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Feb 28, 2011


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Jessica @ How Sweet

All of these pancakes look so pretty! I'm going to make more cake batter pancakes!


They're all so pretty! I love pancakes but mine never turn out as uniform as yours, they're always slightly different sizes and usually ever so slightly deformed rather than perfectly round.

I will most definitely be celebrating pancake day by getting up half an hour earlier and making some crepes, which I will probably have with nutella, and my husband will probably just cover with an inch thick layer of crunchy granulated sugar

Ana Powell

I love them all, so perfect and the colours are awesome.
Great clicks ♥


How do you get your pancakes all so perfectly the same size Amanda?

I'm in love with the shot with the strawberry milk!!! well, really they ALL look and sound AMAZING!


Oh my - soooo pretty. Let's eat! =)


I will not lick the computer screen, I will not lick the computer screen. Oh my these look amazing!

Aimee @ Simple Bites

Pancake love! Only you could elevate pancake elegance into something so elegant.

Jessica Calvarese

Ooh how I love pancakes too! I like to bake mine in the oven in cupcake pans. They are oh so yummy and it gives you the perfect doneness (is that a word?). I tend to burn the pancakes that I make on the stove top :) It also allows me to do other stuff like make eggs or bacon with out worries of burning something or forgetting something! Here is a link to a post I did about it. Oh and I also made the rainbow pancakes once for my 2 year old! Such fun! http://firsttime9months.blogspot.com/2009/04/pancakes-in-ovenwfmw.html


You are such a talented baker and photographer. How gorgeous!


little gems packed with panache!
love these…
to me, almost macaron like….i guess that is due to the wonderful colors!
super yum!


I love pancakes!!! Yes, we will be celebrating tomorrow! Your fruit looks so pretty and delicious all over and in between the pancakes! Perfect!


Amanda!!!! This is insane. You just became my kids hero! Or heroine, I suppose, LOL...these are gorgeous :-)

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Love the idea of a glaze on top of the pancakes! I love to pick off the hardened pieces of glaze on iced pound cakes too :-) And by the way that photo of the pancake stack with the mini chocolate chips is stunning!

Lori @ RecipeGirl

Nice idea! This is like pancake heaven here on your blog today!


I love pancakes too and posted our favorites today:) Great minds think alike!

Paige Galla

Yum! Pancake Day is March 8 here in England (Shrove Tuesday) so I will definitely have to try them next week! Thank you for the eye candy-- I feel like I can taste them just from looking! Can't wait for the real deal!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, I love all your pancakey confections. Those sweet stacks qualify as cakes, breakfast, brunch, dessert whatever. Perfect to honor pancake day! xo


Only you could make pancakes look so pretty, classy, and amazingly fattening! :) Love it!

Cookbook Queen

I am starving. STARVING!!

Love how the glaze hardens just a bit over over these pancakes. YUM.

snippets of thyme

I love pancakes too! But! My husband has declared himself the official waffle make since were married. His waffles are divine but I miss pancakes. I'll have to wake up super early in the morning to sneak in the kitchen and already be in the process of making pancakes when he rolls into the kitchen. Heh, heh, heh. We have to do what have to do in order to get our pancakes.

Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies

These are just adorable. I love pancakes too, but I can't eat much of them before I feel ill. I love your silver dollar ones the most!


great pancake ideas. I have pans with bug impressions, and happy faces, and make them for the grandkids. Next time I do them in color, and try some of these. They sure eat them quickly


These are SO cute, I love all of them! Wish I had a big plate of these for breakfast!


I never knew of this spectacular day! Your pancakes look so good... love it! :)

Georgia @ The Comfort of Cooking

I love pancakes and love all of your variations of them! Especially those rainbow pancakes - wow! Sign me up for those. Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful blog and I’m so glad to have found it. I’m looking forward to exploring your recipes and seeing more! :) - Georgia


sigh . . . sigh . . . sigh . . . i'm coming back as you in my next life Amanda . . . sigh . . .

Boulder Locavore

Love the rainbow pancakes! This is the cutest post and wonderful photos. Did not even know there WAS a Pancake Day. This looks like a ton of work and we are luck for it!


you are amazing! i love this post and i ADORE you! thanks for doing all that you do!

M Fisher

Your post made me want to bring pancakes to preschool for snack tomorrow...which made me search for more great pancake ideas. Found this site; http://www.jimspancakes.com/ Looks like so much fun.


Yummm!!!! The top ones look SOOO yummy but the rainbow ones look AMAZING!
Can't wait to celebrate national pancake month with my best friends!

Kristin Kunoff

No, but I should! My husband loves pancakes!


So simple but so cute!


I worked at IHOP for 6 years and surprisingly enough I STILL love pancakes! (IHOP is actually how I met my husband :))

Oh and you know what else was a pleasant surprise? To find out that YOU were the creator of those glorious rainbow pancakes, when I first saw them I just about died and went to heaven. I saw your post on the ugly things people have said about them. I know it would have hurt my feelings, but in all honesty I pity those people who sit behind a computer and use the internet to be hurtful. Isn't it just easier to be nice?!

In my opinion, you are wonderful!

Amy's blah, blah, blogging

I make them in Mickey Mouse shapes or in the shape of their names. I do like to color them too. I have some buttermilk I need to use up so I may make them tomorrow. We love them here too!


Which pancake recipe did you use? I dont see a recipe following...


rainbow pancakes--yay! i say that i adore pancakes, but i think the real draw for me is the maple syrup. regardless, your creations are innovative and t-a-s-t-y tasty.

bridget {bake at 350}

I love the PINK!!! I want to eat pancakes at YOUR house!!!


Well, God Bless America, I want those Patriotic Pancakes!
Your Rainbow Pancakes me LOL.

A tablespoon of Liz

These all look amazing... I love the petits fours ones!


Oh my gosh, I never thought of making pancakes into "cakes" before! I'm totally trying this. Thank You!!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

These are sooo cute! I love them all. The mini pancakes made into little petits four cakes are just so stunning!


You always make everything look so beautiful and fun! Love the mini size too, Amanda:)


cant believe u can make stack of pancakes look SO good ... especially the petit fours :)


We totally went to IHOP when we saw this on your blog (we have a four year old who's favorite dinner is pancakes...). Made a donation to Children's Hospitals and even got to say hello to Miss Maine. Thanks for the heads up!

LeAnne @ The Purposed Heart

These are the cutest little pancakes ever! I just love them! Will have to try some - I know they will put a smile on my family's face! Thanks for sharing - LeAnne

Allison @ Alli n Son

Each year for my son's birthday, my husband makes him a pancake-cake. I have to show him your post so he can get creative this year.

I'd love for you to share this recipe on my linky for Sweet Tooth Friday. http://alli-n-son.com/2011/03/03/monster-cookies/

Alex Waidley

Can I get the recipe for your pancakes?

Jessa Ann

i just recently found your blog and i absolutely love it! what a fun idea. love the strawberry shortcake pancakes. adorable.
p.s. the rainbow pancakes are the coolest idea ever. can't wait to make them for my children one day :)


When I was in middle school I participated in the Invention Convention...ok, maybe I participated a couple times. And one year my "invention" was colored pancakes! With colored karo syrup! What kid wouldn't want to eat that? FYI...pancakes glued to poster board is a bad idea. Shocking, I know. And know I'm off to elaborate on this...

Brad Fallon

These looks amazing! However, I hope you can add a little figure with the facebook cookies you had made in your previous posts. They will surely look great.:)

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