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Feb 03, 2011


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shannon christensen

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this cake! I used the idea for my daughter's wedding this week. My craftsmanship was not what your's is but no one looked close enough to tell. Except for the photos. Here is a link to see what you inspired.


Again, so much thanks to you!


That cake is awesome.


I've got to try this! I've always made small flowers on cakes. Never thought of making them large enough to cover the whole side of the cake. The effect is gorgeous!


Thank you so so so much for sharing this!!! I am literally flabbergasted at how gorgeous the cake is for how little effort. Totally made my baking year!


I used this idea today for a bridal shower. I can't believe what a gorgeous cake it makes and it is so easy. Easy because I only did the icing - not the different flavors inside. :) Maybe next time! Thanks so much for sharing this!


I just wanted to say thanks so much for the tutorial - I made it for my sister's 8th birthday party and her eyes POPPED out of her head when she saw how HUGE and pretty it was.

What was MOST appreciated was how super easy it was - it might be the easiest way I've ever iced a cake! My little cousin even did a couple of the roses and she'd never held a piping bag before in her life!

I'm still waiting on some pictures of the cake - but I do have this one [http://firstactproblems.tumblr.com/post/4726115604/rose-cake-from-zoes-8th-birthday-happens-to] if you'd like to see how it turned out!

Thanks again -


Sigh. I saw another cake in foodgawker that was decorated this way, I went to look and noticed no links back to your post. I left a comment with your link on it, twice, and both got deleted. I went to check again today and a "Source: adapted from..." link has been added at the bottom of the post. Thanks for giving us beautiful cakes :)


OH MY GOD I almost had a had a heart attack. I thought I'd lost this. Took me forever to Google and re-find it, but now it's tucked away in my bookmarks and pinned on my Pinterest.

This is amazing, and exactly what I want for my wedding in August. We were already planning on having a table with 6 or 7 kinds of cake from our favorite bakery in Portland. We didn't want any other special decoration because we really like the look of the variety of the standard cakes. But then I saw this. And it looks like my dress (http://www.paintedladydresses.com/shop/17-142-large/full.jpg). And I fell in love. I'm going to have them do this in whatever frosting they'd normally use for each cake, so there'll still be variety, and we'll be getting some single layer and some double layer cakes in different diameters, so there will be some more variety still. Thanks for this tutorial; it's gorgeous!

Tabby Powell

Hi, I dont have a 1M tip, I just bought the Wilton Master Tip set, there are 54 tips in there so would of know of another tip, that I have, that could be used? :)


I tried this technique for a spring cake for my grandfather's birthday! My cake was taller and large roses weren't looking good so I started over and did two roses on the side. I think it came out nice and the method was so simple! It looks harder than it is for sure.


What kind of cake do you prefer to use under all that beautiful frosting???? Im a college student, so I was curious if a box mix would do the trick, or if by scratch would be best! :)


I think I am in love with you ;)


I have been wanting to make this since I first saw it and tried it yesterday- it was so easy and came out beautifully! I was just trying it to practice and the cake was carrot so I used a cream cheese frosting which is very creamy and not at all sugary or crusting but it piped like a dream! so smooth and they held their shape wonderfully. I did 4 8 oz blocks philly cream cheese, 2 sticks butter and 4 cups powdered sugar (sifted) and it put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes while I let the crumb coat dry a bit. I had a lot leftover, so I will probably reduce the amount next time. Can't wait to try the spray color for my daughter's birthday!


Just tried this with my Easter carrot cake. It worked well with the cream cheese frosting but I had to move extremely quick. Can't wait to put this on the table in a few hours! Thanks so much.


Just made this for Easter this year and it was such a hit! I've NEVER decorated a cake before except for slapping on some store bought frosting on with a kitchen knife. I was AMAZED at how easy this actually was and it looked nice too! Not as good as yours (obviously...) but still - everyone could tell what it was and how pretty it looked! Thank you for sharing this.

sarah crosby

After seeing this I decided it is what I am going to make for my little niece's 1st birthday party smash cake! SUPER adorable, lots of frosting and VERY girly! Making a mock cake this week! Hopefully it turns out as pretty as yours!

Erin Adams

I am so in love with this rosy cake. I saw a photo on Pinterest that inspired me. I've attempted it twice. I just realized today that the idea originated here. I need to study your blog. I have much to learn. Starting with a good crumb coat. I am such a bad froster!!


Hi, just wondering but what are the types of cake that you used for this recipe? It looks beautiful! you are amazingly talented :)

maryland tile installation

I so love cakes! This one look so yummy, thanks for that delicious share.


This is amazing! You inspire me, can't wait to make my own :)


This is such a well written tutorial! You are so talented! Thank you so much!


My pie is not as perfect as yours but I was satisfied ... thank you very much for showing so spectacular cakes and decorations.

Is here: http://bonprofitbcn.blogspot.com/2011/04/tarta-mona-de-sant-jordi.html


I picked this for my mom's birthday cake! It was the first cake I've ever decorated! I've never considered myself a baker but even I could do it! Thank you!


Love this! I can't wait to have an excuse to make it.


Maria G Picón

Oh my god! this cake can't be more beautiful! Lovely!!
xoxo from Spain!



I am going to make this tomorrow for my birthday tea! cant wait!


Can you pipe the rosettes onto fondant(RTR)???


So, I didn't do the vertical inside, but I did do the rose design and my client loved it!!! thank you so much!
Not sure how I can share the photo with you, but I did post it in my facebook page. Thank you so much for the idea!


I used the rose design last month for my wedding cake! Although I admit I probably should have practiced first, everyone was impressed and loved it. Thank you so much for the tutorial.


The prettiest cake I've EVER seen.... LOVE this.

Warm blessings,


I made this this weekend and it was a HUGE hit! I made it white first, and really debated on adding any color. I decided to leave it white and take it to our Mother's Day brunch, and then half way through change it to pink. While the yellow/pink still looked good white definitely looked better! Thanks for the cake! Next up I want to try your hydrangea cake!


made your rose cake this weekend it turned out pretty great! i didnt do the vertical layers though, id like to try it sometime tho! Both of your blogs amaze me, how you can be a phenomanal baker and bakery decorater to a homeschool mom and everything in between amazes me!


Thanks for this great idea. I just made a version of this and it was, in fact, super easy and looked fantastic. Putting the roses on the cake only took about 10 minutes or so once I got going. They were so fun I kind of wanted to wipe them off and do it again. I will absolutely be adding this to my repertoire. Thank you very much <3 <3 <3


This is soooo great! I just had to feature it on my blog
mmtncrfts.blogspot.com. I am switching my blog focus to weddings and thought this would make the perfect bridal shower cake. Thanks so much for sharing your easy to follow tutorial.

Account Deleted

You are a GODDESS! That is the most beautiful cake (inside and out) I have ever seen. I gave it a shot, nowhere near as fantastic as your final product, and minus the vertical stripes, and I have to say: in addition to being a fabulous baker, you're also an amazing teacher.

Thank you!


I decided to take a stab at the rose cake design for my Mother's birthday this weekend. I ended up making a 4 layer chocolate cake (from your best rated chocolate cake recipe blog... and can i say YUM!!!!!) and instead of doing the roses all the way around the side of the cake, I covered the sides with very well-crushed chocolate cookies. Turned out beautifully and extremely delicous!
Thank you for the recipes!


Wonderful cake decoration!!! Question: how many inches wide is this cake? thank you for sharing!! ☺


I LOVE this!!! I will be trying this out for my mother's birthday this weekend. Thanks for the tutorial!


I'm inspired...at 8 am on a friday! I WILL make this cake either today or this weekend!


Can you also make the Rose Cake as a carrot cake. If so do I freeze it as well? It won't come out soggy? Thanks!


i love this cake very much,thanks for your sharing, i must try this :D


oh very beautiful.


Wow, that is so beautiful. I'll have to try this!


This is absolutely beautiful!!!!
I'd love to try but I so clumsy with the frosting pipe! :)

Sara at Keeth Ink

Amazing! I have a 1M tip, but no special occasion... Maybe I'll make one just because. :)


I just had to try this for cupcakes I was making for a party... and I was really please that it really was as simple as your instructions. I can't wait to do more of these! Thanks for the tutorial!


this is amazing! your blog is spectacular and you are such a talented baker. I will be back frequently for more :)


Wow it looks gorgeous! Would you mind doing a video tutorial of this as well? I'm a novice baker so a video would help me out a lot!


I've seen this somewhere else on web last week. This is a MUST make. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait.


I am a complete cake and icing novice but tried this cake anyway. It turned out beautifully -- not as beautiful as yours -- but beautiful nonetheless. Thanks so much for the great idea.

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