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Feb 03, 2011


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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the how-to!


I love it! I will be purchasing my 1M tip right away! Thank you, you have inspired me. Please visit me anytime at http://twogingerprinces.blogspot.com


I love you for this.

The Swedish Cupcake

This is amazing! I was going to make a stacked cake with fondant for my daughter's Christening next week, but now you've totally changed my mind. The vertical layer looks so cool! I'm toying with the idea of using one red velvet cake and one carrot cake and make the roses out of cream cheese frosting, but I don't know if it would make as pretty stripes as yours.

Thanks for sharing!


Really nice. Looks like it would go quickly, once you get the hang of it. I suppose I could figure this out by a little practice, but will ask anyway. I see the approximate angle of your tip when you start & end (at the 9 o'clock position on your rose, as shown here), but how is the tip positioned when you reach the 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock & 6 o'clock points of the circle. Does the tip always point, roughly, toward the center of the rose? I'm anxious to try this. My various infirmities made me give up making real roses, plus I'm now way out of practice. Thanks for sharing this great technique.


My jaw dropped when I saw the image of the white rose cake. It is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and bigger thanks for sharing the tutorials for creating these beauties. :)


This is such a beautiful technique, with or without the added color. Thanks so much for sharing it!


What a great cake! I will definitely be trying it in the near future!


That is the most beautifull rose cake I´ve seen, congrats!!


Hello Amanda, I have been itching to make this for a long time now and finally got to make it today to give to my Mom and Dad for their anniversary. I love how my cake turned out!!! :) Thank you for the idea and the inspiration!


My fiance and I are preparing for a budget-friendly, DIY wedding this August. You have solidified our final plan. This cake is absolutely gorgeous and will fit our special day just right. Thank you so very much for sharing this tutorial!


this is beautiful. I bet it taste as good at it looks!


Beautiful, thanks for sharing.


I just frosted a cake per your instructions and lo and behold it turned out! That never happens. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Am I in heaven or what? Seriously, those cakes are heavenly!

Malie S.

Wow!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial! You made it look so easy. I'll send a pic of what I do.


Oh My God!! I want to take a bite so badly but then I want to just stare it for a week, hehe.

Thanks for the tutorial!!


I just died a little bit.


how pretty! thanks for the tutorial


This is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to use it for my daughter's birthday this year... The first year none of the girls can fight over who gets the slices with a rose!


Yep awesome! I am going to attempt to make this for a friends wedding ;)

I Live in Antbed

Stunning! Absolutely stunning!


This is the coolest cake ever!!!!

Stephanie Rose

wow this is unbelievable! i have a slight obsession with roses and this just made my day! thanks :)


This is amazing i decorate cakes and i love this one

kelly harp

oh my good gracious! i just came over from pw & OH MY! that is THE most beautiful cake i've EVER seen!!! WOW!!!


Beautiful! I never been into making US cakes because they are too sweet for my taste. But I just have to make this one. Roses are my favorite flower you know :) Thanks for the tut.

Ida Bear

Che Bella!

Charo Washer

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!

LaJuana Dunn



WOW!!! Love your stuff! A big thank you to PW for sending me over!


Wow those roses look amazing ! Do you think i could use a firm ganache instead of buttercream ? :)

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes

Absolutely gorgeous! Just discovered you through Pioneer Woman. Would love to have been able to make this for my grandmother, her name was Rosemary and she loved roses. Beautiful!

Dixie Caviar

This is INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to attempt. Sigh.

kandy smith

So beautiful!
When you said you looped around the center twice, do you mean only the first center loop you did twice?
Thanks so much

Patricia Calef

For the Rose Cake: if you put in two different colors of frosting in a frosting bag side by side, you can get a two tone rose. And you can always put in three or four strips of frosting for an even more beautiful one.


oh my gosh! i love love love this! soooo flipping pretty! thanks for sharing the how to's!


What a beautiful cake! It is elegant, and feminine and oh so unique. And I am bowled over by your generosity in sharing everything one needs to know about how to make it. Your tutorial is superb. Brava!

Account Deleted

Thanks to your tutorial I was able to make this cake for my grandma's 88th birthday http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/207089_10150155037779125_561584124_6663818_5650301_n.jpg Thanks again!

Jen Pallas

They make this look so easy....I think I need to try it!

Lori R

I made your gorgeous cake yesterday and you were right, it is easy! Thanks for your inspiration!

Beth at SouthernBluestocking

How beautiful! I'm bookmarking this for the next time I need a fancy desert--or maybe just a brunch. http://southernbluestocking.com/


I made it :) I tried making it red, but after using half a thing of my red gel coloring, it still wasn't a pretty, deep red. Any suggestions for a deeper red?


Elesha East

Wow....I think I just found my future wedding cake...=) This is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!!!!


I can't wait to try this cake for our daughter's first birthday. She is named Theresa after St. Therese of Liseaux, who is know for sending a "shower of roses" when you ask for her intercession. So a rose cake would be the PERFECT thing to make. Lord knows I am not a cake decorator, but I do have a 1M tip already!


Thanks ever so much for your beautiful design. I made it my self but with a Wilton 2D tip :),since I could not buy the 1M tip at my local store...but it was sooo pretty and lovely...I love how it turned out...thanks a lot for the free inspiration and all the trouble you took to do this blog step by step...good luck in all your future work..3 cheers!!!!


Thanks so much for all the trouble you took to make this blog and sharing it with us freely. I made it and it was soo lovely.But I used the Wilton 2D tip becoz I couldnt buy the 1M tip at the local store..but I love how it turned out :)...good luck in all your future work..3 cheers!!!!

Hypnotherapy London

Love this. Such a great idea! The more I look through your site the more I like.


You make this look so easy!! It's absolutely beautiful. I've included a link to your tutorial in our roundup of beautiful foods for a floral themed party. I hope you'll check it out! Floral Themed Food Finds

shannon christensen

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful cake! I took your idea and used it on my daughter's wedding cake this week. The craftsmanship is not as beautiful as yours but no one was looking close enough. Except in the photos. Here is a link


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