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Feb 17, 2011


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Fun post. I like to have homemade brownie mix on hand, in jars. But cake mix is a great idea, too :)


This is a great idea and time saver. I am going to try it. I love your site! You are amazing.


You certainly avoid the preservatives when making you're own mix.

Jamie | My Baking Addiction

Great idea, Amanda!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

Such a smart idea! Not only is it a great time saver for your own use but it's perfect in a pinch if you need a homemade gift for someone.

Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

I love this for SO many reasons - but most of all because you know what is in your mix! Plus, it's in a reusable container and it's convenient. Hurray!!


Wow! What can you NOT do???


Thank you for sharing!!!! What a great idea!

Saee Koranne-Khandekar

It's the perfect gift!


How do you make a yellow cake? What makes a yellow cake yellow? It's my husband's favorite ...


What a nice idea. Are you using cake flour in your mix recipe?

Miri Leigh

What a great idea! Can't wait to try this out!


U never seize to amaze me Amanda!!! U alway's come up with such great idea's!!! I have no imagination. I can look at something and create it, but cannot think of idea's on my own...Thank u!!!I luv it~~~


What an awesome idea! The possibilities are endless with this jar of goodness.


My life is really time short but I love to bake and I have often gathered up all the dry ingredients of a recipe and tossed it all into a labelled zip loc bag. That done all I have to do is sift the dry mix and deal with the wet ingredients on baking day.
I like the jar idea better though. It's so much prettier. I usually have about five different mixes ready to go at any one time.


Well, Amanda, I discovered your baking & mommy blogs last night when I was sleepless, and I think just BLEW your site stats! I'm not a cookie eater at all (gluten intolerant) but I've been SOOOOO enchanted by your posts! and photos! and creativity! I just couldn't stop reading. I think I'm on a creative & sugar high now! Just thought you'd want to know I'm now a totally subscribed reader. =)

bridget {bake at 350}

this is awesome....I LOVE it! :)


moist! yum! clever! practical! great post. :)


I too am wondering how much cocoa exactly to make this a decadent chocolate cake. I am such a chocolate fiend!


I gave my friends brownie mix in a jar for christmas and they absolutely loved it. With the brownie mix I was able to get great layers which was awesome. I'd love to try to make cookie mix in a jar. P.S. I'm so excited to try making the verticle cake. I get to make it in foods class, super excited. Triple thank you on that one.


This is funny idea to me, as in my country the ready mixes doesn't exist at all, forced to bake from scratch always :)


Have you posted a regular chocolate cake mix I can make like this? I make my pancake mix ahead of time like this. Hadn't thought to do cake mix...gonna do it today!!

lemon cake recipe

Wow, I have never heard of making your own cake mix before. What a great idea as a time saver! Thanks for the post:)


Thanks so much! I love this idea!
I, too, have questions about making a chocolate and yellow cake. I kind of figured you'd need to add cocoa for chocolate, but how much!?
Also, I just want to clarify that you do use the entire jar for one cake.


i've been looking for this everywhere
i made this on my blog :)


This was a great idea. Also a good gift to give away :)
Love your blog - it has been added to my favorite list.


Thank you so much!


What a fabulous Post! Thank you! This will be my go to cake recipe form here on out! :)


When creaming the butter with the dry ingredients, how long should we do it? Can you describe it in more detail what it'll look like before we start adding the egg whites? Thanks!


I'm joining you for the first time, I'm so very happy to have found your blog and, I thank you from the bottom of my stomach for the wonderful recipes. ;)

Kulsum Mirza

I Love it..! :)
i have my own cake mix recipe too.. :)
thanks, i am gonna try this today..! :) <3


My little girl & I made this today :) Thanks for such a great recipe!!


I can't wait to try this! And I'm going to scour your site to see if I can find a white cake tutorial. I've made two and both turned out heavy and dense...can't figure out my problem! Thank you for posting!


We loved everything, Suzanne - especially the cake! I actually ate 1/2 of Henry's piece on the way home because it was THAT good! Thanks for posting the recipe link - I may try it for Easter :)


This is a fantastic idea, but I need more than just "add cocoa to the dry ingredients". How much cocoa?


This will be great for teacher appreciation gifts!!


Hi Amanda,

Just loved the way you packaged everything. Thought, I have one quick question, is the flour that you have mentioned above in the recipe..all purpose flour or something else..I look forward to your reply. Cheers, Taru


hello! i was wondering if you would know if i could use the rainbow cake recipe, but with a chocolate mix instead of white mix as the base? or would that not work??? because chocolate if my fave and i wanted it to be that flavour?


hello! i was wondering if you would know if i could use the rainbow cake recipe, but with a chocolate mix instead of white mix as the base? or would that not work??? because chocolate if my fave and i wanted it to be that flavour?

Carissa @ Pretty/Hungry

Looked in the pantry tonight and saw I was out of cake mix... so I'm using this!! Thanks for sharing.



A quick question about this recipe, which I can't wait to try. Do you use regular AP flour, or cake/pastry flour?


I'd like to experiment with turning this into a red velvet mix. But for uses like these cookies (http://www.bakerella.com/easy-and-easier-valentine-treats/), could you simply add powdered milk to the mix?

Annette Wolf

A very lovely and frugal idea! Thanks!

M. Hinds

Are the cake pans greased or ungreased? Floured or not?


Love the cake mix! I will never go without cake ever again. I used cake flour, but will all-purpose or any other kind of flour work?

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