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Feb 03, 2011


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wow!!! I can't wait to try this! Looks so much easier than the typical "wilton rose". thanks for sharing :)


it does look easy- and comfortably my birthday is coming soon so i have a chance of making this one for my family- now heres a group of ppl that will appreciate it.


This is beautiful; you make it look so easy but I bet when I get a chance to do it mine won't turn out as pretty!


What a beautiful and simple cake decorating idea!! I decorate cakes and making a zillion roses the old fashion way keeps me from making rose cakes but this is do- able and wouldn't have my hand aching all day long afterwards!!! Thanks!


W.O.W. I am smitten by how beautifully this turned out! Amazing, Amanda. So cool.


Would you mind me sharing your lovely cake with a link to your post on my blog? I think my readers will love this!


Holy Fire! I love it! I'm going to have to give this a try... perfect for valentines!

Rachelle @ Mommy? I'm Hungry!

I love this cake! So beautiful and easy (I've done cupcakes w/those roses). I'm a new FB fan too! =)


I love love love reading your blog. I have awarded you "The Versatile Blogger" award. Come and visit my site to check it out: katieshowto.blogspot.com

Jessica Young

Gorgeous. I may have my daughter's next birthday cake!


This is fabulous! If I ever get married again this will be my wedding cake. Couldn't you just see a tiered cake with all those roses!


Oh this is so gorgeous...those roses take my breath away!


Wow, this is amazing. I can't wait to find out how to make the vertical cake! I'm going to wait to make the cake for myself until I know!!


What a lovely cake.


I am so happy you posted this cake. I am going to make this for my wedding cake (if I ever get married that is). I guess I have plenty of time to practice it!! Ha Ha. This is such an impressive cake. What if I had a taller cake? Would you do two rows of roses on the sides or just do giant roses in one row?


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will definitely be making this cake soon. It's so beautiful!

The Italian Dish

Amanda, you are a genius! I love this so much.


This cake is amazing! Im stunned, abolsutly stunned! :)
Thank you for the inspiration!

Danee Kaplan

I get the coloring but this cake in white is just perfect simplicity. Gorgeous.

Komal Balakrishnan

Can you do this with Swiss meringue buttercream?


wow--it's not so hard after all! the coloring is a great little touch as well. thanks for the how-to!

Komal Balakrishnan

Can you make the roses with Swiss Meringue buttercream instead? Will it hold? Want to do this for a friend's bridal shower!

Miriam/The Winter Guest

This cake is just unbelievable...

Ana Powell

Wow, absolutely fabulous and so elegant.
Outstanding work ♥


Thank you so much for sharing this. I think it will be perfect to make for my Mum.


I cannot wait to get home a practice my roses! I'm also super psyched to learn how to make a vertical cake. I'm already plotting it in my head!


I can't wait to see how you put the cake together to make the vertical layers


Looks great! The 1M tip is a great one. Easiest way to add flare to a cake or make a simple cupcake look extra special. Thanks for sharing what you do on your blog. And happy belated birthday! You and my man share the same excellent day.


que preciosidad,,graciassss


this is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen and I"m not joking at all! The tutorial is confusing to me (prob bc i've never made a cake like this in my life!) but I am determined to make this! wow!


Hi Amanda, I have just discovered your page across a blog in Spain, I´m really impressed by your work.

I would like to have news of your post to enjoy your creations.

I´m never going to do so wonderful things but I like to seeing them (excuse my bad english, I forget it all)

Kisses from Spain-Europe


Looks great! When I first saw the rise cake, I was so sure that you used a checkerboard cake pattern and just didn't alternate the colors. Looks wonderful, and I can't wait to be able to make beautiful roses like yours!

Mª Carmen

it is the most beatiful cake i have ever seen! Congratulations and thank you for sharing it. Regards


it looks awesome!


Beautiful! I will be making this cake multiple time this year. Thank you for the easy steps and tips.


thank you for this tutorial, I found it very helpful! I've prepared it with a different recipe, and also with a different tip, and loved the result! In case you want to check this is the address http://larecetadelafelicidad.blogspot.com

Thanks again, and best regards!


Gorgeous! Great instructions, too!


Thank you so much for providing the tutorial. I'll be replicating your cake for Valentine's Day.


So so pretty. Love it!


You are so talented!! This inspires me more to pursue culinary school! :3 I also know what I'll make for Valentine's Day! I hope I can find out how to do the vertical layers by then! Thank you so much! ^-^


You are a baking rock star! I am humbled by all the amazing things that you are creating. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


really really beautiful!


I am so completely in love with this incredible cake! What a perfect wedding cake this would be. GORGEOUS! J'adore! Thank you!

Pamela K.

I am so trying this for Valentine's Day. I made that frosting on my son's last birthday. Everyone loved it. I was asked for the recipe. My brother's partner asked if heart stents was included.LOL!


I love this cake. I used your suggestions on the tip and made cupcakes for a party this weekend. The roses were so easy to make. I can't wait to make an entire cake.

The cupcakes can be found on my blog www.ourenchantinglife.blogspot.com


Amanda, you made it sound so easy. Thanks for the tutorial and the step by step photos. It really helps. I'm with you that the white is my favorite. It looked so elegant!


This looks incredible! I may have to try it. I made the heart cake last year, and while it was nowhere as pretty as yours, I was excited about it!


I made it !!
can see it here :

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate

How pretty! I wanted to make my mom a carrot cake for her birthday-I wonder if cream cheese frosting would stand up to this treatment. . .

Lisa (With Style & Grace)

A-MAZING! You are so incredibly talented, I'm blown away every time I see your work! Love this, thanks for the tutorial Amanda!

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