn doran

Yes-- Tutorial please!! that cake is unspeakably beautiful!

Eva Kosmas

Oh my goodness, that cake is gorgeous! I love hydrangeas too, such lovely flowers. The filling in the cake looks great, too :)


How did you make the flowers???


Wow what a gorgeous cake! I don't even care that is lemon :D

Nancy @SensitivePantry

Amanda - Happy Virtual Baby Shower! So many beautiful sentiments and good eats. The ladies outdid themselves. Plus your cake, as usual, is beautiful. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.


Just popped over to Glory's blog. OMG - amazing cupcakes over there. This hydreangea cake is gorgeous Amanda. You talents are amazing. You dazzle and surprise me each time I pop in for a visit. Your virtual baby shower is splendid! xo


Hi Amanda! Happy almost delivered! I personally would love, once the dust settles from the new babe, a post on what pastry tips you own and what each is good for! 1M for roses, 2D for hydrangeas, what else????

Made a rose cake- nowhere near as lovely as yours- but not bad!

Cooking Rookie

You are a true artists, just like your grandma :-). When I saw the photo of the cake on Foodgawker I thought these were live flowers. Amazing!


I love hydrangeas too, AND lemon curd, so thanks for sharing this recipe and idea! Congrats on your little one and enjoy your virtural baby shower. What a lovely idea! :)


Your cake is beautiful and Thank You I had an awesome time at your babyshower. I do have to admit this is the first shower I have gone to and didn't over eat!


Awesome! So elaborate and resemble the real hydrangea

Morgan @ Happy, Healthy & Me

Beautiful cake!! I would love a tutorial, I can not wait to attempt this!


My dear, I wish I could squeeze you. I hope you enjoyed your shower today, and someday soon we'll have to meet for coffee. I will bring hugs, and you can bring that sweet new boy of yours.

Love you bunches, and your cake? Love it too! Hydrangeas are my favorite, but you already knew that.


the urban baker

this is gorgeous but girlfriend, you need to take your kick your feet up, take that apron off, watch some soaps, and eat some bon-bons cuz in a few days you are going to be "in love"!


This cake is gorgeous!! I wouldn't want to cut into it. The flowers are beautiful and so is the painting. Do you have any tips/info on the flowers you made?? =)


Your cake is a work of art. Beautiful. Your Grandma must be so proud of you! So that is where you get your artistic talent from!


I'm quite sure creativity runs in the family because the cake looks gorgeous as usual!

And when I saw the virtual baby shower from the other bloggers, I just thought, boy you deserve it! Can't wait for your next tutorial or cake post :D

Megan O.


Megan O.

AND, as a Mother of four little ones, I send you early congratulations too!!! Such a blessing! Thank you for sharing your awesome virtual shower and all your talent with us!!!!

Darla @ Bakingdom

I adore this cake! Perfect for Spring and I love the inspiration behind it! And lemon cake is my favorite...I bet this was fantastic all around!


Beautiful! I love the lemon idea. I am not the best with frosting but I've got to try this. You definitely inspire me!


OH my goodness gracious. That has to be one of thee most gorgeous cakes I have ever seen. (I guess I need to get out more, because I've never even seen those cute little cupcakes, either!)

I would LOVE a tutorial on how you did the flowers. *swoon*

Lauren @ Crave.Indulge.Satisfy.

Another gorgeous cake, absolutely love it! Hydrangea's are my favorite flowers too! I saw all the sweet virtual baby shower recipes across the blogosphere yesterday in your honor and thought they were all just so sweet to surprise you with that, you are SO DESERVING and I'm so excited for your new little boy to arrive!


Wow! What a gorgeous and happy cake!! Beautiful work!!

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

What a gorgeous cake! The centerpieces at my wedding were comprised of hydrangeas, so they have a special meaning to me. I wonder if I made this cake for our anniversary, would my husband get the reference? Probably not ;).

Melinda @ Sugar Fix Bakery

Hydrangeas are my FAVORITE flowers too!! This cake is BREATHTAKING!! You are soooo talented & amazing all at the same time!! As a mom of 6.... congrats on your sweet baby #4!! Loved the Virtual Baby Shower... all of you girls are something! (:


I would love to see a tutorial!

Mary C.

Beautiful :) Happy baby shower to you also Amanda. We are anxious to hear all the details and see pictures once you and baby come home (just a few more days right!!?) So exciting!!

Amy Nguyen

Can you please put a search bar somewhere in your blog? I would really appreciate it! I want to try your recipes!!!


Wow, this is so gorgeous.

I've been reading a while and have never commented but please, please do tell how to make the little hydrangea petals! I don't need a full tutorial (although I adore them), I just want to know about the petals! SO PRETTY.

I love your blog!!

Tamara (New York)


I LOVE this cake. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower! When I saw this cake, the first thing I thought was how much my mom would love it too. I would love a tutorial on how you did it so maybe I could attempt it for Mother's day?!?! Yikes!


Happy Baby Shower. Everyone out here in the blogging world is excited to welcome your new baby into this world!


Oh my god! What a gorgeous cake! Me want :D


Okay...so when is your bakery opening????



ann at mommysecrets

Wow - that's beautiful!!


I love everything about this. I love the sound of.lemon and it makes me want to get out the petal tips and practice. the cupcake you mentioned might be my all time Glory fave.

when I lived in va there were hydrangea everywhere. and gardinias and magnolias. I miss that :-(

And I love grandmas art. I love to paint. I'm just not that good. You are very lucky to own that watercolor!

Leslie Jackson

It is beautiful!

I have to say that in one of the pics, I thought you had created little butterflies. So....there's something to think about in all that 'spare' time you have. (Nope....none of us have spare time!) :)


Wow! What an amazing group of friends you have. Now I bet you wish you could meet all of them in person, and give them all great big hugs.


Congratulations on the new addition coming soon! The virtual baby shower is an awesome idea. The cake looks AMAZING!!

Brooke (Baking with Basil)

Gorgeous cake!! Love the pretty petals! I don't know how I am just coming across your blog but I love it! I'll definitely be back!


Happy shower! Enjoy the new addition to your family! Your family is lucky to be able to enjoy all of the baking you do, and we are lucky that you share them with us!


Tutorial please! This is gorgeous!!


that's an awfully pretty cake, amanda, even if it is lemony (ick). the painting is lovely too!


The cake and the painting are both gorgeous! Creativity must run in the family!


ahhh I am too late to help with the previous post for people in hard times. I think it is so extremly powerful and amazing that you turned it to the readers of your blog, and I am not at all suprised that you were able to meet each of those needs!

Also! I made a cake you had on your blog for a friends bridal shower and she LOVED it! I'll send you an email with the finished look :)

thanks for the on going inspiration as I learn how to decorate and fill my life and the lives of others with treats made with love and lots of colorful sugar!


er uh.. whats your email I cant find it on here? lol

Dominique Dobson

Hey there - would love to know what tip you used - did I miss that part? Love the cake, it's beautiful!


How are you feeling mama? You amaze me that you are 9 months preggy a mom of 3 and and you have the time and energy to all this. You rock!God bless

Crescendo Event Design

This cake is fun! I love it -very simple. My girlfriend has been sick so I might try this to cheer her up. I am thinking either blue or varying shades of pink. Thanks for sharing!

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