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Feb 25, 2011


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I know that this is supposed to be about packing cookies, but I just want you to know that I find your scientist cookies amazing! :D very nicely done! :))


I think your joke is funny :). And the cookies are super cute. Thanks for the tips about packing cookies. I've wondered about it and it's like you've read my mind :).

can't say

I don't want to say who I am but must tell you how much I love your cookies. Your efforts. Your abilities. I wish I could be just like you. God bless, Amanda :o)


what about melting? is that a risk to take into consideration??


great tips Amanda!! I've only shipped cookies a few times, and I'm SO nervous every time they leave my house!


Thanks for the shipping tips! I've shipped cookies once and I was so worried they'd arrive broken, but they survived :) Super cute cookies by the way!


thanks for this! I use glaze too, and it does want to stick to the bag. By the way, I got this fantabulous thing that I think everyone should have (my husband gave it to me for Christmas, since it's kind of on the frivolous side): http://www.amazon.com/12-Impulse-Sealer-Cellophane-sealer/dp/B000UYC55O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1298661057&sr=8-1

I love love love it. No vacuum, so it won't make anything more likely to stick.

And yes, cookies are adorable, as usual. When I saw the green dotted background come up, I said, "Please let it be cookies today!"


My only question is how soon can you send me some of your sugar cookies????


I AM so glad you posted this. I will be refferring people often. I'm a little biased but I love t best when you post cookies!


Such great info!


Cookie packages are the best!


Oddly enough I was just thinking about this, well really more about shipping cakes!! ha ha!! I have a dear friend two states away who is having a craving!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction

Great tips! I always panic a bit about shipping cookies.


such great tips, Amanda! You are oh-so very talented! x


Very helpful love! Merci!

bridget {bake at 350}

Um , those cookies are DARLiNG!!! And thanks for the shout-out, my dear!


Brilliant post!! My oldest will be leaving for college in the fall and I was thinking about how I was going to ship cookies to him and starting to fret a bit about it. But now, I know exactly what to do!!!!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Great tips! I never know how to ship my stuff. It's always such a mess.


Great tips from both you and Bridget! I've only ever shipped cookies that stack well, so I had no idea.

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Great tips! I have never shipped cookies, but hey, now I know how to!

marla {family fresh cooking}

Amanda, this is such a helpful post. Hmmm, who should I send some cookies too. The little alien cookies are precious!


Thanks so much for the tips. I am always so scared of shipping and of the thought of my baked goods turning into a pile of crumbs or mush. This is going to be very helpful.


Thanks for the great information, Amanda1

Danee Kaplan

The cookies are so cute.


oh, thank you for sharing this! it`s really helpful for me and I`m sure, that for other people too. I`d like to make such wonderful cookies as yours, by the way and I`m still trying. Some of the effects you can find on my blog :)


Great and useful info! I'm always hesitant to mail baked goods but I'd love to send them to friends and family more often. Thanks for sharing your method Amanda!

Jenn {Cookies Cupcakes Cardio}

Great advice, thanks! Do you have any suggestions for shipping cupcakes?


Looks great! Love your blog!!


Love the parchment paper tip! I bet the people on the other end are ALWAYS happy to received a shipment from YOU!

Lucy Lean

Can't wait to get cookies from you!

Robyn | Add a Pinch

You are so talented - even when it comes to shipping your gorgeous cookies. Those cookies in these pictures are adorable!


Hi Amanada,

This isn't really related but I did want to say I never miss any of your updates and you are truly and inspiring artist. Your designs are so simple yet complex and you take such pride in your work it just melts my heart.

I did my own take on your simple rose cake and I wanted to let you know - I did give you credit and thanks again for the tutorial. :)



I know this post is about cookies, but since you do cakes, how to you cover them or transport them? Do you order big cake boxes, covers, etc?


When you create special cakes, how would you transport them to the place you were going to attend? Such as birthday party, office party? I have such a hard time finding boxes large enough for cakes that are several layers. I'm sure fondant covered cakes are okay without covers, but what about just the ones with buttercream frosting?


Dearest Amanda,
I was just browsing through your blog and noticed Nicholas' cookies!! They arrived in tip-top shape...not a single one was broken or smudged!! And of course, everyone not only loved your beautiful designs but they thoroughly enjoyed the taste! They are the best sugar cookies I've ever had! Thank you so much for making Nicholas' birthday extra special with your amazing cookies! You're truly the best!


Thanks for the tips! Further tip is to use a shipping service to ship the cookies....they offer super cheap rates. I use them when shipping cookies to my grandkids about once a month. Hope it helps.



It's THAN you think you would need, not then. Then is a period of time.

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