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Feb 08, 2011


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megan @ whatmegansmaking

Amanda, you are seriously the smartest baker I know. Even when you were halfway through your explanation I couldn't figure out where you were going with it...this is genius! :)


What a great tutorial, Amanda. I think I'll leave the pretty cake making up to you, but if you need any eaters, I'm all for that!


Beautiful! I'm going to bake this on Sunday and bring to work for Valentine's Day on Monday! Hope it turns out 1/2 as good as yours :)


Awesome, great work. Thanks a lot!


I just made this cake! I used your recipes for white and chocolate cake. Ended up with an extra 9-inch chocolate cake, but that's another story. The main problem was that the two layers that were supposed to stick together, didn't exactly do that, especially the chocolate cake. I assembled the cakes a few minutes ago and froze them until tomorrow morning and then I'll decide if I want to keep the outmost layer. If not, I'll just have two smaller, but beautiful cakes. I just want it to look perfect, lol.

Rose A

Love this idea!! I have to try it. Have you ever posted about how you get your buttercream so incredibly smooth? That's the tutorial I need. I LOVE me some buttercream, but it always looks like my 5 year old frosted the cake when I get done! I can do a pretty good job of decorating a cake with fondant, but me and buttercream do not get along!

Account Deleted

You are so talented and creative! And I love how detailed your tutorials are. Can't thank you enough for sharing this amazing technique!!


I made it!! it's a little lopsided (my tiny NYC oven is apparently not level in the slightest) but it was super easy - thank you for the inspiration!!


I'm trying this tomorrow! Where should I send pictures if it's successful?

Jessica P.

You could totally do this in rainbow! love it!


Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for my husband to come back so I'll have someone to make this for! :) You make it look so easy!


So much work, but so, so gorgeous. Thanks for telling us the secret!

Karen Tucker

I wonder if someone could make a circular (press) slicer...bear with me.
It would be the size (dimensions) of the cake, deep enough to cut through two layers. Just like your templet, but with blades that go down through the layers. Take away the need for precise cutting with a knife. Just an idea......


This is so beautiful. Have you ever made a checker-board cake? My Grandmother made them for me when I was a child.
Thank you for sharing this with us.


that is one cool cake!! i love your handwriting and i love your tutorials. keep it up!


Love it! Love it so much that I made it this weekend with chocolate and strawberry cake!

Pudding Pie Lane

Oh wow, your photos are stunning. I love the idea of the piped rings! My friend said that he was going to propose to me... with an onion ring.


Made this last night! Turned out super-fab! My kiddos were upset that I had baked and delivered two cakes over the weekend that were not for them to eat, so I made your verticle layers cake for our family! I topped it with the roses in a pale, antique pink and left the sides smooth and white (using IMBC). I only did one, 3 inch layer or each flavor as I only had my little family to feed. Also, I cut and reassembled the cakes unfrozen and felt that they held up nice. One cake was even still a tad warm when I pulled the rings apart. I find that if you defrost a frozen cake and leave the plastic wrap on the entire time, once it's fully defrosted the sweating issue is not a problem. I always defrost on the counter top!
Talk about amazing! My layers were chocolate (I'm a bit of a chocoholic) and pink vanilla cake.
Used your method and it worked like a dream! Thanks so much!

Kristina M

I tried this cake yesterday and it came out great. Your steps were so nicely done, made it super easy to follow. Thank you!


Saw this recipe on aol 2/15/11


Making this! At least I will be next week for a wedding shower I'm throwing. Two cakes with the roses (one pink, one green - the wedding colors). I'm looking forward to 'wow'-ing people with another one of your awesome cakes! I'll definitely at least blog pics =o)

Andrea B

Oooohhhh ... that's incredible! My friend loves your blog and now I know why. I'll be back for more. Thanks for sharing!

Rowaida Flayhan

Amazingly beautiful! wow so creative love it and love your blog


I really have to stop checking out your site. It costs me lots of money and hours of frustration :)

Your work is absolutely fantastic! I was going to try the rose cake this weekend but now I'm considering this layer cake. I wonder if I should just combine the two.

You are a star!




Very Cool! So talented


there's actually a cake pan I found at Michaels that allows you to bake the layers together. if you do multiple layers of the vertical layer cake you get this really cool checker board pattern when you cut into it.


I made this cake last weekend! I used a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake, and chocolate buttercream. I sorta hate sweet things (I know!) so I just added lots of chocolate powder to the buttercream until it was the same colour as the chocolate cake, then used that between each ring of cake to stick it together instead of the syrup. Also I didn't freeze my cakes, it was difficult but still worked fine! I then just covered it in more chocolate buttercream, put it in the fridge, did another layer, and then melted some chocolate and put it in a disposable piping bag, then piped a squiggly flower pattern on top!


I keep finding your site on foodgawker. Your recipes and pictures and everything are gorgeous! One little thing though, that quote is not actually Shakespeare though it is often attributed to him. It is actually by Arrigo Boito.
Cheers! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Sara L.

Beautiful! Wonderful job!

I was just thinking you could do a checkerboard really easily with this method, by swapping the layers before the first freeze. (white on bottom, red on top, and vice versa) Better than buying the specialty pans.


I made this cake this past weekend for an 'Alter Ego' party! Mine turned out to be a 'Vertical checkered' cake, but it was a fun process! Thanks so much for all your inspiration!

jules p

This is AMAZING! Thanks for being a sweetie and sharing how you made this vertical cake. It is awesome. I cannot wait to make one.


loved this! made it for an Alter Ego party last week, and it was a hit! I did accidentally make it into a checker-cake (which i see results from not aligning the layers properly!). Can't wait to try another one of your cakes! thanks, we are always your fans :)

Ali Hedrick

Thanks for such a great tutorial! I LOVE your blog and am amazed at your creativity and ability to make my mouth water just from looking at your pictures! I made this cake and while my decorating skills need some major improvement and mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as yours, I'm happy with the results!
Thanks again :)


I'm trying it today. Hope it goes well. :-) Thanks for sharing yourself with us.


Love this! The only thing I might consider adding would be frosting between each layer. I like a little cake with my frosting - aka just eat the frosting kind of girl. :)


next cake will be done your way :o)

Martha Howard

My granddaughter will be soo happy and I CAN make her wedding cake thank you so much

Megan Curtis

Can I just say that I love your site! You are a true inspiration! I've thought about doing vertical layers before when I saw a post by Brittany

She uses large circle cookie cutters to separate the cake layers/flavors/colors.

Any who! I love the cake both times around! I'm totally using your roses for a wedding cake I'm making this summer!


Jessica McCoy

I'm a new follower of your blog (found it via Bakingdom's blog on the vertical layers). I made a vertical layer cake with the 1M roses this weekend for my cake decorating class. It was a huge hit and it was so easy. I couldn't get my circle template to cooperate so I just winged it with they layers and they still came out ok. Next time I'll get more technical with it. LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Gaby Galindo

Hi!! I have to admit this cake looked so complicated but it is awesome!! Can I do this cake with some box cake mix? Or the recipe is just only for this kind of cake?

I canĀ“t wait to make it!! Thank you a lot for share this.
Regards from Guatemala, C.A.



Love this... :0)


good gravy, you are awesome! found your blog through pw, instant fave! thanks for the inspiration, i will have to try this slightly terrifying vertical layer cake thing. it's gorgeous!


You are completely nuts but this is absolutely extraordinary. Also you make it seem peculiarly easy. I am astounded. Keep going!

Joey B.

Fantastic cake. It's a marvel. Now I want to try this for my one birthday. :D

Something to think about - using a somewhat thick crumb coat, then coating it in fondant. Pourable fondant. *mmm...* Or, heck, using the coating you did for that chocolate cake you did (the one with the cordial cherries in the middle).


I tried to make this cake and blogged about it, http://somegoodlookincookin.blogspot.com/2011/03/vertical-layer-cake-fail.html

Your directions were easy, I'm just not as skilled as you. :(


Amazing cake, you're so creative. Would love to try this someday.

Baking is my Zen

Simply amazing!



I came across your website and everything on it is simply stunning! I could only hope to be able to AT LEAST copy the things you make one day!!

This cake must have taken such skill and creativity to make, and I would like to share with you a cake pan that my mother has that does this same thing, but without the cutting and engineering! My mother and I use it to make Checkerboard Cake (we use 2 of the pans, one for each layer of the cake)...I'm not sure if you are familiar with this type of cake, but in the picture you can see the type of cake it produces and on the right side of the picture it shows the tool you pop into your standard circle pan to make the magic happen.

Here is a link to what I'm talking about:

You simply put the tool into the pan and in the different circles alternate the batter! I'm quite new at baking so I'm not 100% sure if this is the same effect you were looking for, but the picture of all the cut pieces together from your post seems to be identical to the Checkerboard Cakes me and my mother make!

-Peace & Light (:

Rachel Smith

This tutorial is amazing! I WILL try this soon - as soon as I can at least. I'm kind of ridiculous jealous of your talent. (that's normal right?)

Oklahoma Granny

Like Yosha, I'd use the checkerboard cake pans and just make the rings in each pan match. That way you could have up to a 3 layer vertical striped cake.

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