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Feb 03, 2011


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Amazingly BEAUTIFUL cake!!

Jessica Lauren

I tried this! It's not as pretty as yours but it's not a complete disaster either! Hooray! Thanks for the tutorial! We won't talk about what happened when I tried to follow your other tutorial to make the vertical cake!:)


Wow - your rose cake is absolutely beautiful. A work of art. And looks mouthwatering too! I love the striped cake inside. Fun surprise. Seriously - this cake is gorgeous.


i liked how easy you make the flowers sound

Lauren A

Gorgeous! I am totally thinking of having this as a three tier and as my wedding cake... LOVE!


How beautiful! You may have just inspired me to actually try to pipe buttercream!
May I post and link to your blog? (And use the photo of the roses cake?)


I've bookmarked this page, I SO want to try it! Promise to let you know if I do :)

Julia @ Mélanger

Hello, have found your blog through another favourite blog. So glad to be here. You have an amazing talent. Can't wait to see more! :)


I also love this cake. Our daughter is getting married and the roses will be perfect! I go to your blog from time to time and I am never disappointed. You are amazing......
Many thanks.


Yay!! Gonna make one today!!


I made this cake for my bff's birthday last night. It was the most beautiful cake ever and everyone was floored that I had made it. I can't believe how easy it was and the result was amazing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

See my result here: http://themissgracie.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/hotter-than-georgia-asphalt/


I'm in love with this cake! Bookmarked the page and all. Could you maybe post a good photo of the tip? I can't find any "1M" in this side of the world. :)

Rebecca Nevels Holloway

CakeCentral is chock full of rose cake photos, all crediting YOU! So naturally I had to check out your tutorial. Thank you for sharing this beautiful idea!

Jackie Rivero

OmG!!! can you please tell me how you did it and the recipe, pleaseeeeee. thank you


absolutely beautiful!

Kelli Risnes

I just made this cake for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I added two smaller layers on top so it appeared to be more of a tiered wedding cake. I also put a golden 50 on the top. It was a hit! It looked really difficult, but actually wasn't. Thank you for the inspiration!


I am so excited!!!!!! What a beautiful cake!!!! So simple!! I know what I'm gonna play around with tomorrow!!!!!!!

Rhonda Giarraffa

Fantastic work here. Love this style. The mist is really cool to work with.


This for sure is a peace of art. I will try to reproduce these but I think I won't succeed.

Rachel Frazee

thank you so much! my mom wanted me to make this for her for her wedding and i had no idea how to do it! she is gonna love it!


I have been seeing these cakes and they look so complicated but your instructions seem so simple! I can't wait to try this. Thank you so much for sharing!!

kenya reinhardt

We film over 80 weddings a year and I have to say this is prettier than any cake we have seen. Great job! I bet it tasted better too.


Ideas para mi cumple !


Thank you so much for this tutorial! Even I could manage to do it! I just posted the result on my blog, and I think it's so nice I'll print the picture on a card to be a wedding card that goes along with a gift for a newly wed couple! Thank you. If you're interested in my result:


wondering how many layers the cake in the tutorial pics is? also wondered the diameter of the cake. it looks perfect and would love to try it for a bday cake soon.

thanks for sharing!


I like this recipe, the color is beautiful, appealing and delicious.


Hey! I was wondering what recipe did you use for your frosting on this cake? I use a too creamy kind and like you said it didnt work well.


Lovely! This is make easier then trying to make a rose the other way. I love baking and decorating cakes. So I am going to try this method on my next cake. Thanks for sharing.


I just made this cake for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She picked it out herself! I was looking at your blog and she said, "Mommy, I want THAT cake for my birthday!" I did a two layer chocolate cake and the rose design. Received a million compliments on it!

Amy mcd

Do you think a cream cheese frosting would work? I have an amazing red velvet cake I would love to make & use the rose technique to frost it.




I actually made this today and it turned out JUST like you said! Thank you for the wonderful idea and thank you especially for sharing how to do it!


So beautiful , sofisticated and Rosie!
I have made my version (nothing like yours!) here we go! http://creacionesartisticas-marie.blogspot.com/2011/08/pastel-vertical-de-rosas-superdesafio.html
Cheers and thanks a lot for your quick advice :D
, marie


Would you recommend using your "new favorite buttercream" in making this rose cake? I notice it has lesser shortening than the one you used for this rose cake.


I'm gonna share it in Facebook, this is really awesome

Lynda Labrum


Account Deleted

It looks wonderfull! I wish I could do this to one of my cakes!:)

Karen Mast

What a beautiful cake! I'm not a big fan of buttercream frosting. Have you ever made these roses out of cream cheese frosting?

elizabeth zandona

I LOVE this! and and going to attempt it this weekend for a bridal shower, but when you started on the top of the cake did you start from the center and work your way out or did you start at the edge and work your way in? Do you think it would matter? (would one way leave more holes than the other?)
Thank you fro sharing this wonderful tutorial I am super excited to try it! :)

בניית אתרים

Looks beautiful, too bad you can`t have a taste via the screen :(

That looks really great, and it's an easy way to decorate a cake perfectly :)


I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I saw this cake so long ago and always thought it was beautiful, but today it was my lifesafer! After baking a layer cake, the cake was unbelievably stuck to the bottom of the pans - and after trying every trick in the book, they still came out completely broken. After piecing it back together and smearing the crumbliest (is that a word?) coat of icing on top, it looked horrendous. But then I remembered your rose cake! So in a last attempt, I piped on these roses, at it worked! I couldn't believe it - I now have a presentable cake! So thank you thank you!

Anna Grace

amanda, beautiful job as always! i dream of this cake!


Loved this tutorial, thank you! I did this for one of my brother's five wedding cakes, and it turned out so beautiful! It was easy and impressed all the guests.

Cassandra Harris Tan

Hi, your cake look absoutely stunning. What a great idea to put roses all over the cake. This gives a an idea to make one just like that when comes to valentine's day. I do have a question to ask you. I am planning to make a birthday cake for my daugther using crusting buttercream. I will make the cake on Thursday. My daughter's birthday is on Saturday. Can I put the cake in the refrigerator until Saturday?

I would appreciate if you can help to answer that. Thank you!

Lisa M

So beautiful and not as intimidating as I initially thought. Even the inside of the cake is lovely!

Michelle Freel

What a gorgeous cake!


I hope I'm not late to the party in thanking you for the wonderful tutorials that you have shared on your website..Love all of your work and look forward in seeing new ideas from you...Thank you...Sandy


yuummmmm those cakes look so delicious i will buy one to eat it in the evening cuz i cant make one myself :I

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